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This Is The Best Weapon In Destiny Beta

Destiny's Beta is soon coming to an end, and after playing over a hundred hours this week, the team at PS4.sx have chosen the best weapon in Destiny's Beta.

Do you agree with their decision? What is your favorite best weapon in Destiny Beta? (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Frankskint  +   51d ago
I prefer the scout rifle, one kill headshots all day. BOOM! Goodnight.
Kayant  +   51d ago
Right with you :)
patelsanjeed  +   51d ago
Scout rifle plus The Hunter class all day long.
stevehyphen  +   51d ago
Scout rifle and titan here.

I've decided that will be my start in the full game.

I'm glad that we've only seen a portion of what the classes can do. It seems as though swapping sub-class will change the gameplay around.

Edit: I was super rotten that I found a rare (blue) scout rifle that had a level 10 requirement. That weapon had 90-something damage and two upgrades which added damage. That weapon has six or seven upgrades total.
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crxss  +   51d ago
In PVP, auto rifles are all you need. Need a nerf
HammadTheBeast  +   50d ago
My trust Pompeii-2 is all I need.

Also, the Blademaster subclass seems amazing, can't wait to try it out.
Gozer  +   50d ago
I had the Shingen-C auto rifle. I agree with the article,its a beast. 62 damage,nearly maxed out RoF, 44 in the clip. I could cut through baddies big and small like hot butter. Hate to lose it now that the beta is over.
Dspdspes  +   50d ago
Agree 100 %. Depends on playstyle and situation, though.
Pain  +   50d ago
Considering everyone and there mothers are Scouts... yawn... "lets all be Snipers!!"

Going to be funny to see everyone screaming for Titans thats use big honking bullet spitters when hunters and warlocks can't stand the heat and get 1-2 shotted lol

Dont believe me? wait n see.
GameSpawn  +   50d ago
"Considering everyone and there mothers are Scouts... yawn... "lets all be Snipers!!""

Every competative game will have issues like this. Expect some weapons to get nerf'ed in the final build as well as months post release.

Remember the handheld sniper rifle known as the pistol in Halo [1] -- remember how badly it got nerf'ed in later games. Current generation consoles allow developers to continue "load balancing" long after they release the game -- how much and how long they will keep making tweaks is dependent on the developer and publisher.

In the case of Destiny, the Shingen and classes will get balanced out or replaced by a more powerful weapon/subclass. It will never be perfect because some people just like being a-holes and exploit whatever/whenever, but hopefully it will be close to being an equal playing field between classes.
EdnaJones97  +   51d ago
i got cydonia ar3 62 damage when upgraded.
The_Infected  +   51d ago
Yea I have a 62 damage scout rifle. I really like the scout rifles it's my favorite weapon type.
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crxss  +   50d ago
Cydonia is better than the Shingen. Better impact for pvp
xActionBasturdx  +   50d ago
Yup wrecked shop with that gun
Ozmoses  +   51d ago
Um the weapon they showed is nowhere near the highest dmg weapon in the beta.. that gun is 45.. maxed out it would probably be 52...

the highest dmg is 62.. on weapons we could actually use... it didn't matter what type of weapon the highest was 62 when it was fully maxed out.. scout, auto, shotgun, fusion, pulse, rocket, sniper, machine gun, hand cannon... all 62 max

the name also necessarily doesn't mean anything either because the attributes for the weapon can change...

the special skill at the bottom.. for example one could say "every kill makes you reload faster" or one could say "the last round does bonus damage"

they could look the same and have the same name.. but one could be dramatically different than the other..

but yeah again.. the max dmg in the beta was 62... the weapon this article is talking about is a joke.

But I like my Cydonia Auto Rifle - 62 Dmg and the stat is "last half of magazine does extra damage"

but later weapons.. rare and legendary.. the final upgrade on them locks in all the upgrades.. so whatever path you choose you can't go back.
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HammadTheBeast  +   50d ago
The thing is, damage doesn't mean much because Impact and other things also play a factor. For example, my Sniper and AR do the same "damage" but have wildly different impacts.
Ozmoses  +   50d ago
that's what I'm talking about also... all those stats can change...

even if the name and dmg and everything looks the same...

chances are the stability or impact or reload or range is different
cgoodno  +   50d ago
Yup. Scout Rifle + Sniper Rifle. Three or one-shot knights with them, respectively.

As far as auto rifles, that one doesn't do the best damage in the end game and there is a later version that can do up to 62 damage that's better than the Shingen. With upgrades, hip firing with them can be very nice.
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ITPython  +   50d ago
I found that the auto-rifles were definitely the most effective main weapon to use (at least whatever version I was using with my Warlock). They killed the fastest and were the most efficient.

