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Submitted by fathoms 488d ago | opinion piece

The Last Of Us: Remastered Purchasers Open To Abuse?

It seems like anyone who announces they're buying The Last Of Us: Remastered has opened themselves up for all sorts of abuse from fellow gamers. (PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

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nikrel  +   488d ago | Well said
It is their buck, they can spend it anyway they want too.

Who cares what other people think.

I'm going to buy it.
brish  +   488d ago
*insert abuse comment here* ;-)
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Ezz2013  +   488d ago
the reason for he abuse is
TLOU = EXCLUSIVE (it's cool to whine about the remaster of exclusive, who never played it can go to hell)

GTAV = Multiplat (Amazing,who cares it sold 1 billion,Day 1 buy )
UltraNova  +   488d ago
I dont even recall a single threat, article comment whisper or even a fart (there I said it) calling out those who intent to buy the Halo collection...Hmmmm or GTAV for that matter...

I dont know maybe I'talking nonsense here...
ShinMaster  +   487d ago
GTAV, Metro Redux, Halo:MCC or every other GOTY edition = OK.

TLOU:R = PS4 exclusive = NOT OK.

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SG1_dapunisherX  +   488d ago
Only Im going say goty. ready for tuesday
Rowdius_Maximus  +   488d ago
It'll be like TES:IV Oblivion and release, get goty, release goty edition, get goty again
Goro  +   488d ago
@Rowdius_Maximus Except Oblivion GOTY Edition didn't get GOTY again.
Bigpappy  +   488d ago
Cant believe someone would write and article to whine about someone else's view on them buying a remake. Then to actually have some one submit it (must be the same person), and then to find enough people willing to approve it.

I didn't read it. The title says it all.
Spotie  +   488d ago
I can't believe you'd whine about people whining.
kreate  +   488d ago
There's so many remasters, why this one has so many haters?
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   488d ago
I guess because the media flipped out and a lot of people followed as usual. Rockstar are doing the exact same thing with GTAV except it's more recent and I'm willing to bet they didn't put as much work into it as ND did with TLOU Remastered. Oddly enough there's no hate surrounding the GTAV port.

I don't know if I'm getting TLOU remastered but I know I'm not getting GTAV PS4.
LordMaim  +   488d ago
@One_Eyed_Wizard: It's not odd at all. GTA V is multi-platform.
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Lord_Sloth  +   488d ago
@Lord Maim
It doesn't matter that it's multi-plat, R* can hire a small country of programmers to get the job done right but they don't care to.
Insomnia_84  +   488d ago
The physical abuse is awesome in MP , SO YES!!
fenome  +   488d ago
F@K the haters, plain and simple. It's my money and I'll do what I please with it. Don't like it? Kick rocks.

My money's given, not taken, that's not even a question.
agame914  +   488d ago
I'm buying it to
SpinalRemains138  +   488d ago
Because it affects us all.

Its similar to those who were in favor or indifferent to DRM on Xbox. It affects everyone when you support something which potentially takes away from our hobby.

Remasters do have an impact. Maybe not severe, but if the model is successful, we all see less new games in favor of rehashed old games.

I for one do not want to see that.

Of course you're free to spend how you like, but your collective decisions affect all gamers.
MonstaTruk  +   487d ago

I agree with you. The problem I have (and I think most PS4 buyers of this remaster has) is the fact that...THIS where you make your stance? THIS GAME...the one that won countless GOTY awards & over 200 different awards for being a superior game during a generation of extreme spam...this is that game?! You want gamers to hear your message of hunkering down and let the gaming industry know that they're not putting up with remastered-spam-games with...THIS GAME?! :-/

Where were you for Tomb Raider? And will you be there for the MCC? Hmmm...
DarkZane  +   487d ago
Remasters have no effect at all.

Beside, I'd rather buy one good remaster than 10 barely decent new games.
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Majin-vegeta  +   488d ago
Wow that person should have reportrd the employee.He would no longer be working there.

All i.know is when people are crying over this game remastered.Ill be popping clickers heads off.

