AMD’s NextGen Carrizo APU CPU-Z Leaked – Six Excavator Cores with 95W TDP on the 20nm Node

WCCF: the first CPUZ of the Next Generation flagship Carrizo has just leaked.

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inf3cted11272d ago

You just post to be first everytime yet you have no idea at all what this is

XiRockLee1272d ago

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inf3cted11272d ago

Okay same guy with a second account

fr0sty1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

"Stupid comment from some fool obsessed with some lame anime garbage nobody cares about"

Magicite1272d ago

dont comment where you have no competence.

Volkama1272d ago

N4G would be a barren place if everyone here followed that mantra.

gapecanpie1272d ago

Fake!!! That TDP is too low for a 6 core APU and especially from AMD!

ABizzel11272d ago

No, the current APUs are basically using FX 4350, but since they're on a smaller die they have lower power consumption. The FX 6350 (6 core) and FX 8320 (8 core) both share about the same power consumption as the FX 4350, so it's highly possible.

Ultimately it's just a waiting game of when they can shrink the die size down small enough to where they can get 6 and 8 core CPUs on there with the GPU cores, and obviously they've done it with the 6.

gapecanpie1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Lol nope its fake... they updated the site saying its fake and maybe if it was just 6 cpu cores then I would agree with what you are saying but its 6 cpu cores + GPU cores theres no way the TDP would just be 95 at 4.1ghz(4.4Ghz with Turbo) even if the die was shrunk to 20nm

ABizzel11272d ago

Wasn't paying attention to the 6 GPU cores, I was only think 6 CPU cores so yes it's not likely true.


Just saw it was proven false. The 6 GPU cores and low L2 cache were the giveaways for this. However, I still stand by them being able to produce a 6/4 core APU with a near equal TDP.

And seeing how they're not producing any more CPUs on the high end, I see them tweaking their current CPU line-up over the next few years to achieve these kind of results.

codelyoko1272d ago

Its about time that APUs became something more than HTPCs. The only powerful APUs are in the Next Gen Consoles and not available to the public.

Peloun1272d ago

Ok obviously you have no idea what you're talking about

TheWow1272d ago

The current crop of Kaveri APUs from AMD aren't particularly powerful in terms of graphics processing capability, whereas the APUs in the PS4 and Xbox One are a bit better in that regard, less powerful on the CPU side of things.
So his comment is actually fairly accurate.

ABizzel11272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I pretty much figured this is what they were planning on doing, and funnily enough I have a huge document I wrote trying to predict their plans for the future and came up with them integrating their FX series CPUs into their APUs. The current "CPU" running in their APUs are basically FX 4350s, so my guess is this 6 core CPU is the FX 6350 considering the 4350 and 6350 (8320 as well) have the same / similar power draw. For the GPU I assume it's a r7 250 or r7 250x, since the current A10 7850k is just below the r7 250.

So overall: FX 6350 + R7 250 700 GFLOPS GPU, for likely $180 isn't bad at all, considering separate those parts cost $210 ($190 w. MIR)

Their current GPU line-up is:

R7 260 = 1.5 TFLOPS = $100 - $120 (Best price : performance ratio $66.67/TFL)
R9 270 = 2.3 TFLOPS = $160 - $180
R9 280 = 3 TFLOPS = $200 - $220 (Best price : performance ratio $66.67/TFL)
R9 290 =4.8 TFLOPS = $340 - $390
R9 290X = 5.6 TFLOPS = $460 - $500
R9 295 = 11.5 TFLOPS = $1,500

The price : performance ratio is why the R7 260 and R9 280 are the likely candidates for their future line-up of APUs. Their current best are in the PS4 and XBO which released Nov. 2013.

PS4 = FX 4100 + 1.8 TFLOP GPU $400 console
XBO = FX 4100 + 1.4 TFLOP GPU $400 console

I'm sure there's a contract in place to prevent AMD from selling those APUs or exceeding them for at least the next couple of years, but once it's over we should be seeing APUs with the following names / specs.

