Cubed3 reviews Dream Pinball 3D (2/10)

James Temperton writes:

''The game is split into a number of tables, but not a great number. How does six sound? Not great. Whilst we enjoy a bit of pinballing as much as the next man, woman or armadillo we can't help but think that something has gone oh so very wrong with Dream Pinball. We didn't think you could get the idea of pinball wrong, but somehow this game does it. The tables themselves are dull and painfully slow to play and lack any sort of invention outside the overly camp 1980s themes. Neon lighting, fake breasts and cheesy pseudo-gothic elements plague this title from start to finish.

The menu system is quite simply hideous. We'd like to say it is deliberately trying to be kitsch and stylish by being ugly and cumbersome, but it is just plain ugly. It looks like a budget PC game, it plays like a budget PC game and it sounds like a budget PC game. Everything about this title is half-arsed and vaguely pointless. What's even more grating is the physics. The ball never quite feels like it is on the table, which leads to it floating around at a fairly mundane pace and not behaving itself.''

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