Haters gonna hate.
liquidhalos  +   488d ago
Im sorry but that whole story about best buy is made up. What a nonsense article.
Starbucks_Fan  +   488d ago
Lol let them buy it if they want. It's a great game.
ShaqSoda  +   488d ago
Why so much drama in gaming these days?
LOGICWINS  +   488d ago
A lot of these people have very little in life going for them outside of gaming. They use gaming to vent about non-gaming related problems. When someone gets THAT heated over a game, theres almost always a reason for that...and its not the game.
memots  +   488d ago
you just describe truefan
extermin8or  +   488d ago
Little bit of logic sure does go a long way :P But no seriously they can think their superior to me if they like. However in all honesty I don't care. The games good enough that as at uni I don't have a ps3 with me and I'm going to want to play this game sometimes I'm willing to buy it again. It's cost me £30. This is no different to the GOTY dlc collections normally released for alot of games instead your getting MORE for your money. So let them think themselves superior I know for a fact that a) I don't usually fall for tricks and such and b) I don't seem to meet that many people in normal society that I'd actually say seem smarter than me in anyway. I study physics at uni so ofc as is the nature of a place like university I meet a fair few people there that probably are just as smart or smarter but in the normal world where everyone counts-nope, so if it makes them feel better to feel superior or smarter than me by depriving themselves of replaying/playing one of the best games in years then they can go right ahead. I'll be playing my game and laughing at them the entire time.
ape007  +   488d ago
i don't think they're really that stupid or that dramatic, i believes it's websites dwindling on any subject to get hits

it's all bout dem $$$$
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LOGICWINS  +   488d ago
That too. These are extremely isolated incidents that are blown out of proportion by gaming media to get hits from hardcore Sony fanatics who will, as usual, defend their exclusives.

From what I'm seeing in the comments, it seems to be working.

I feel that there can be legit reasons to discourage someone from purchasing something. I tried to steer people away from buying Ground Zeroes because that would set a dangerous precedent for the industry that could affect ME and others.

In terms of TLOU, theres very little to bitch about. Its basically a GOTY edition. I just feel that the media is giving way too much attention to game that released a year ago.
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iSuperSaiyanGod  +   488d ago
Right . Gaming is never suppose to be that serious . It's suppose to be fun . But not to controll your life over it . Some people on here take that stuff way to seriously .
zeroskie  +   488d ago
I'm going to buy it... eventually.
Nicominoru  +   488d ago
LOL...people concerned about how complete strangers over the internet decide to use their hard earned money. These troll ass gamers and journalist have really reached an all time low this gen.

Don't know whats worse all the crying some people are doing over remastered video games as though they're being forced at gunpoint to purchase them or the butt load of PC Elitest that pop up in the comments section of every console related article discussing how the game is expected to run for said console...I know there is a PC section on n4g, it must be boring as hell there.

Point is that people love to involve themselves in things that don't even concern them. If you want TLOU remastered then buy it, if not ignore it and move on.
Sevir  +   488d ago
You find that everywhere on the internet. Xbox fans co cerned about PS4 exclusives, PS Fans concerned about XBO exclusive, PC elitists concerned about console gamers. Its always something amongst the gaming community, we love to justify our purchases and be proud of what we own but then there are some who become zealots, way way way over passionate.
Kane22  +   488d ago
Why is this game getting so much hate. Yet no one is complaining about gta 5 being remastered and many others.
GamingSinceThe80s  +   488d ago
Oh I'm sure the hate for GTA 5 will be next.It's just that remake is a lot farther
Kane22  +   488d ago
i highly doubt gta 5 will get this much hate. hell even halo isn't getting this much
Septic  +   488d ago
Of course Halo isn't getting this much hate. No one can deny the sheer value of The Master Chief Collection.
brew  +   488d ago
Because of its relevance in the console wars. They fear it will convert many more people to the PS4.
Kavorklestein  +   488d ago
The game itself really isn't getting hate. The fact that it JUST came out in June of last year, is what is getting hate. The fact that Sony had announced the PS4 already, and didn't have any reason to hide their plans for a PS4 version, makes Naughty Dog and Sony look bad. The remaster, while being an "upgrade" to 1080p and 60fps, doesn't really change the games' look that much.

But the game itself is not being called "bad" or being attacked.

To address your comparison to GTA V? now THAT is a remaster. The two look different like night and day.
That is why it's not getting skeptical remarks.
Although Rockstar's game came out even LATER than TLOU, and Rockstar should have let us know about their plans to release it on next gen consoles as well. TLOU:R and GTAV:R deserve equal amounts of negativity concerning their releases' being hidden by lying by omission... As far as remasters go GTA V takes the cake, whether or not it's the better game, is debatable, the fact that the GTA V's remaster is Higher Quality, is not.