I tried and maxed out all my green variety AR's, hand cannons, pulse rifles and scout rifles (scout rifles really sucked, shot way too slow and had piss poor damage). The AR I was using (some green variety, can't remember the name) was FAR superior to everything. The pulse rifles came in second place in regards to dps. However the scout rifle was beyond fail, in the time it took me to take out 2 low-level enemies I could have taken out 10+ in the same time-span with the AR. Single-shot scout rifle was just complete garbage, needs a much higher rate of fire to be useful, like the pulse rifle.

Only downside with the AR was in the crucible, since the two maps we had to choose from were either way too small and confined, or way too large like the moon map (with OP vehicles and OHK snipers). The only map that felt right with the AR was the iron banner event map.
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ITPython  +   50d ago
Went past edit time, dangit. But after checking my Bungie.net profile, apparently I was using the Cydonia-AR3, that thing was a beast. Couldn't find any other primary weapon more effective than it, and I upgraded everything I had just to test other stuff out.


BTW what's up with Bungies website? Could only view it with the latest version of Firefox (which blows), and it is quite resource intensive and inefficient.

Whoever the webmaster is, they are using WAY too much Javascript. Guess they didn't get the memo about form over function.

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Kryptonite42O  +   50d ago
Agreed the Cydonia-AR3 was my favorite weapon. I found I had the best results with it overall.

I was reading an article that basically stated that the player and weapon level makes no difference in the control matches in the crucible. The only thing that mattered was things like rate of fire, impact ect.
It's not until you get to the Iron Banner tourney that your gears level and damage actually make a difference. That could be why I always seemed to do better in Iron Banner.

Hanuman  +   50d ago
I prefer my fists. BOOM! Goodnight.
cleft5  +   50d ago
Scout rifle and shotgun, Warlock Class all day long. Scout rifle for range and shotgun for up close battles. 2 hits and they are done.
Battlefieldlover  +   50d ago
Am i the only one Hunter/Hand Cannon?

An upgraded hunter with an upgraded hand cannon can deal with alot of heads with blistering reload speeds. Makes for entertaining gameplay.
Yo Mama  +   51d ago
Authors opinion is purely subjective. It may be the best weapon for him, however, I don't think that is the best weapon in the beta by a long shot. There are others which are more powerful, have a stronger impact and carry just as many rounds in a mag.
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ArronNelson  +   51d ago
Most of my friends agree that the Shingen is the best weapon there is. Its just frustratingly difficult to find. Wish I could experience it for myself before the beta ends.
charliewong980  +   51d ago
This is the best weapon in the game no argument. Got it in the devils lair, haven't used anything else since.
Shakengandulf  +   50d ago
Happy to see my weapon of choice was the authors pick for best weapon, it just feels like the most balanced auto rifle... Good clip, good damage, good stabilisation and the one i found had a bonus of getting more accurate as i shoot.
Every other weapon just took longer to kill enemies in the same class.
TheSaint  +   50d ago
I got a Cydonia, which was nice, but that Shingen was something else.
lisamorgan4  +   51d ago
I feel like the Sahara-AR3 is by far the best primary weapon.
When fully upgraded, it has an attack of 62. It's fire rate is completely at max capacity. It holds 48 magazines in the clip with a reserve of 500+ rounds. It's simply a beast. What is your weapon of choice @YoMama
Elwenil  +   51d ago
Rounds of ammunition are either loaded with a stripper clip, as in a M1 Garand, or in a magazine, as with most modern military rifles. You don't put magazines in a clip and a clip hasn't been in normal use for years.
Shakengandulf  +   50d ago
I don't like it because of the weak stabilisation, its just all over the place.
Lord_Sloth  +   50d ago
That's why it's marked as an Opinion Piece, genius.
Stapleface  +   50d ago
They apparently didn't find the Syndonia AR3. It's definitely better than the Shingen-C. It's better in pretty much every way than the Shingen-C, other than ROF, which it isn't far off from either.
henrythomas284  +   51d ago
I have been farming for this gun for hours only to get a level 9 version. Aaaaargh! Pulling hair out.
alvinmiller92  +   51d ago
cydonia ar3 is nuch better
kneon  +   51d ago
I agree. While I prefer scout rifles and hand cannons I'd pick the cydonia over the shingen. It's a little less stable and has a smaller magazine but the much higher impact makes up for it.