2018 APUs

AMD A8 = FX 8320 + R9 280 equivalent GPU ($200) hopefully Nintendo's next console.
AMD A6 = FX 6350 + R7 270 equivalent GPU ($160)
AMD A4 = FX 4350 + R7 260 equivalent GPU ($120)

Finally if history repeats itself the next consoles should be 3x as powerful as the most powerful APU at that time which would put them at:

FX 8350 + 10 GFLOP GPU (basically a R9 295).

This is all speculation, but considering how fast desktop GPUs are expected to evolve over the next 3 - 4 years means console should reap the benefits with as well, meaning more power at cheaper prices. As far as this current APU goes it should be a great entry level insta-gaming rig if priced right.

TheWow1272d ago

Exactly. The concept of an APU is great, but AMD needs to make them a lot more powerful for them to appeal to more people. It's be awesome for a higher end $200 APU that was based off of an R9 260X and an FX 8320.

EverydayGuy1272d ago

Their problems would be fitting all that on the cpu while maintaining acceptable tdp and die shrink.

But if they are not targeting enthusiasts, I hope they allow crossfire configuration with their higher end graphics cards.

ABizzel11272d ago

The CPUs aren't really the problem, it's getting the GPU on board.

The FX 4350 / FX 6350 / and FX 8320 are all pretty much the same CPUs, just 4 core, 6 core, and 8 core versions all with near identical power draws.

With a smaller as the die size of the CPU decrease, the more GPU cores they can add. Currently the A10's are 28nm, so with more advances and smaller die size the better the graphics will improve.

ChrisW1272d ago

"R9 295 = 11.5 TFLOPS = $1,500 "

AMD to release such an expensive card?!?

I'll believe it when I see it!

ABizzel11272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

We'll see it in 2020 :D

That or the PS5 / XB? will drop the APU design and go with side by side dies for their future consoles.

The R9 295 is $1,500 simply because there's nothing really to compete with it besides the ridiculously overpriced Titan Z ($3000). 2 R9 290x w. Tri fan cooling are $1,200.

Maxwell V1 will be here this holiday and is expected to offer a 30% boost (5,200 GFLOPS) over the current 780 which should make it a bit better than the 780 Ti, but with reduced power consumption.

Maxwell V2 (holiday 2015) is said to double the performance of Kepler (6,100 GFLOP).

Pascal (holiday 2016)

Vedka (holiday 2017) is the real deal and suppose to double the performance of Maxwell. Even going by the weakest GPU that means single GPU cards should be around 10 TFLOPs by then.

All these cards are based on NVIDIAs release schedule, but AMD won't simply sit by ideal and not release their own cards. As for the PS5 / XB? I personally don't expect them until 2020, so by then (3 years later) it should be very much possible to get that level of performance into a console.

BTW I wasn't the one to disagree with you.

ATi_Elite1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

1. Guru3D is a trusted source and way more knowledgeable and in the know than whatever penny website i just read this story on

2. Good to see an AMD Elite product

3. This apu with 768 gpu cores and paired with a decent off board 8000 gpu or R7 gpu in sli will make for a powerful yet affordable notebook.

768 gpu cores would be nice but i expect 512 as the standard price conservative approach.

AMD does have a great price to performance ratio over Intel with heir Apu + off board gpu combo but AMD just doesnt push this as much as they should.

Intel Nvidia gaming laptops are so expensive meanwhile AMD has a great solution but FAILS to push the issue.

ABizzel11272d ago

I truly don't understand that either. It makes absolutely no sense to me that the APUs aren't being pushed for laptops as hard as AMD is trying to push them for desktops.

With a laptop playing on lower settings isn't that much of a problem considering the screen size is generally 13" - 17" inches. Playing games in 720p isn't that much of a problem, and with these APUs you're getting a solid gaming experience on a laptop for about $500 - $600 (Trinity / Richmond / Kaveri).

It just seems like a missed opportunity, because that's an easy buy for someone looking for an entry level gaming laptop, at an entry level price, that happens to offer near mid-range performance.

win-win-win for AMD IMO.