Famous Modder Walks Away After Too Much Abuse

Hope you enjoyed the latest update to the latest, amazing version of the iCEnhancer mod for Grand Theft Auto IV, because it looks like it'll be the last one we're getting, at least for a while.

The mod's creator, technical artist Hayssam Keilany, is taking a break from the scene having had enough of the drama and vitriol that would accompany each of his releases.

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Matt666727d ago

People who troll him, abuse etc are jealous of his talent. I think his work is great and some companies could learn a couple of things from modders like him

WeAreLegion727d ago

You'd think Rockstar or someone else would have hired this guy by now.

mahmoods26727d ago

I just hope the guy gets success despite the trolls. It's amazing that one person can do all that when it takes a team over at major studios to achieve the same level of details.

Really hope he makes a comeback for GTA 5

iDadio727d ago

Sadly some people are just natural dicks whose can only derive enjoyment from trolling or being a c**t.

This guys work is very impressive and like above mentioned its strange that any dev team havnt snapped him up, obviously talented.

Chapter11727d ago

The video game community is the most toxic group of people on the internet. Absolutely shame.

Am_Ryder727d ago

I think he's including PC gamers in the category "video game community."

Rock-Lee727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

Anyone who calls himself part of the 'Master Race', yeah... Douchebags.

ELpork726d ago

Way to prove the point.

InSpectre726d ago

Yep, the "non haters" are just haters too.

user5669510726d ago

We all know where's the hate coming from. Look at the comments from any mod article on here you will see. I give you a hint its the group that can't use this mod

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The story is too old to be commented.