Surprisingly I found the Xerxes-C makes a good rifle even though it's a machine gun. You just need to make sure you only fire one round at a time and it's remarkably accurate and powerful.
Ripsta7th  +   51d ago
I liked the scout rifle, until i got the cydonia , the cydonia allowed for more upgrades so i went with. I did enjoy the one shot kills with the scout tho
Ol_Boy  +   51d ago
Cydonia ar3 with focused fire is a beast!
iceman06  +   51d ago
I agree. I think that the balance of fire rate AND impact make it my favorite weapon. In PvE, that's important because it actually staggers the enemies allowing you to focus for precision shots. For PvP, it allows the same type of control and damage..without sacrificing the accuracy. The Sahara, while having great fire rate, is difficult to control for me. The scout rifles don't deliver enough lead (though precision shots do MORE). The Cydonia is perfect for focus and "spray n pray" killing.
e-p-ayeaH  +   51d ago
Pulse Rifles (burst shot) for me are the best as long the clip is big enough to take out a few enemies.

The weapons in this game are well balanced you just have make sure you wear good armor for defense.
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Revengeance  +   51d ago
The Psi Tempus III Pulse Rifle at 62 damage was the best for me. It was the perfect balance of auto and scout without too much risk of wasting bullets and when you have armor abilities for it it made it so much better.
CyrusLemont  +   51d ago
Oh wow, I got this weapon day one of the beta and never changed. I'm glad it's getting some recognition. It in particular was what made my beta experience a lot of fun. It design works really well in mp as well. Heck I'd even say it's been the decisive factor for me boosting my teams points enough to victory. Well that and the heavy ammo -which A LOT of players underestimate and ignore- with my machine gun.
Pabbs_Slick  +   51d ago
I mean, if your prefer auto rifles than sure, but for those of use who'd rather wield the the deadly, multi-range scout rifle, the Jigoku SR3 is with the Sureshot IS is the way to go.
TRD4L1fe  +   50d ago
Yes!!! Hands down the best weapon in the beta was the Jigoku scout rifle. I will definitely be using a scout rifle when the full game comes out. It just does so much damage
OmegaShen  +   51d ago
PvE Setup: Scout Rife, Fuse Rife and RPG.
PvP Setup: Auto Rife, Fuse Rife or a Shotgun and RPG.

Scout/Pulse rifes are ok in PvP, so long as you don't get mix up in close combat or med range. Fuse Rife is great for close combat if you can get the timing down or just beat them with your fist/ki/knife.

P.S. Any max level weapon can do 50-60 damage, most of my weapons are 57 or 62.
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TRD4L1fe  +   50d ago
I use a scout rifle for both PvE and Pvp. Just aim for the dome
OmegaShen  +   50d ago
I can do it, but kind of suck at when I'm aiming with one eye -_- only got one fully working eye.
caseh  +   50d ago

Surely that wouldn't matter though as only your depth/distance perception would be affected in real life rather than a 2D display?
Kool I had the most op'd gun & didn't know it lol ... No wonder I was mowing all you suckers down lol jk. But I also liked the Cydonia AR3 or whatever more... I kept switching between them. Anyways can't wait to see the guns in the full game. Good luck noobs;)
Drithe  +   50d ago
The Cydonia is awesome. But it is very hard to get for some reason. I never found the green versions, only the white ones.

I actually found Shingens quite a bit. The trick though is to get the right bonus for them. Both of mine was ACURRACY GETS BETTER THE LONGER THE WEAPON IS FIRED. It was awesome.

If you get a regular Shingen or Cydonia, they spread fire all over the place. Good luck in targeting.

Oh yeah, I did get one that had a SLOWER ATTACK SPEED BUT STRONGER DAMAGE to another one. For pve this rocked too.
Man I had that one too, I got a green one at 62 then it upgraded to 67... I think I got it from the vendor dude.
DVAcme  +   50d ago
I personally loved the fusion gun secondary weapon. Throw the flashbang at a Wizard or Captain, shoot a burst of flaming hot plasma at them and watch them disintegrate into nothingness. The fact the gun has to wind up before firing makes it even more delicious *tweeeeeeee ZAP!*

