Bear vs Art review

Simon Smith from Gameluster writes: Have you ever thought to yourself: You know what? I want to play as a bear. Now have you ever thought to yourself: I want to terrorize an Art Museum. Well I have great news for you, there is a game out there that will allow you to do these things. Australian game developer Half Brick studios have brought us their latest offering in the form of Bear Vs Art. This development studio has already had quite a history as a development studio having several major hits that have had been severely popular, IOS games including the popular Jet Pack Joyride have found quite a success for Half Brick studios but they still aim higher and try to gain the massive popularity of other games from their past including one of the games that truly defined the Mobile game era, Fruit Ninja. To date they have still not achieved their goal of providing as memorable as an experience but that doesn’t mean their games are bad as is the case with Bear Vs Art.

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