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Can Advanced Warfare 'Save' Call of Duty?

Outside Xbox: After what could reasonably be described as a lukewarm reception to Call of Duty: Ghosts from fans, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hands the reins to Sledgehammer Games. That studio contributed to Modern Warfare 3, but Advanced Warfare will be the first game helmed by the studio. But can the game (with the help of Kevin Spacey's face) save the Call of Duty series? Does it need saving at all? We discuss that. (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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GW212  +   302d ago
I didn't know it needed saving. I'm not a huge fan of it but it continues to sell extremely well.
UnceasingElias  +   302d ago
It's not about the sales. Call of Duty has dropped in fun factor because the lack of innovation. Advanced Warefare looks different with the exo skeleton and such but I'm not sure if that is enough. I think we need to wait until they show us the multiplayer. The multiplayer is what cod is known for after all.
randomass171  +   302d ago
I completely agree with you. I haven't bought a CoD game since Modern Warfare 2 and I've only been renting them since then but their sales numbers keep going up. Even with dwindling quality and a lot of internet scorn it remains a big contender in software sales so I question whether we should say it needs saving.
GW212  +   302d ago
I agree with you on the fun factor part. That's why I said I wasn't a fan.

Unfortunately, however, it very much is about sales. As long as it keeps selling, it will continue to be produced and the innovation you are looking for will not be there because "if it ain't broke, why fix it?"
DeadRabbits  +   302d ago
The gaming community needs saving from the COD. There must be some end in sight to the annual regurgitation of this crud!
randomass171  +   302d ago
Does Call of Duty even need saving? It's one of the top selling franchises in the world.
fatneal  +   302d ago
im no fan of CoD but this article is the same as the type articles people write about nintendo so i want to voice my opinion

CoD still sells millions...that franchise is nowhere near dead...i hate how these wannabe journalist write stuff like this because a small portion of the fans think a franchise has grown stale...if the topic was purely innovation fine but to say it needs saving is a reach dhalsim couldnt fathom
cyclindk  +   302d ago
Not to disagree with you entirely, but it is a well-known fact, or rather, widely observed phenomenon, that the "masses" aren't the defining examples of those with the best taste or sense for quality. They are often driven by what is socially popular, et cetera.

That, i believe, as well as "ease of use" is CoD's reason for success.

NOW, the first modern warefare, cod 4, was excellent on all counts. Visuals, gameplay, multiplayer, even the story and single player. Modwar 2 was pretty good too. But no one can deny that the games have been locked into a very stagnant formula for a long time now.

So that "small portion" you speak of, aren't simply haters, they are caring critics of a franchise they would LOVE to see rejuvinated! I include myself in this group.
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fatneal  +   302d ago
actually i agree with everything you said because i was making the same point. the masses dont seem to have a sense of taste or quality thats why i brought up nintendo in conjunction with this article. what i think you are confusing from what i said is that i dont like articles like this that claim something is dead when its clearly not. there are a dozens of shooters and im not a big fan of the genre so to me they are all pretty much the same with exceptions like dishonored or bioshock 3...ive played every CoD game except ghost but they all seem the same to me but thats not exactly a bad thing...the formula might have grown stale but it still works and the game still outsells everything except maybe gta...thats very much alive to me
cyclindk  +   302d ago
Ah , i didnt read the article anyway :)
venom06  +   302d ago
it not a small number... its a HUGE number that think its stale and dull, its just that its fanboy sites like IGN to hype it to hell and back and make people think "OMG I HAVE TO GET THE NEXT CoD!" only to bitch and complain about it 3 months later..
iceman06  +   302d ago
Even though there is a HUGE number of people that think it's dull, there are many more that can't resist the lure of it every year. It's somewhat of an aspect of our culture at this point. People buy it because other people buy it. You hear a LOT of "my friends play it, so I do too" around the game. Yes, they pretty much complain and complain. Yet...they still play for hours and hours.
I can't really explain it...as I have stopped playing the game after MW2. But, this is the phenomenon known as CoD. It doesn't really need saving. But, it could use a bit of re-invigorating to bring the core gamers that left back to the franchise. Then again...it still sells a ton without us! LOL
OH_u_DEAD  +   302d ago
since when did call of duty need saving?
paddy95  +   302d ago
Day 1. The only cod I have really enjoyed is black ops 2, however the new mechanics and updated graphics look great.
cyclindk  +   302d ago
Wouldn't hurt to change up the formula, well maybe sales because you never know about that when you change things.

But make an open world type CoD. Or semi at least. Bring some Medal of Honor Airborne elements into it. Maybe actually bring some MULTIPLAYER elements into the single player that you can use dynamically, drones, heli support and all that other "streak" stuff. Weapon customization in-game like original Crysis and i think to a lesser extent the Crysis sequels. Some additional destructibility to a degree would be nice.

There are lots of things to try, will they ever? Doubtful...
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gamerfan0909  +   302d ago
COD will do a billion dollars is sales this year and next year we'll get the same article.
DVAcme  +   302d ago
I think they need to scale back to releasing the series, say, once every two years, and have more varied and innovative gameplay and story in subsequent iterations. I still think the first Modern Warfare is the definitive modern multiplayer FPS, the problem is that the series hasn't really moved beyond that.
SG1_dapunisherX  +   302d ago
if the mutiplayer is great, the fanboy will scream like a female pornstar
Summons75  +   302d ago
Nope, started in a good direction then took twelve steps back when they changed nothing in the gameplay...
hkgamer  +   302d ago
cod needs saving?

ghosts sold around 20+ on 4 platforms excluding digital sales and pc.

black ops 2 did around 26 on ps3,360,pc,wiiu ecxluding digital.

think moden warfare 3 did around 28m on 360 and ps3.

i know 20 is low for cod standards. but the new generations launch has hurt game sales that year.

even gtav would have sold a lot more if new consoles didnt get released.

cod sales should go back up again this time round.
iSuperSaiyanGod  +   302d ago
It's doesn't need saving . It will sell no matter what . But our generation does , we're we sit online bitching about a game . Buy it or don't . Million of people still love it
DoggyBiscuit  +   301d ago
COD doesn't need saving It need better maps online

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