Check Out Destiny's High Level Super Abilities In Action

The Destiny Beta capped players to level 8 but in the full game players will have access to a lot more abilities. A look at some of the higher level abilities available for each class in the video below:

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Gozer1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Cool, cant wait.

I love the supers in the PvE, but I think they are over powered in the PvP beta. Someone shouldn't be able to kill an entire team taking an objective just by simultaneously pressing two buttons. Maybe let the supers almost kill an enemy player instead, so it would require two kinds of attacks to get an instant kill.

dcj05241453d ago

Longer casting time+Notification+Highlighted enemy.

Shadonic1453d ago

the players gamertag will pulse yellow if they can use a super, longer casting time is good as well.

princejb1341453d ago

I want this game nowwwwwww

Omar911453d ago

I'm glad the second abilities allow you to see your character more in a third person perspective. I was beginning to think only the sparrow and the tower were the only ways to actually see your character.

BillmadeAGate1453d ago

Fail.... Its your Destiny!!!

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