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Submitted by jackanderson1985 558d ago | article

Digital Foundry vs The Last of Us Remastered

Mystery has surrounded Naughty Dog's PlayStation 4 remaster of its survival horror classic, The Last of Us. Announced by error and with a somewhat muted marketing push, it's a remaster where the developer has seemingly been unwilling to actually show us the game in action, a state of affairs that persisted into E3 where it was mysteriously absent from the Sony press booth. Quite why this was the case remains a puzzle - Naughty Dog had nothing untoward to hide. It's a brilliant game. (PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

imt558  +   558d ago
Game really smooth at 60 fps. Drops here and there and that's fine by me.

Reviews for now :

IGN: 10/10
Game Informer: 10/10 10/10
Games Radar: 10/10
Meristation (Spanish): 10/10
vgnetwork (Italian): 10/10
Gameplanet: 9.5/10 9.5/10 (Italian): 9.5/10
Vandal Online (Spanish): 9.5/10
Metro: 9/10
US Gamer: 9/10
Crave Online: 8.5/10
Gamespot: 8/10
Polygon: 8/10

Well, first time Polygon reviewed TLOU with 7.5

GameInformer upgrade their score from 9.5 to 10.
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drpepperdude  +   558d ago
Yeah it might drop once in while but for the most part it's 60fps which is great. It's not like Infamous Second Son which was all over the place.
Mr Pumblechook  +   558d ago
It's funny how Polygon only deem this worthy or a review update, an amendment to the end of the original text. I suspect when Halo The Master Chief Collection is released they will go the whole hog and give it a separate review.
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jackanderson1985  +   558d ago

it is the same game regardless of the resolution or framerate... not entirely sure why sites are re-reviewing it to be honest

MCC i'm assuming will get a re-review but just so it encompasses all 4 within a smaller review

then again they're journalists so they might do anything
LightDiego  +   558d ago
Polygon and Lamespot, that represents really well what are these sites. I know that everybody has different opinions, but look at their articles, only click-bait and poor journalism.
With Gamespot, also we have Kotaku, trying to push the feminism agenda, just pathetic.
Anyway.... Great scores by another more respectful sites.
JP1369  +   558d ago
You lost me with your criticism of "the feminism agenda." What the hell is wrong with equal treatment of women? Would you really prefer that the industry try to maintain an image of childish misogyny? Please answer so we can clear this up. Oh wait, you only have one bubble. Funny, that.


Wow, you're post history is really interesting.

"That's because you have only one platform, lol, you are pathetic."

"True Sasuke.
Just sell it Activision, you are not capable to make a true Crash game."

"I hate liberals, they believe in global warming and always blame George Bush, he was a great president."

Nice alt account, Sasuke. I'm expecting at least three disagrees, one from each of your accounts.
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imt558  +   558d ago
Yep, Polygon review is pretty LAME, but anyway, they gave 0.5 higher score. :D
Spotie  +   558d ago
You seem really upset, JP.

Thing about that "feminism" agenda: it's not feminism at all. Generally speaking, the complaints made against the industry are from those who want SUPERIOR treatment, not equal treatment.

As a black man in the south, believe me when I say I've experienced my share of discrimination. However, representation- which is what the complaint usually boils down to in gaming- is based not on whether or not I'm equal, but how many people like me there are. In gaming, there just are not as many female gamers or developers, so they CAN'T be very heavily represented. Not because they're not important, but because there aren't that many.

Google can't hire more qualified women if there aren't that many qualified women in the first place. And if they choose a qualified woman over a better qualified man, that's just as sexist, isn't it?

This last is the type of thing being pushed in gaming's "feminism." They don't want to be harassed online, even though men are harassed just as often. They don't want to be oversexualized, even though that's par for the course for men. I will admit, there have been individual times where people went too far, but it was an INDIVIDUAL that did it, not some conglomerate of gaming entities. There's no concerted effort to keep women down.


Anyway, the scores and general reception are to be expected. Even from Polygon(don't know how that site's still around... wait, Microsoft money, I forgot).

