The PS4 Destiny Diaries - Day Seven: One Last Beta Adventure on the Moon

Push Square: "What a wild ride the Destiny beta has been. For a long time, Bungie's latest was the 'next big thing' that we knew next to nothing about; a couple of E3 appearances, some concept art here and there, and a single slice of gameplay footage to gawk at – it was only these things that gave us the slightest hint of what the game actually was. In hindsight, June's alpha was a piece of marketing genius. It wouldn't have worked for the vast majority of games, but even in its supposedly early state, the sci-fi shooter proved to be polished, addictive, and had just about everyone gasping for more."

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Sevir1274d ago

Of course, it's easy to be cynical, and it'd be a massive shame if anyone was actually put off buying the game due to their experience with the beta, but mission structure is still something that's worth thinking about. In a release that sees you cover lengthy distances in order to get to your next objective, perhaps the real meat of the adventure lies in how you actually carve your own path to arrive at the task. (((((It's already been established that exploration and fighting alongside your friends is going to be the crux of Destiny for many)))), and it'll maybe be best to embrace that outlook, rather than sprinting off towards the next mission marker and completing everything within a few minutes.

(((((It's already been established that exploration and fighting alongside your friends is going to be the crux of Destiny for many)))) <--- THIS HERE IS THE WHAT IS BEING LOST ON THE NAYSAYERS BRAINS... Destiny isn't something that's built to be ONLY a competitive shooter, even though it has it. The Draw is how socially integrated the game is that you can be all by yourself going about your own adventure and in an instant be connected to players doing something else only for both of you to come together and take on the world in its grand scale. There really hasn't been a game that does this kind of thing on consoles THIS WELL.

And personally I agree 100% with this article... the Story Missions follow a predictable progression but if you're exploring the game the way yours suppose to then then arrive to the end of the story in different ways forming your own path will be what makes the missions awesome. because Lets be honest, The mission structure for the story missions aren't ground breaking and it certainly isn't revolutionary but being engaged in it was bolster by the fact that we can veer off and explore and find hidden loot and grind and level up against powerful enemies. the Moon was a perfect example of that freedom. :) Cant wait for 9/9/14

This is gonna be epic in way I cant wait. I have this void now that the Beta is Gone.