The Last of Us: PS4 vs. PS3 Graphic Comparison - IGN

We put the PS3 and PS4 1080p 60fps version of The Last of Us side by side to compare them. Can you catch any noticeable differences?

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WeAreLegion1422d ago

Wouldn't know. Their streaming sucks.

Mikefizzled1422d ago

Lets be real here having the best proprietary video player is like being the emperor of the lollipop guild.

AndrewLB1421d ago

So all they did was raise the resolution, enabled anisotropic filtering, improved shadow maps if you lock frames at 30fps, and tweaked the contrast/saturation/brightness ...

Remastering typically involves re-texturing the whole game, adding new graphical features like tessellation, HBAO+, full dynamic lighting + shadows, and perhaps remastering the music to a higher fidelity bitrate/format.

They seem to have done none of this, and want to charge $60 for it. lol. I'm sure it's a great game even though it's clearly a rip off of Dawn of the Dead, 28 days later, and I am Legend. You guys can't deny that last part, it's so obvious.

*awaits fanboy fury*

vishmarx1421d ago

though i agree it doesnt look remastered enough,
it IS the best looking game on ps3 and improving it significantly would need a great deal of time and effort,which could impede with other games.
this re is meant for those that never played the ps3 version and not feel like an old gen game,which it doesnt. id rather have them move on now.
also i dunno what the fuss is all about when ive seen people double dip tomb raider with far less rambling.i mean it wasnt an exclusive,not better than tlou,and not better looking either

personally though i would have preferred a remaster 5-7 years down the line. i think they could have gone with not naming this version remastered and just tlou for ps4 ,with obvious improvements.

Eonjay1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Gameplay download (3.2GB)!Boo3zT...
This is direct and uncompressed 1080p via

Insomnia_841422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

The PS3 is a BEAST! And what Naughty Dog will do with the PS4 is just scary. I can't wait for to see their future marvels!

Playstation, the gaming empire! Sony, Naughty Dog and the ICE Team, Sony Santa Monica, Guerrilla Games.....don't f with them!

Hanuman1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

The first two lines of your comment made sense. Then it goes downhill really fast.

Brim1422d ago

you getting paid for that commercial?... only thing that was missing from that was #TeamSony

XiSasukeUchiha1421d ago

Those two words you said was I mean is true but you've gotten so downhill is not even funny bro

Off topic: Naruto in a nutshell

mrpsychoticstalker1421d ago

I think someone forgot to take his medications.


and bubble down.

iceman061421d ago

Kinda scary coming from someone named mrpsychoticstalker!?!? LOL

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Omar911422d ago

Wow I didnt think I would noticed a Difference in frame rate but you do! Its so weird but you can tell everything runs so much smoother

mogwaii1422d ago

I just want to see new stuff from ND

Fishy Fingers1422d ago


Quite frankly, the TLoU is one of my favourite games of last gen, but if your interested in PS based news it's getting a little tiresome seeing nothing but the TLoU.

mogwaii1421d ago

Exactly! Getting a bit over it all.

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