Haze receives 68/100 from The Gamers Temple

Jason Nimer reports:

''If you follow the gaming industry at all, there is no doubt that you've already heard about Haze. The PS3 exclusive first person shooter was supposed to be the game that would unseat Halo and pound the final nails into the Xbox 360's coffin (or, incidentally, the 360's "coffin;" the box Microsoft sends out to consumers when the system falls victim to the dreaded Red Rings of Death). Well, now that Haze is out, it has been getting terrible reviews, it isn't the Halo-killer people thought it would be and it has been drawing comparisons to the last flopped PS3 exclusive and the worst game of 2007, Lair. So, is Haze getting a bad rap? Or is it really as bad as the reviews are saying? The truth lies somewhere in the middle; the game has its lumps and it is not, by any means, the best FPS ever as it was promised to be, but it does have its high points and can be a lot of fun. I don't want to toot my own horn here, but this will, without a doubt, be the fairest, most even-handed, uncorrupted by fanboy nonsense and/or company loyalty review for Haze that you will find anywhere. So… beep, beep.''

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JamesL0073787d ago

Its sad after all the hype and delays and it disappointed so many, its a rental game at best.

ascendantofrain3787d ago

I rented this game from Gamefly and I couldn't even play more than an hour of it it was so terrible.

I was extremely excited for it too but it failed in so many departments.

Terrible voice acting, horrible graphics/glitches, bad animation, etc etc. The list goes on.

They should've just done with the no load screens, added a bigger install, and freshened up the graphics and tightened up the controls.

poopsack3787d ago

amazing that fits my description of gta4.