The idiot in the article is a crybaby, and the Best Buy employee was likely talking about the shady moneymaking tactics from Sony and Naughty Dog,(much like Rosckstar's shady tactics)and not actually "BASHING" TLOU:R itself.
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objdadon  +   488d ago
Lol! Halo 4 just came out not long ago! Gta just came out not long ago! And yes, go on YouTube and watch anyone who has the last of us remastered early and they say it's night and day difference! I'll be ready to download this sweet b##ch to my ps4 12:00 midnight! And I'll be ready for gta! Never liked halo but destiny is mine!
FanboyKilla  +   488d ago
@objdadon ''Never liked halo but destiny is mine!'' hmmmm you must not mind the glaring resemblance to halo because its named differently or on ps4. funny, never liked halo but destiny brrp errp da brrrerp lol
Kavorklestein  +   488d ago
@Objadon Really? The master chief collection doesn't have JUST Halo 4 in it tho. 4 Halo Games, a Movie, and a Beta. I would feel differently if it was JUST Halo:4 Remastered... I wouldn't buy it or support it.

But all that aside, it's not barely a year and one month old either. People can play whatever they want I have no problem with that.. It's defending shady tactics when they would crucify Microsoft if THEY did something like this.
Double fucking standards.
Really, what's the most sad of all, is just the amount of disagrees I got, shows how much truth I spoke.

This place is PSN4G.
I'm not attacking anyone or anything and will even STRONGLY AGREE that TLOU is a great game, but I shouldn't have to "Ask what people think about the graphics" or watch youtube vids of people who are excited for it and say it's a big difference.
I should be able to "SEE" a difference.

I think the game has every right to exist, Same with GTA V remastered, but there was dishonesty involved with both games coming to next gen. Fact.
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spacedelete  +   488d ago
what are you talking about? theres plenty of hate for GTAV remaster. people are hating on it saying its already made billion of dollars and that it was overrated.

i don't see why you think GTA deserves the hate and TLOU doesn't. your pretty much the definition of a fanboy.
SpinalRemains138  +   488d ago
Flavor of the month. GTA V port will get negativity too.
DevilishSix  +   488d ago
Noone brings up the fact that games like Fallout 3, FO3 New Vegas,or Batman: AA or AC released GOTY additions about a year after launch and included all DLC and charged full price again. TLOU Remaster is like a GOTY release but with redone graphics as a bonus. Haters will hate...always.
SpinalRemains138  +   488d ago
Its not the game itself which garners the negativity. Its the business practice that many gamers fear will lead to more remakes and less new games.

Its a valid concern, considering these remakes at these prices yield more than triple the profit due to less cost involved.
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ShadowWolf712  +   487d ago
That might be true... were there some cap on games that could be released per any given time.

Most remasters don't even put in the work ND did, but they're still nice to be able to play on a newer system. But if Naughty Dog can work on this and still find time to get some light work done on Uncharted 4, I see no reason this would have a huge impact on the number of games we'd get other than... well, more games.
DevilishSix  +   487d ago
ShadowWolfe712 said

"But if Naughty Dog can work on this and still find time to get some light work done on Uncharted 4, I see no reason this would have a huge impact on the number of games we'd get other than... well, more games"

ND said this opportunity to remaster TLOU benefitted them in working on their engine and tools for the PS4. So I think your point was spot on.
jegheist2014  +   488d ago
abuse me cuz i havent played game eva in my life i bought it unlikem ost people people owned one system last gen.

i got 360 cuz it was i dont know 2-300 dollars cheaper then ps3.

i now got wii u and ps4 refuse to buy xb1 unless game iso n it i cant get elsewhere.

those 3 game owuld have to be full on conkurs bad fur day 2 shenmue 3 exclusive or lost odyseey 2
DevilishSix  +   488d ago
You are in for an incredible experience.
DVAcme  +   488d ago
I applaud your sentiment, though your grammar needs work, lol.
Specter229  +   488d ago
You understood that?!?!
InTheZoneAC  +   488d ago
tomb raider was remastered from the ps3 version and it looks and plays great

same will be with the last of us and the same will be gta v...
uth11  +   488d ago
I'm buying it

do your worst!
ape007  +   488d ago
many xbox 360 owners i know bought a ps4, so this is a golden chance to experience this classic in gorgeous 1080p and 60 FPS
Remy_S  +   488d ago
That employee sounds like a complete jack off, what business is it of his to demean others based on their purchases. I for one actually like remastered versions of games, especially since I missed out on some titles last gen. Loved Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, and will also be enjoying The Last of Us and Metro Redux soon.
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DVAcme  +   488d ago
I'm getting Metro Redux stat. I missed out on 2033 since it didn't come out for PS3, and both Metro games look AMAZING on high settings on a PC. Having both games on a system that makes them look fantastic for the price of one is cake.

