Nvidia G-Sync Monitor List Coming This Year For Unmatched Gaming Experience

GamingWorm Says:

Nvidia G-Sync technology monitors which enable gamers to get rid off stutters , lags and tearing. How is that possible. As you know if V-Sync is off it may causes screen tearing several times as you can see in following picture.

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SteamPowered1422d ago

I cannot wait to see the reviews on these suckers. If they can help with my screen tearing on my lower end PCs, Im sold!

MWH1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

certainly not for low-end though.

Qwagy UK1422d ago

Wouldn't mind getting hold of a few of these

masterfox1422d ago

Somebody knows a good monitor at least 24" but with sound included ? want to use it for gaming PC and my PS4.

Stapleface1422d ago

That Asus PG278Q will go well with my red and black CM Storm Trooper case. Which has it's own ROG badge from the motherboard I bought. I have been eye balling that piece of candy since they revealed it. I will have one. :)