Batman Arkham and The Yearly Franchise Model

Nearly a full five years ago, the world was introduced to Batman: Arkham Asylum, the titular hero’s return to fame in video games. It was heralded by many critics at the time as the greatest super hero game ever made, which to be honest, isn’t a magnificent feat considering the track record of most super hero games. Arkham Asylum garnered a metacritic rating of 91/100 and has sold roughly 4 million units as of today. For Rocksteady Studios, a developer whose only previous game included Urban Chaos: Riot Suspense in 2006, it was a massive success and their first true foray into video game stardom.

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funkybudda1394d ago

Too bad they choose to be more greedy and started to ignore fixing bugs and focus on DLC on their games:

I am not spending a penny on their future games.

Fringe_Agent131394d ago

For me, I'm only buying an Arkham game if Rocksteady makes it. Since Arkham Knight is the last one from them, Arkham Knight will be my last one too.