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Submitted by Magnus701 560d ago | opinion piece

The Destiny Beta is Over. Now What?

Power Leveled is feeling the loss with the end of the Destiny beta and offers you advice on what to do next. Where should your time be spent and what can fill the gap of no longer being able to play Destiny? (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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JoeIsMad  +   560d ago
I'm really sad that it's gone :(

See you in the Cosmodrome on September 9th!
Magnus701  +   560d ago
Not unless you have an Xbone
JoeIsMad  +   560d ago
Sure, I won't see YOU. I just meant the community in general. You know I'll be trolling those Bungie forums, and the Destiny app until then.
Chris_GTR1  +   559d ago
technodrome, lets kick shell!
die_fiend  +   559d ago
Yeah thankfully I don't have an Xbone so won't be playing with the idiots who bought one.

andibandit  +   559d ago
yeah you're making PS community look real good.

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telekineticmantis  +   560d ago
See you then! The beta literary ended right when I started figuring out whats so good about the game. There were somethings i wasn't so impressed by, but it was understandable, seeing as it is a mMMO(mini Massive Multiplayer Online), and it‘s not easy to accomplish in that genre.
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Prime157  +   559d ago
That's how I felt too. It solidified my purchase, though. I'm picking up TLOU:RE for dirt cheap in the meanwhile to hold me off.
Metallox  +   560d ago
In my birthday, haha. Bungie is going to gift me something without wanting lol
JoeIsMad  +   560d ago
Halo: Reach released on my birthday. The title "Remember Reach" means something else to me. LOL.
Magicite  +   559d ago
Now what? Now we enjoy the summer! (and wait for Destiny launch I guess)
Chris_GTR1  +   559d ago
now we play TLOU on ps4 :)
GordonKnight  +   559d ago
Until then I'll be playing my Wii U.

Wii U>PS4>X1

I have all three and that's my opinion.
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Exactly lol... The Last of Us will bring more than enough joy until Destiny hits shelves... That's easily a good enough game to kill a months time with... But the real question is how will I keep myself sane enough to go back and play in the mediocraty that is BF4 and UFC until the 30th... That's the real question.... Will I make it??? Tune in next week kids !
ThatOneGuyThere  +   559d ago
oh man, i played UFC twice...ugh. why did i go against my better judgement and buy that game? FML.
JsonHenry  +   559d ago
Glad I played the beta. I won't be buying this game after all. Too repetitive just like every other MMO. Makes me worry I will feel the same way about Division.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   559d ago
destiny isnt an MMO. its borderlands, without the annoying pointless walking bits and stronger multiplayer. Sure, its got RPG elements, but that doesnt make it an MMO.
JsonHenry  +   559d ago
Then I guess games where the only high population is in town centers like Neverwinter are not MMOs... /sarcasm.
Kidmyst  +   559d ago
I had fun with the BETA, I didn't do a whole lot of exploring since I'll wait for the retail version. had fun with the battles. Destiny felt like Borderlands had a 3 way with Skyrim and the Last of Us. I was hoping the ship had more usefulness and we could fly it or get into combat, but maybe that'll be a DLC later on.
MrChicagoWind  +   559d ago
Last of Us?! I could see Mass Effect tho.
BallsEye  +   559d ago
No blown away by the game (it's just not that massive as they make it up to be...and where did the 500 million go?), but still had tons of fun with friends in the beta so getting it day one anyway. It is it's own thing. Definately something to keep me busy till MC Collection comes out!
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ITPython  +   559d ago
I'll be finishing up Watch Dogs, only about half-way done with it and can probably stretch that out for a few weeks. Then I still have some things to do in MGS5, may pick up TLOU:RE if I can find it for $40 or so. Then I could replay some games like Knack, and of course there is the Infamous:SS DLC coming soon. Heck I even have games like Resogun, which I still have yet to play even though it's been ready and waiting for me since the day I got my PS4.

With these other games plus a summer vacation trip, I should be able to hold off until Sept 9th. But man when Destiny does come out, I will likely be tied up for quite a while, easily long enough for the next AC game and FC4 to get a major price drop.
ROQFrost  +   560d ago
I still can't believe it is over... the Destiny beta has been to kind to me. I have never played a beta that had only 5 hours of content, yet could hold my attention for over 80+ hours. Thank you Bungie.
JoeIsMad  +   560d ago
I don't think that I played 80 hours, but it was close.