Not saying it's the BEST weapon, but it certainly was fun and satisfying. Which is the reason I play games, really, fun and satisfaction.
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Budobear  +   50d ago
I'm with you, I thought the fusion gun sounded like something from District 9 when firing it and had very similar results too.
Using it in PVP was just great, the feeling of getting kills with it over someone with an assault rifle was great. Watching them fly away from you all blue and sparkly....can wait to get the chance to up grade one fully!
Stapleface  +   50d ago
Maybe not the best weapon over all, but the fusion rifles are the best weapon that I found against high level wizards. I ran into a few that my Cydonia AR3 couldn't do much against but my fusion rifles would run their shields down quick.
cl1983  +   50d ago
The energy weapons didn't seem to be that effective to me.
Bluebird8  +   50d ago
I found a Sultan rocket launcher with 96 attack (blue background). Unfortunatly lvl 10 :-/
Jsoc  +   50d ago
I had the Shingen -C @ 62 attack fully upgraded and it was a beast and the Cyndonia -AR3 @62 attack fully upgraded IMO where the best 2 weapons , and my secondary weapon was a Gozen- C or Pompeii-LR2 Sniper rifle with I shot kills....
mixolydian_id  +   50d ago
It's funny how people really care about the stat's of their guns!

People didn't talk this way about Borderlands?

I hope there's some sort of matchmaking control. Im not a fan of going up against scrubs with low level everything. It's underwhelming to do well... solely because of a better weapon. Might as well play one handed while you're at it
DVAcme  +   50d ago
There's a huge difference: weapons in Destiny are standard guns with a few pros and cons when compared to each other, and sometimes which gun tyou use is a manner of preference. There's SO MANY guns in Borderlands with so many variations, and you change old ones for new ones so frequently they might as well be currency.
mixolydian_id  +   49d ago
If they don't get it 'right' though, there'll be a whole host of rage quitters.

Nothing worse then being two men down where your opponents spawn with better weapons then you.
Madderz  +   50d ago
The stats must have changed in the Beta, in the alpha im sure me and at least 2 of my friends had guns that started with 96 and once upgraded were 106.

Obviously level 8 green weapons. I forget the names, mine was the burst rifle with the blue bit at the front and my friends were auto rifles.

Maybe they decided they were over powered, i couldn't find a gun with anything higher than 57 in the Beta.

Edit: Just quickly googled it to make sure i wasn't going mad, this guys has a 93 scout rifle so the weapons were definitely higher stats in the alpha: http://www.implayin.co.uk/w...
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strickers  +   50d ago
I found a level 10 blue Scout Rifle. 92 basic damage with 2 damage upgrades, 3 scope choices and 3 ammo choices ( explosive, armour piercing and Ricochet). Locks once you pick up 2nd damage power up.I wish I could have used it. I like Scout Rifles and Auto rifles.
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Qwagy UK  +   50d ago
I found the best weapon in Destiny is the OFF BUTTTON!
DefenderOfDoom2  +   50d ago
Wow , over a hundred hours of DESTINY gameplay, in like 8 or 9 days ! I wish i had that much time, to play video games!
danthegamerfiend  +   50d ago
I enjoyed using the marshal A1 with a sniper rifle. I played as a warlock, loved the jet pack and i found their super a life saver many times in most situations. Great for the venus map, and when i went to the moon i switched to the pulse rifle, it wasnt bad either. At first i didnt like the pvp but the more i played it, It grew on me. Finally something to steal my attention away from cod.
JMyers  +   50d ago
My weapon of choice fully upgraded had an attack damage of 62. This weapon here has a good rate of fire but low impact.

My favourite gun is the Cyndonia-AR3. 3 times the impact, with only a third less fire rate :)

Still have not found the gun from my Alpha though. I believe its now a level 9 gun.
TonyPT  +   50d ago
The game looks good and a fluid gameplay , but I never been a big fan of games that wouldn't work with a cover system.
ExposingLames  +   50d ago
title should be "here is the gun some asshat thinks is the best gun in the destiny beta" probably casual looking at the gun.
Utalkin2me  +   50d ago
Maybe you should add your 2 cents instead of attacking someone with a good opinion.
ExposingLames  +   50d ago
I prefer the scout rifle, but there is no "best" gun. You can give people the 1 hitter quitter with a good enough shotgun...go through an entire team in 4 shots. Many maps support that type of play as well. Snipers and that charge up gun are nasty in their own rights. Of course theres the rocket launcher as well.
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Soldierone  +   50d ago
Sniper rifles were way too easy to use. In my opinion. I quit using mine because it felt like cheating.
whybag  +   50d ago
I had a Shingen-C with 55 Atk and a modifier "while aiming down sights, this weapon fires slower and does more damage." That was a very powerful rifle, and I enjoyed it a lot. But Another Auto rifle with higher impact, and a very high impact Scout rifle were used more often and more efficiently. If I had found that same Shingen with higher Atk, I likely would have used that.

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