Does Nintendo really need third party support

The common thought behind the lackluster sales of the Wii U is that the console does not have adequate third party support. This is an area that Nintendo has been struggling with since the N64 and only got worse with each new console generation. There are several factors to be considered when discussing Nintendo's lack of support from third party developers: Features missing from console hardware, weak hardware and lack of a proper online infrastructure are just a few of the reasons third parties seem to abandon Nintendo hardware. The biggest sin on Nintendo’s part however, is their poor relationship skills with third parties that have probably done the most damage.

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Chupa-Chupa1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

They really don't. They are starting to get some really good indie titles, that coupled with their first/2nd party games, they are set.

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lilbroRx1152d ago

Not in the eyes of the gaming media apparently.

I agree that they are, but if indies counted as third party,then Nintendo's would exceed the PS4/XBONE and no fanboy-jounalist will accept that.

BattleN1152d ago

Sadly there not as awesome as a retail game in most cases!

thehobbyist1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

But Indies aren't "Real Gamez" according to the "Hardcore Gamerz"

It's not a real game until it's budget is several million according to those guys. Even if the quality and length far surpasses anything that 'AAA' puts out.

Magicite1152d ago

Every system needs both exclusives and multiplats, theres no way they will do well without any of that.

lilbroRx1151d ago

The Wii and 3DS would like to have a word with you.

Heck, all of the current gen console would.

mcstorm1152d ago

The only thing Nintendo now need to change for me is to stop letting the 3rd partys show off their games at the beginning of a console gen. The 3DS and WiiU did this and the games from 3rd partys were poor ports and the ones that were not poor ports came out at full price 3 to 6 months after they were out on the other consoles.

But looking at the WiiU now it has for me the best line up of games out of all the new gen consoles. For me the YOY games like COD, BF, Fifa, AC, NFS ect have gotten old and we need something new from them.

For me im more excited about the exclusives on the Xbox One, WiiU and PS4 then the 3rd party games and I think it will be a big gen for exclusives for all 3 this gen.

GordonKnight1151d ago

3rd party games have nothing to with my console purchases, but then again have all of them. So, 3rd party games have a very low value to me, but if I like a 3rd party game like Far Cry 4, I'll get it.

Got my X1 for Halo & TF.

Got my PS4 for Infamous SS, Uncharted 4, & Sunset overdrive.

Got my Wii U for the best exclusive library of games.

Dunban671151d ago

You think Nintendo did not release many big games at the beginning of the 3DS and Wii U s life in order to give 3rd party games a chance to be successful?

frezhblunts1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

That's the truth though, even though i brought like 2 3rd party games on my wii u considering one of them is from tecmo koei [ dynasty warriors ], I always find myself sticking to the 1st party games and refuse to trade them in like i did with watchdogs and I am 24 this is my first serious nintendo console as a kid i played tekken and tomb raider on ps1 and sonic and zombies ate my neighbors on sega. I got the Wii u for super smash bros and nintendo's IPs, you should get a wii u too

Chrischi19881151d ago

People can disagree all they want, but only Nintendo is capable of that. No Sony and no MS would be able to have a console to sell even close to the Wii U, if there were no 3rd Party support.

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protocol101152d ago

I agree. They will be ok as long as they just do their own thing

Dudebro901152d ago

Do they need them? No. They have proven their first party titles are enough to keep their fans coming, they just have to keep the release schedule full to get more mainstream success.

Thatguy-3101152d ago

I think they do. They won't go anywhere the wii install base because they have no fad behind their system like they had with motion controls. I see them ending up with at least 50-60 million which isn't bad.

Dudebro901152d ago

50-60 mil is fantastic because their software sells a shit ton.

Gemmol1152d ago

remember the gamecube never lost sales, they made a profit every year.....wii u and 3ds first two systems nintendo sold at a loss in the beginning, so even if they had gamecube sales they still will make a ton of money which basically says they do not need 3rd party to stay in the business

Metallox1152d ago

Look, in its actual state, I really think third party support could benefit Nintendo platforms. Not all people like Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, etc. Nintendo right now is sticking with their own franchises too much and that doesn't help to generate interest in their consoles, because "the games are always the same". Even if the statement is incorrect, you need to counter it in order to help your console's reputation between the players.

Games like Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101, Devil's Third and Lego City Undercover is what Nintendo needs basically, you don't necessarily need to compete with Sony or Microsoft. Just buy a bunch of third party games to make the consumer think the console is unique, and that you won't get that uniqueness in any other place.

N4g_null1152d ago

The only problem is that 3rd party development needs to get better at game play.

Power does not create a fun game. Gaming is at a low state right now because business has become more important than game design.

OmegaShen1152d ago

But it does help to make huge games like Destiny and No Man's Sky.

Can you think how cool Destiny would be if you could use the gamepad to change your weapons and armor without going to a menu? Theres alot of cool things that could be done.

But Nintendo doesn't seem to think they need 3rd party and don't seem to be trying to get any to,

N4g_null1152d ago

Seriously destiny is not that big. X looks way bigger anyway.

wonderfulmonkeyman1152d ago

Agreed with your post due to the second half being about third party exclusives.
I think we've all seen by now that third parties don't want to do ports right, so exclusives are Nintendo's best bet for third party games...

frezhblunts1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

technically the only game that you mention that can be considered third party is lego. Bayonetta has been touched by nintendo so has devil's third and wonderful 101 2nd party? This might help, so as you see it comes down to funding and if its supported on more than one console

SG1_dapunisherX1152d ago

how about no. nintendo has one of the best exclusives like mario, link, dk, & metroid, They don't need third party support.