Witcher III Wild Hunt – Polaris @ Comic Con

Witcher III interview from Polaris, with senior gameplay designer Damien Monnier.

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nucky641331d ago

"right now we're just polishing"......the game doesn't release for around 7 months - that's a LOOOOONG time to "polish".

TacticAce1331d ago

Its a massive open world game what do u expect?

Meltic1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

lol that vein in the neck looks sick on the interviewer

Irishguy951330d ago

Witcher 1 and 2 have been buggy on release, Witcher 3 is their first real 'massive' contender for becoming RPG elite crowned devs. They want it to be polished.

Roccetarius1330d ago

I honestly can't remember any bugs at release for Witcher 2, so either i'm lucky, or i had a more polished version of the game.

--bienio--1331d ago

Day one cant wait!! This game is a reason why upgrade my Pc!!;)

mep691330d ago

Yep, that's why I'm upgrading my PC when the GTX 880 comes out :D

On a side note, why did he have a pedo bear t-shirt on :O

oIITSBIIo1331d ago

I already have the game ( preorder )
Waiting for gtx880 ti .