The Forest | Early Access preview

GR-UK writes: "There's plenty to look forward to as far as The Forest is concerned. Not least the fact that Endnight is looking to add co-op features once the game has released, and will also have Oculus support (we're imagining that it will look stunning when played via a virtual reality headset). There's even an endgame, something usually lacking in games such as this, but we're still a long way off seeing that (we can't therefore, comment on whether it's already in place). There's still a lot to do before this is the game that it wants to be, but the basic building blocks are solid and there's plenty there for the small studio to work with and expand upon. The future is certainly promising for Endnight's horror-survival sandbox, even if it game isn't quite there yet in its current state. It's perfectly playable as it stands, but we're tempted to wait until it's feature complete before we visit again."

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