InB4 Glorious PC Master Race, I've heard that enough already.
Sevir  +   488d ago
I already bought it for PS4... Insert your abuse now. Lol
KwietStorm  +   488d ago
Gamers open to abuse from the gaming community on the internet? Ya don't say.
Dlacy13g  +   488d ago
Seriously! Author acts like gamer internet abuse is something new.
MaGicPaNTz  +   488d ago
Yeah but I have not played TLoU since I had a 360. But now that I have a ps4 I do look forward to playing this game!
DVAcme  +   488d ago
Welcome to the family, dude :)
iSuperSaiyanGod  +   488d ago
Think of ot this way . I sold my ps3 a few months back . I'd love to play ps3 titles on my ps4 . I have no problem re buying the games if I'm going to have fun . It's my money why complain?
GamingSinceThe80s  +   488d ago
Sold your PS3!Noooooooo....They will have to pry mine out of cold dead hands.
DVAcme  +   488d ago
Jesus, dude, why'd you go and do that? As much as I love my PS4, my PS3 still gets WAY more play. Right now it has arguably the greatest current game library, and there's still exclusive games coming down the pipeline(Persona 5!!), not to mention free games each month on PS+.

My PS3 died a few days back(it was a Fat backwards compatible one, it was just a matter of time) and I didn't even wait 24 hours to get a Slim to replace it. The PS3 library is just too good.

Then again, maybe something came up beyond your control and you had to get rid of it. I shouldn't judge.
spacedelete  +   488d ago
whats the point in owning or buying a PS3 when it seems all developers are just porting all their games to next gen ? all of the best PS3 games are all confirmed or have released on next gen such as Tomb raider, TLOU , Metro redux, GTA V.

no point owning a PS3 this gen.
WeAreLegion  +   488d ago
Somebody wants hits!
fonduktoe   488d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
DanielGearSolid  +   488d ago
I hate when Gamestop clerks "share" their opinions with you.

Like BRO take my money, gimmie the game, and STFU. Nobody asked you.

Best buy clerks are generally more clueless so I assume this is rare case.
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MasterofMagnetism  +   488d ago
lol. Agree completely.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   488d ago
If there is anything I have said on this site over and over again is that you should always do what you want and to hell with anyone who thinks otherwise.

I'll be at GameStop Tuesday morning to pick up my copy.

Deal with it.
Bowzabub  +   488d ago
100% agreed. In my case and I'm sure many other people's case especially on this site, we follow games way more heavily than some of our friends might. I have a couple friends that never picked up TLoU for PS3 and now they have PS4 and plan on getting it for this gen I want to be able to play it with them. Not to mention that it is a an awesome game. I will also be getting GTAV for the very same reasons. Well said^^^
#21.1 (Edited 488d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   488d ago
Thank you. Bubble up.

I'm also getting GTA V. Right on man.
Lord_Sloth  +   488d ago
*looks at Nintendo's endless parade of OoT releases*
marioJP87  +   488d ago
Honest to god, im only buying it because there isn't anything else available on PS4. I Dont touch my PS4. Im tired of Infamous SS, Spiderman, Lego Marvel, resogun, TR Definitive. I don't want it to keep collecting dust. Im tired of Ryse and is running low on Titanfall.
DVAcme  +   488d ago
I got $25 off with Gamestop's offer to trade the original in, and I traded in some games I'm done with, so mine is paid for without digging into my wallet. Seriously, whoever bought the game before can do the trade to get it cheap, and even the ones who didn't get it originally get it at a reduced price, with all the DLC included and looking better than most new-gen games. It's a remaster that puts most other so-called to shame. Anyone remember the Silent Hill and Zone Of The Enders remasters which had SLOWDOWN THE ORIGINALS DIDN'T HAVE IN A LESS POWERFUL SYSTEM? Or the PC Dark Souls clusterfuck?

People are just grasping at straws to bitch, and everyone bitching made up their mind about the remaster without either owning a PS4 or having ever played the original. I for one welcome our new definitive version of one of the greatest games of all time.
stripe814  +   488d ago
i guess im ready, bring on the haters!! tuesday will be my day...

one tip to say to haters clerk or anybody else who tend to abuse you

"its my money, start looking for a decent job and stop complaining and asking me like a whinny B!+€#.."
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hiawa23  +   488d ago
Ridiculous. People can buy whatever games they want however many times they want. It is their money, who really cares. Some go way too far. Just games...
Ocsta  +   488d ago
I would've told him exactly where to stick his "opinion". Guys who sell you you're games are all armchair experts. Must be why they earn the big bucks.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   488d ago
Judging by the gameplay shown on Youtube, they haven't done much with it. It is easy to see why they didn't release official gameplay footage.
dragon82  +   487d ago
Youtube videos look like ass compared to actual games running on your tv.
agame914  +   488d ago
I think people should be talking about COD instead of TLOU. I mean come on every year theres the same COD coming out for 60 cash which brings nothing new to the table. Now that's the truth
user3050031   488d ago | Spam
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