OK, not so close. 40 hours, but it's a ton of hours over such a short time.
Sevir  +   560d ago
I clocked in at 47 hours... Absoluetely insane for a beta. I enjoyed it so much. I'll be all over this game come launch.
GamingSinceThe80s  +   560d ago
I put at least 40 into the titanfall beta.But when I bought the game maybe another 20 a back to GameStop it went.But I don't think that is going to happen with Destiny because there is way more to do in it.
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HammadTheBeast  +   559d ago
I think it's the MP, it's been a while since I've played good multiplayer. Reminds me of Halo 2 days.
Jacktrauma  +   560d ago
Sucks that its over with for sure :( Cant wait to see whats in store for us at launch and beyond! So much packed into such a little beta, the game is gonna be every bit the definition of epic!
Nicominoru  +   560d ago
Was so salty they gave me a Legendary Hand Cannon that I couldn't equip till lvl 20 was my first time seeing a purple weapon class. Pre-ordered digitally for PS4, if I got work Sept 9 they can forget about it I'm calling off.

Now that it's over I've gone back to Mario Kart 8 lol.
Snookies12  +   560d ago
How did you get something like that? The best thing I ever got playing was a blue level 10 shotgun. Even that seemed like an abnormality.
leemo19  +   560d ago
The Iron Banner would give you a legendary hand cannon or a legendary ship if you were lucky enough to get it after the match.
KidBroSweets2  +   560d ago
I got the same as nicominoru and so did my friend. I got it as a reward from completing a match in the crucible. Definitely threw all my stuff into the vault though just like in the alpha, in hopes that it would someway, somehow carry over even though I knew it wouldn't lol. Always worth the shot of trying though :P
Sevir  +   560d ago
Yep,The Iron Banner rewarded you with it. I've got one myself. But I absolutely hate hand cannons.
Snookies12  +   560d ago
Ah okay, I'm not big into PvP stuff, so that's why. I thought it was gotten as a drop or in a chest, lol.

@KidBroSweets2 - Haha, my friend and I did the same thing. We put all our stuff into the vault in some vain hope that it would carry over... XD
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Nicominoru  +   560d ago
I got it as a reward in an Iron Banner match. I probably should have put it in the vault though just in case, but I didn't. Rest in Peace Legendary Hand Cannon you will be missed.
BionicRogue21  +   559d ago
Really? I probably had 10-15 blue items in my vault when the Beta ended!
fenome  +   559d ago

I've got a paid week off from work saved up and I'm taking 9 days off starting September 9th, stoked on this game!
HacSawJimThugin  +   559d ago
I got two of ship but damn it felt great getting them. Destiny has firmly placed it's hooks in me and I can't wait to take my Warlock into the unknown in September.
ShaqSoda  +   560d ago
For real, I don't know what to play now...
pwnsause_returns  +   560d ago
it was a load of fun. the multiplayer aspect of this game grabbed my attention for sure. better than most multiplayer games i've played so far this past year. its bungie after all, they know their stuff.
fenome  +   559d ago
I didn't even touch the Crucible, but I was hooked.
Vantage  +   560d ago
Go outside nerds. When you come back I'll be winning.
RustEGearz  +   560d ago
Like Charlie Sheen
fenome  +   559d ago
I've got dragons blood!
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NintendoYouth  +   560d ago
Best beta ever...

I was like "meh" on Destiny prior to the beta.

This game is redefining how we play console FPS games.
Sevir  +   560d ago
Totally agree. Absolutely one of the best gaming experiences I've had in a while. Destiny is set to deliver something truly amazing. I've never played a game on such a scalre on consoles before, now I want GG to do somthing like this in the RPG genre and make it seamless like destiny.
NintendoYouth  +   560d ago
I can see this winning GOTY based on the concepts showcased in the beta alone.

We were all playing our own missions, and then in a split second everyones fighting a giant mech beast lol

Unbelievably fun and deep.

NintendoYouth if your on PS4
PsylentKiller  +   559d ago
I've bought almost all my games for my XBO but I've been enamored with the Destiny beta for PS4. So much so that I kept saying "Xbox, record that", only to feel like an idiot when I realized I'm holding a DS4. The share button worked great though and managed to catch some cool stuff that happened a few minutes before I tried to record. That 15 minutes really comes in handy. The XBO CAN DO 5 minutes but it's a bit cumbersome to activate that.

Anyways, The XBO version looked great but I'm already getting Halo for the XBO, I need one for the PS4. I spent so much time on this beta. I feel bad for ignoring the other games in my library. I loved exploring Old Russia. I found out it is possible to go out of bounds, I guess, to the point where you have about ten seconds to get back in bounds. The screen starts to turn red and seems like blood is filling the screen from the top and bottom until it completely conceals your view and then you die. I found hidden chests of loot in areas where you wouldn't think you could get to.

I can't wait for 9-9-14 but I think TLOU will be keeping me preoccupied till then.
Sevir  +   560d ago
The public events are awesome. Love that everyone and their grandma comes to join in when it a public event starts. I simply can't wait for Sept 9th
GordonKnight  +   559d ago
The game is most solid FPS I've played. On both PS4 & X1. The PS4 version is smoother, but I had a great experience on both consoles.

