Should Hyrule Warriors Have More Original Protagonists?

ZI writes: There's been a lot of news for Hyrule Warriors this week, especially with the reveal of three new playable characters. Along with the news of Sheik, Darunia, and Ruto's representing Ocarina of Time, we've gotten plenty of new details on some of the old characters too, be that from screenshots, videos, and streams. With all this discussion of characters, one topic has popped into my head lately: thus far, we have ten playable characters revealed...of whom, only Lana is original.

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Spooney3231330d ago

They don't need a new protagonist they need to get this game in my hands already !!!!!!!

lilbroRx1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Isn't the entire point of making a Musou game(a series that has nothing to with Zelda) that is about Zelda to use Zelda characters in the game.

It would defeat the entire purpose of this games existence. It wouludn't be Zelda Musou a.k.a Hyrule Warriors. It would just be another random game in the series with some Zelda character sprinkled on it.

What Zelda is has started to become lost modern gamers it seems.

BattleN1330d ago

Cool new characters that interact with the Zelda ones could make it better. I hope there are more original ones in the game as long as they fit in the story and style.

I say 50 to 100 characters in the game, or so I wish!

Theyellowflash301330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Slow week this week on Zelda Informer huh?

Should Hyrule Warriors, a game based on the 20+ year history of a legendary franchise use up character slost on characters that have never appeared in a Zelda game?


randomass1711330d ago

They have lots of fan favorites it looks like. I wouldn't mind a balance of favorite and original characters. Lana is really cute and maybe a few more original character can help tie the story together.

Theyellowflash301330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

You don't need original characters to help tie the story in together.

What happens if they don't include certain characters people want like.....Skull Kid? Then people will complain.

The story already has original characters. Lana, Cia, Volga,

There is not need to waste more character slots on original characters when there are more characters they can use from Zelda's history.

And not like it matters. The game is complete, Zelda Informer should have wrote this article back in December or January

LaserEyeKitty1330d ago

Considering that the series has dozens to pool from, no. There are still more existing characters I want to see - Nabooru, for example.