I wonder, though, if truefan will make his way in here. He had "genuine" concerns about the fact that Naughty Dog hadn't shown much/any gameplay. What will he and others have to say, now that Digital Foundry has gotten their hands on it and found it to be as good as advertised?
JP1369  +   558d ago
What you completely miss, Spotie, is that no one is asking for over representation, as you claim in your straw man argument. The argument made by people with sense is that women are almost always treated as objects. They're either meant to titillate, or simply drive the plot forward by virtue of just being there. Very rarely do they get the same character development as their male counterparts. And since when are men sexualized in the same way as women? Once again, the males get their power fantasy, while women are viewed as a vehicle for teenage sexual fulfillment. Marcus Fenix is not the same as Bayonetta or the girl from Lollipop Chainsaw, or any female character from just about any fighting game ever made. Tell me, have there been games made where you take photos of men in swimsuits? What about male rape simulators?
It's funny that you bring up the issue of race and then mention that there isn't a concentrated effort to keep anyone down. Isn't it possible for individual racists to affect your life, or do they have to be a part of some grand conspiracy? The problem with sexism is the same as racism in that certain ideas that put one group in a society at a disadvantage are not only accepted, but are then defended as being "just the way things are." It's both funny and tragic that you would be so ready to use an argument that has been used against African Americans for hundreds of years. Nice post otherwise.
CaptainObvious878  +   558d ago

If you think feminism is actually about equality, then you're just another fool that believes their lies.

Did you know that every single bill in the US that has tried to increase parenting time for non custodial parents (dads) has been opposed by a feminist group?


That's just 1 transgression in an ocean of hypocritical rhetoric and hatred.
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Dynasty2021  +   558d ago
Except it's not 60 FPS.

It's 60 FPS most of the time.
Clogmaster  +   558d ago
Like 99% of every 60fps game released that is not a fighter, or has average graphics.
Qwagy UK  +   558d ago
Now the Xbox one needs a 10/10..... sooner the better!
Jilokle  +   558d ago
Well, that might come with the Master Chief Collection...but I am not sure. Anyway, TLOU it's a game that any video game enthusiast should play.
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user7402931  +   558d ago
mcc deserves 7 to 8
HeavenlySnipes  +   558d ago
You're crazy if you think an upgraded version of the Halo series is a 7-8^
Malphite  +   558d ago
Halo Collection and GTAV remastered will most likely get some 10/10 scores.

On topic: Nice to see that the framerate is stable. Definately going for 60fps then.
Gamer1982  +   558d ago
GTA maybe..But Halo? No.. Since most of the game runs at old graphical fidelity with only certain maps upgraded.
Vegamyster  +   558d ago

1 & 2 have graphical enhancements over the originals and all will benefit from the higher resolution and framerate, 4 is still a great looking game.
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Brim  +   558d ago
oh so we consider this a ps4 10/10?.. come one guys lets be real... it's a ps3 game ... thats like if MCC is rated a 10/10 ... nope not a x1 game ... whats wrong with the gaming world?..
Mikeyy  +   558d ago
Might want to brace for impact, because when Halo MCC comes the usual suspects will be stuffing it down all our throats constantly.

I'm sure it'll get 10/10s because it's a halo game.

But where going to get articles from Mr. X Telling us how ps4 is doomed after and whatnot. .
Goku781  +   558d ago
This just isn't fair to Xbox One. No way to catch up in any way now.
pornflakes   558d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Sonyslave3  +   558d ago
Catch up 2 what a game that came out years ago lol
Sonyslave3  +   558d ago
All the hype Naughty Dog did any not really much improvement.
Gamer1982  +   558d ago
Wow.. Just wow.. You know nothing about game design clearly..
medman  +   558d ago
TLOU remastered will sell more units than the xbone console has sold. We understand why you're so frustrated and bewildered. Good luck with that. The rest of us will be playing the best games available on the better console.
stiggs  +   558d ago

"TLOU remastered will sell more units than the xbone console has sold"

The original Last of Us game sold approximately 4.5M units on the PS3 which has an install base of about 82M consoles.

Do you really think that the remastered version is going to sell more than 5M units (XBOX One current total) on the PS4 which currently has an install base of 8M?

