Ubisoft's Misguided Attempt at Promoting Assassin's Creed: Unity with Four Minute Snuff Film

Hardcore Gamer: A showing of graphic violence for the sake of graphic violence, Ubisoft might as well just released an excerpt from a documentary on the History Channel and crudely pasted a picture of an assassin over the last frame as it would've been just as an effective marketing tool and it would involve considerably less eye stabbing.

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ValKilmer1336d ago

I really didn't get the point of that video either. Make the game seem badass to all the 14 year old boys out there, I guess? It had nothing to do with the game and really disappointed following that great E3 trailer.

BVFTW1336d ago

Well, I liked the short and I'm old enough to know what death looks like.

cleft51336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Yeah I thought it was awesome and it's Rob Zombie so what the heck are people expecting. Guess what people, real life was a hell of a lot more brutal than this short film. What isn't mentioned or shown in this short film is the brutal tortures and rapes that was happening that also birthed the French Revolution. History, like life, is brutal as hell.

fenome1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

It had to do with the French Revolution and real things that can happen (and have happened) in the real world.

Guillotines aren't just movie props, neither are a hangmans noose, or a shooting gallery, but I'd still take those over getting quartered or stoned to death.

There were times when people would cheer and jeer at colosseums and bring their children to watch people be murdered in cold blood. Horrid things like this were actually considered a spectacle for the family to enjoy at some point in time, like a fair or a carnival.

Humans are primal beasts, don't you see the news? This is real life slappin' you in the eyes

RedDeadLB1336d ago

It didn't have much to do with the game, but it had everything to do with actual history. This is the world we're getting into with Unity.

OrangePowerz1336d ago

Jumping on the Polygon "Unity is too violent" bandwagon? Anybody who thinks that the french Revolution was a nice and civilised time meeds to go back to school. It was a very violent and unfriendly.

morganfell1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )


There is a reason this period is called la Terreur by the French. We know it as The Reign of Terror. Over 16,000 executed by beheading with the guillotine and over 20,000 more put to death by other means. Not to mention other types of killing. Easily over 40,000 and that doesn't account for those that succumed to disease, infection, and starvation.

It was bloody and it was violent.

There was assassination, rape, murder, mob executions, burnings, every form of killing you can name. Someone at hardcoregamer should have stayed in world history class instead of laying at home playing my little pony.

10V3N0M011336d ago

I agree with you @morganfell.
Although I am not qualified to have much say in this conversation as I never did history and, in the time that history was mandatory, we never learnt anything about the french revolution. Assassin's Creed Unity made me curious regarding it with it being the setting/era that the game was based off. From the research I've done in my own time, I can genuinely say that I am glad I wasn't anywhere near the French Revolution. It was truly a time of terror, not only for the innocent but for the guilty. No-one was truly safe.
I personally think the video was a lot more tame than what really happened, on a daily basis.

Bimkoblerutso1336d ago

I understand that the French Revolution was a very violent, brutal period in history, but the way the film was made just seemed more like something out of Superjail than an AC game.

The extreme closeup of the guy getting stabbed in the eye. The dude with his cheek blown out. It wasn't AC at was more...well, Rob Zombie.

fenome1336d ago

"The dude with his cheek blown out", also known as Maximilien Robespierre, was who they were after. Once they got close enough to try to arrest (and execute) him he tried to commit suicide with a gun in his mouth, but only ended up 'blowing out his cheek'. They dragged him off and did it anyways, that really happened.

That dude had more than 17,000 people executed during the revolution, and most of them were by beheadings by guillotine.

This game is set in exactly this time period, so yes, this legitimately does need to be in the game. These are the real things that happened at the place and time they're taking us.

Here's some info on Maximilien Robespierre (aka 'cheek dude') if you'd like to know why that was included. This actually did happen after all:

Bimkoblerutso1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Yes, I understand that that happened. I'm sure there is a fairly good chance someone got stabbed in the eye as well. I was simply commenting on the way that it is presented: close up, in slow motion with blood splatters that rival 300 and super-stylized like a comic book.

I don't know why I'm commenting on this anyway. I wasn't offended by this or anything. I just thought it was tonally inappropriate for the game it was promoting. Like I said, it was kinda like watching Superjail in slo-mo.

Metallox1336d ago

I know. Finally we get an opportunity to experience in an approximated way what really happened during the early years of the French Revolution. I expect something accurate.

XXXL1336d ago

Rob Zombie is the worst.

nidhogg1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

The worst? THE WORST?? Really? Sure he makes depraved films but most of them are renowned horror classics and have been found as a foundation of subsequent horror films.

XXXL1336d ago

Renowned horror classics? You see the Halloween remake and his sequel? Holy shit were they awful. Myers backstory is he's white trash? Jesus...

nidhogg1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

I did not mention the Halloween remake as I do agree 100% that the whole thing was awful. But what about House of 1000 corpses? Lords of Salem? The Devil's Rejects? Those are often cited by movie critics. True, they were given negative reception but for fans like me, Rob Zombie clearly made his films a liking to great depraved films like The Holy Mountain, Salo: 120 days of Sodom, or even Eraserhead.

mhunterjr1336d ago

I dunno, the French Revolution was a graphically violent time... There are equally gory depictions sitting in museums world wide... Sure this is a promotion, but it doesn't seem out of place to me.

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