Ar Nosurge Plus for PS Vita Gets New Lovely Screenshots

While there are still no news about a western release of the PS Vita version of Ar Nosurge, which Japan is going to get on October 2nd, Gust just released a large batch of screenshots for your perusal.

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Fullmetalevolust1456d ago

I thought there were some hints and clues left on twitter about a possible release to the west.
I want it for my Vita!

Chrono1456d ago

They'll release the PS3 ver soon but they didn't say anything about Vita yet. Maybe after the PS3 one gets released.

illtornworld1456d ago

Why not at the same time!.

Fullmetalevolust1456d ago

I know, for some reason, perhaps being practical, I like my JRPGs at the tip of my fingers.

TM3331456d ago

I'm right there with ya. I think I'm turning Japanese!

contradictory1456d ago

huh, looks interesting
hopefully there'll be western release

sanosukegtr1231456d ago

Sweet I can get my hands on the japanese version.