30 vs 60 FPS: A Comprehensive The Last of Us Remastered Shadows Comparison

CraveOnline: "News broke this week that The Last of Us Remastered won’t only have a 30 FPS lock option in the settings, but that it will ‘enable higher quality shadows in-game’. During our PS4 playthrough of the game we decided to document our travels to see what kind of difference it makes. The results show something more than subtle."

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GeofferyPeterson1176d ago

That's an amazing improvement! Sony really nailed this one.

JonnyBigBoss1176d ago

It's a great package, for sure!

Wizard_King1176d ago Show
MysticStrummer1176d ago

@Wizard_King - You should probably play it before trying to describe it.

lnvisibleMan1176d ago

@ Wizard_King
For a game you have little respect for. You sure do invest a lot of time talking about it.

CernaML1176d ago


Hey thanks, I needed some jelly for my sandwich.

TheWackyMan1176d ago

I had to double check your name to make sure you weren't XiSasukeUchiha.

MasterCornholio1176d ago


Just ignore him. He told me in another article that Naughtydog did a poor job with the game. That's more than enough evidence to label him as a troll.

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Tedakin1176d ago

I think those pics are both the PS4 version, just showing the shadow change between playing it at 30 or 60.

Tedakin1176d ago

2 people disagreed with facts. Do your research. The game has a 30 fps lock option because the shadows suck at 60.

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iDadio1176d ago

Pretty nice that some devs are giving people the options for varying things like shadows and fps.

jp_footy21176d ago

I know this is slightly off topic, so I apologise, but I wish Evolution would give us the option of Driveclub at 60fps with slightly less graphical detail.

Tedakin1176d ago

I agree. I think most devs have their steadfast vision so they won't give you a choice, but look at Destiny. Would people choose to play it at 720p or 800 if they could have 60fps? Maybe they would.

Christopher1176d ago

It's a competitive racing game. They want everyone to play and experience the same thing across the board.

Qwagy UK1176d ago

It's nice to have the choice for sure, but I will be sticking to 60fps, its a shame Destiny doesn't have a 60fps option, I'd gladly have reduced shadows to have 60fps in Destiny or even 900p, I'm afraid 30fps just doesn't cut it this Gen, just my opinion.

RevXM1176d ago

Im gonna go with 30fps then for SP. those blocky shadows would drive me nuts I can live with a rock solid 30frames. Online however Id pick 60. Id like to see some performance updates that enables less blocky shadows at 60fps later on. like what I see tho.

Trade in old copy and get TLOU and Infamous at the same time maybe? havent gotten around to play second son yet.

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