Hooked Gamers: Ninja Gaiden II Review

Ninja Gaiden II, while filled with bugs and balance issues, is probably the most entertaining frustration-fest available to date for the Xbox 360. While it is still a single player series and has absolutely no multiplayer functionality save for the ability to share and compare leader board scores the game definitely has some life in it beyond a play through for masochists and achievement whores alike.

This game is perfect for players wanting to play something different from Devil May Cry or for those looking for something to play during the summer gaming lull that occurs from June to the end of August. Just don't expect this one to stay on your shelf for very long though.

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Mr Marbles3841d ago

to the reviews and you think this game is going to suck, then when you actually play it it is freakin awesome, I didn't get frustrated at all, and I have yet to find all these bugs, most of the folks on gamefly agree with me, just read some of those gamer reviews.

So why do "professional" reviewers nit pick some games and not others?

PirateThom3841d ago

I played the demo, my only complaints would be the camera (obviously), the downgraded difficulty and the fact it's too slow.

It's still a 8/10 game though, nothing more.

Closing3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

I don't see how an 8 metric sucks, but then again I think it deserves even better scores. The only downside is the camera, which after a short learning curve is bearable.

@pirate: You can change the speeds of the camera in the game.

Dark Collosis3841d ago

I just finished chapter 9 last night, and i must say man those dragons were a pain in the a#%. The camera realy did make it difficult, but like i said before i dont think i would change it.. I realy like the challenge. I did play a little bit of chapter 10 last night and i must say the back ground effects on that lvl is 2nd to none. I wouldnt trade NG2 for any other action game out there currently on all platforms.. Must own for any Action fan.. Definatly deservers higher score than a 8/10 IMO.