I most say, I didn't expect XBL to crash when the PSN didn't. Did the tide change or what?
Lawboy2  +   560d ago
First off be pissed and sad and anxious all at the same try to play other games to replace the whole in my heart....will start with

TLOU (next week)
Forza 5
Bf4 (dragons teeth)
Plants v zombies
Infamous (evil side)
Tomb raider

Play for a couple days...go through destiny withdrawal and go back to wishing I was playing destiny with my fellow clan members

Can't wait for September ghost edition baby
fenome  +   559d ago
Don't forget about First Light if you're into Second Son, it drops the end of August.
Lawboy2  +   559d ago
Oh yeah I forgot about that...thank you
Revengeance  +   560d ago
Damn I feel a little empty inside now. I was enjoying the PS4 beta so much I forgot I had other PS4 games to play. But now I gotta go back to playing those games and wait a month and a half. It's too long!
Slick81  +   560d ago
Lol u have no games to play
Snookies12  +   560d ago
Yes, I'm sure you know what games he's bought for his system and whether or not he has anything to play.
CernaML  +   560d ago
Neither do you.
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TheRandomOne  +   560d ago
Carry on my wayward beta
There'll be peace when you are released
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more
ROQFrost  +   560d ago
Is anyone else already going through, Destiny Beta withdrawals? I, I can't even play anything else... I guess I'll just sleep till 9/9/14
JoeIsMad  +   560d ago
I wish I could sleep. This game can't come fast enough!
Soldierone  +   560d ago
Now what? Now my PS4 goes back into hibernation until September. And nope, Last of Us won't change that because I'm not spending 50 bucks to buy it again :P
ROQFrost  +   559d ago
Agreed, I find myself, just like after the Destiny Alpha, Kind of just sitting... staring at my PS Dashboard... Watching the days count down till I can download the preorder...
itisallaboutps  +   559d ago
So i hear ther are only going to be 4 planets. I loved the game so far! But if that is the case i will throw a BF
JeffGUNZ  +   559d ago
I believe they said each area itself is bigger then the total campaign of Halo Reach, which is impressive. I'm sure they didn't have all the missions and and side quests and what not available on Old Russia simply to not spoil 1/4 of the story in just the beta. The game is about looting and leveling up gear to be the strongest guardian out there. Once you hit level 20, getting higher rank by obtaining motes of light will be fun. Bungie is a solid developer, they will do a lot of community events and cool things.
TRD4L1fe  +   559d ago
And now the withdrawal sets in
MultiConsoleGamer  +   559d ago
And now what?

The waiting and the endless comparisons to Halo.
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Rimeskeem  +   559d ago
I want it so much now
Stevefantisy  +   559d ago
I didn't hardly get to play :-( and now I'm sad
ROQFrost  +   559d ago
You should be sad. You missed out on the best beta ever played by anyone in the universe! You're like a loft apartment above a great party. you'll only get to hear other talking about all the fun they had.
Stevefantisy  +   559d ago
Lol I did play some would I say it was the greatest fun yes but I'm glad you had a great time :-)
0P-Tigrex  +   559d ago
The Last of Us comes out in a couple days. That's something, right?
mediate-this  +   559d ago
I downloaded yesterday, and i really didnt like it at first, felt like it repititive, as i got through it and higher levels, and played devils lair, i got a wicked sense of power.

I was so happy and thrilled, i cant explain it but i was like ohhhh, then damn this game is sick. I read every one talking about devils lair, so when i finally played that part and my squad and i marched through the part and my ghost was like ahhh so this is devils lair, it just made me think of n4g lol.

I have destiny withdrawls, no game i play atm makes me not think of it. Damn i should have stuck my guns and not dl'd it.

Great game
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forgetmenot  +   559d ago
play something else
Flames76   559d ago | Trolling | show
GambitAces23   559d ago | Trolling | show
trywizardo  +   559d ago
now you choose , if you liked the beta preorder , if not don't ...
or just wait till it gets cheaper ...
Qwagy UK  +   559d ago
Delete it and never play it again, pile o crap! Far too much hype for a halo boarderlands fps.
JeffGUNZ  +   559d ago
I was on the fence about this game, wasn't sure what to expect. The more I played it, the more addicting it got. I was set on passing this game up simply because I never got into Halo (Xbox Owner) and from what I saw on videos, looked very similar. Boy, was I wrong. It feels more like Mass Effect meets Borderlands in a larger scale. I'm a sucker for anything you can travel through space, so this obviously made me happy. The obtaining gear, the fact that PVP and PVE are interlinked and playing crucible and/or iron banner help your character in PVE gives it a great twist on MP. I first tried the PVP on the moon map, got destroyed, and hated it. I forced myself back during iron banner to get the hunter cloak and I ended up falling in love with it. I am content with four huge areas if their are a lot of things to do, but I hope for multiple planets and moons and what not and I hope the DLC is huge and full of other areas to explore.

This game went from a "I'm probably going to never play this" to "I'm getting it day one, can't f'n wait, and I already put in my vacation day for work". AWESOME beta/game.
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