I really enjoyed The Last of Us too, but come one now...don't go all hyper-fanboy. That just invalidates anything else you have to say.
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Clogmaster  +   558d ago
Guess you learned to write but not read.
DeadRabbits  +   558d ago
I am so happy for those doe eyed 360 owners that have escaped from the clutches of M$ into the loving embrace of SONY to experience such a masterpiece on their new PS4's!

Welcome Home!!!


You really shouldn't mumble I cant make out a what you are trying to say!
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Chard  +   558d ago
This analysis says that shadows are unimproved when in 30fps mode. Apparently the shadow improvement is part of the 1.01 patch, which they didn't have installed. Weird that DF would overlook this or be unaware of it.

Looks like the game runs in 60fps for basically 99% of the time, which is awesome.
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Good-Smurf  +   558d ago
Check my comment on the Polygon's TLOU PS3 review I was one of the top comments.
rmw2hot87  +   558d ago
looks like mgsv ground zeros is so far the only ps4 game thats 1080p and a locked 60fps with absolutely no dips. But it really hold 60 fps most of time. Drops here and there under heavy load.
Clogmaster  +   558d ago
There are barely any games with graphical merit that are capable of holding a consistent framerate during rare situations of extreme clutter.
rmw2hot87  +   558d ago
just like i said before mgsv ground zeros is the only game thats locked 60fps with no frame drops. dont know why im getting disagrees cause its a fact.
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Tedakin  +   558d ago
It's a great game, but I think it's silly that fans are treating this like it's this big exclusive PS4 release. I even see people all over saying it should win Game of the Year again. Uh no. If this is what it's coming to maybe Nintendo should just put out Super Mario Bros from 1987 on Wii U and claim they have the best game ever made on their new console.
Kayant  +   558d ago
"but I think it's silly that fans are treating this like it's this big exclusive PS4 release. I even see people all over saying it should win Game of the Year again"

"if this is what it's coming to maybe Nintendo should just put out Super Mario Bros from 1987 on Wii U and claim they have the best game ever made on their new console."

Which is it? Fans or X company.
Tedakin  +   558d ago
Not sure what you mean.
HeavenlySnipes  +   558d ago
You said the FANS are hyping it as a big release then used an example of Nintendo re-releasing SMB from the 90's and calling it amazing as a metaphor for what you're implying SONY is doing

Yes the FANS are hyping the release of the remaster (I am as well to play the game on Grounded Difficulty at 60FPS with the Dualshock 4) but Sony is treating this game like any other release.

In fact, they are pushing Destiny more than any other game. They haven't gone that far promoting this
Kayant  +   558d ago

Thank you saved me explaining myself :P
isa_scout  +   558d ago
Completely agree. People act like its Sony hyping this game, but it's really just the fans(myself included). It wasn't at e3 and besides for the one trailer they've spent little to no money marketing this game....They're doing the exact opposite of hyping.because they know that the majority of gamers already know about The Last of Us, and will either choose to double dip(like myself), play it for the first time, or simply pass on it.
It's The Last of Us. It won over 200 goty awards, and is widely considered the best game of last generation it doesn't need hyped. It's legit.
MasterCornholio  +   558d ago
Nailed it. If anything Sony was reluctant to hype the game by not showing gameplay of it or providing a demo of it at E3. They were hyping destiny more than anything else with the E3 demo, white PS4 bundle with Destiny and the DLC for it.

PlayStation fans are hyping this remaster more than anyone else. The press really hasnt done anything with it and the hate is coming from fanboys of the other camp.


Exactly people already know how good the game is and there's no reason for Sony to hype it to the high heavens.
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Ryan741  +   558d ago
The cult of Sony demands!!!!
DivineAssault  +   558d ago
Im happy with what sony has coming for vita, ps3, & PS4.. I havent played diablo 3 yet so ill be getting that on PS4, Infamous DLC, TLOU remastered, plus all the PS3 games like tales of xillia 2, guilty gear xrd, & more for vita too. Im very content..
user5669510  +   558d ago
Why are these sites reviewing the same game from a year ago. Same wiwith TR
Clogmaster  +   558d ago
It's similar to breaking down the patch log of a recently patched game.

I guess it doesn't really need a review score, but many people haven't played it and probably wouldn't be likely to look up old reviews.

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