Firefly Online – Five reasons for the Browncoats to get excited

Firefly Online finally gives fans of the TV show something to look forward too. Here is five reasons why us Browncoats should be excited about this upcoming MMO.

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CongoKyle1452d ago

Easily one of the biggest disappointments when this show was cancelled! Hopefully the game can do it justice!

Sillicur1452d ago

Yeh definately, I remember there was also an issue with episodes not airing in the correct order.

With the actors on board i think the game will do great. Those actors are such die-hard fans of the show themselves :)

HoldenZA1452d ago

Never watched the series, but from what I've heard it pretty awesome. Hopefully the game lives up to the expectations of the fans.

Sillicur1452d ago

You should really watch it, to this day it is still so good. Then afterwards watch the follow-up movie "Serenity"

Serg1452d ago

This, this and more of this.

MysticStrummer1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


I watch the whole series and the movie back to back at least once a year.

Hard to keep my expectations low for this game though I feel like I should, but I guess it won't matter if it's only for PC/Mac/mobile since I won't ever play it.

tigertron1452d ago

Watch Firefly then watch Serenity. A brilliant series and a brilliant film.

DesVader1452d ago

Totally agree. It was so sad it was canned. I think they should put a new series up on Kickstarter and get it funded by the fans.

SouthClaw1452d ago

Shame it isn't coming to consoles.

Sillicur1451d ago

If it is successful hopefully they will port it to consoles as well, the more browncoats the better !!!