Cube3 reviews Actionloop Twist (7/10)

Adam Riley reports:

''To put it simply, Actionloop Twist is a game where players must clear different coloured Gemstones as quickly as possible by matching three or more of the same shade. Whereas on the DS the gems were thrown around using the stylus, now your chosen Mii sits in a rotatable cannon, the Gemstone Launch Pad, and swivels around as players point the Wii Remote at the screen and twist one way or the other, pressing 'A' to fire whatever coloured gem is lined up for launch at that present time. 'All the way around?' you may be asking…well, the Launch Pad sits at the centre of the screen with various different styles and shapes of track surrounding it, depending on the level played. More and more of the varyingly coloured gemstones start to appear at one side of the screen and move along the track, heading towards the Black Hole-esque end of the line in an increasingly speedier motion as the difficulty level gets higher the longer player survives. Therefore, the task at hand is to shoot off gems towards their matching colours on the track and keep clearing as many as possible until whatever stipulation is met (ranging from a set score being achieved, a certain amount of a specified gem colours being cleared, a predetermined number of chain moves being completed, and so on).

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