Assassin’s Creed Unity: Check Out 8 Minutes of Xbox One Gameplay Showing Combat, Stealth and More

The Xbox One version of Assassin’s Creed Unity was demonstrated live at the Xbox booth at San Diego Comic Con and here's a video of the on-stage demo, which included a single assassination mission.

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cfc781306d ago

Only recently got into the Assassins Creed world with the last 2 games but so glad i did Unity will definitely be added to the collection looks great.

Abriael1306d ago

Yeah. I will not lie. When they released Assassin's Creed III the franchise pretty much fell out of grace for me, mostly because I really disliked connor (too brooding and whiny). Black Flag redeemed it for me, and I have high hopes for Unity.

cfc781306d ago

Yeah i heard that a'lot about Assassins Creed 3 i guess if you've been there from the beginning a big change in character can do that to a game series for me though it was the start so i had nothing to compare it with just glad i gave it ago really looking forward to the rest of the series now.

LOGICWINS1306d ago

Black Flag is an incredible game. Was playing through it for the second time to today. Very excited for Unity. I'm not really sure if I will like the online part of the game, but thats okay. The meaty 100 hour long campaign will be worth my $60.

BX811305d ago

@ logic
For me the online portion is lame. My first real taste of AC was part III, I really liked that game and black flag was great as well. I'm stoked for unity.

iamnsuperman1305d ago

Blag flag, to me, feels like a half assed pirate game and a half assed Assassin's Creed game rubbed together. I am currently playing it (for the first time). I am less concerned how they will take the modern day story arch but the game, to me, leaves a lot to be desired and I am going to wait to see what kind of reaction unity gets before jumping on board

LonDonE1305d ago

dude go back and play Assassins creed 2! EZIO is AWESOME! AC2 was by far the best AC game and had the best story! in fact play through the ezio trilogy or at the very least watch the movie of it online on you tube their are like massive compilations of the ezio trilogy like a movie!

I promise you wont regret it!!!!!

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ramiuk11305d ago

looks pretty good in 720p too,cant wait for the full HD version on ps4 :)

thexmanone1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Wow you can tell that it is in 720P from that video. You are good. Enjoy your Full HD version on your PS4.

Jonny5isalive1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I only played the first 3 but will be playing black flag and this one when I get a ps4. I like that they have huge crowds now. I liked to see all the people running away at the end, thats awesome.

Rimeskeem1306d ago

It looks very promising so far.

gamerfan09091306d ago

Man the graphics look so damn good.

starchild1305d ago

Yeah, and apparently this is the XB1 version. It looks fantastic. I can't wait to see what the Nvidia GameWorks features are going to be for the PC version. Just TXAA alone makes a huge difference for me.

AngelicIceDiamond1305d ago

@careful Star people don't like that PC talk around here.

Consoles 4ever lol J/K

jobboy1305d ago

pc demo running with xbox pads..i expect that from ubisoft

16bitNutritionist1306d ago

Wasn't this demo shown at E3?

Nekroo911306d ago

Yes it is. They just changed one kill animation, but they did the same with 3 videos already. And the guy isnt even playing

bjmartynhak1306d ago

Looks like AC all right.

Guys, I'm burned out from AC since the very beginning of Brotherhood, haven't beaten it, nor Revelation, ACIII or Black Flag. Does Unity look like a possible entry to come back?

Deividas1306d ago

Um...Black Flag should have been your entry to come back, that game was just great.

iamnsuperman1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

It is a crap Assassin's Creed game though. Very little of it is Assassin's Creed (it is a game set in that universe; nothing more nothing less). So it hard to say it is a comeback title when very little of it is Assassin's Creed

Deividas1305d ago


So...people bitch that AC is getting stale and repetitive, and then when Ubisoft goes out and puts a different take on the series and tries to be different, they bitch that its not the same as the rest of the series....hmmm tough crowd

starchild1305d ago

You haters can't seem to get your story straight. I hear lots of people saying "oh it's just the same old boring crap, nothing new", but... supposedly it's not an Assassin's Creed game. Huh?

How does that work? How can some people say it hasn't changed, but others say that it's so different to the point of not even being an AC game?

I think both positions are silly. The game has changed (in fact every entry in the series has seen evolution and advancements in the core mechanics) but the game is also clearly still an Assassin's Creed game in terms of the gameplay, structure, atmosphere and approach to narrative.

The idea is to show the templar/assassin conflict from the viewpoint of an outsider. It's told differently for this reason, but it still deals with the same ideas and overarching plot.

It's still very much an Assassin's Creed game. I think some of you are just looking for any angle you can in which to hate on it.

bjmartynhak1305d ago

So many disagrees. Guys, not everyone is super-fan of your favorite series. I just asked something...

and thanks for the reply Deividas :)

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