Disappointing video games: The Last Story

1001-up writes: "Have you ever spent months waiting for a game, to finally get your hands on it and realise that it just wasn’t worth it? Or was there ever a title you played that was so buggy, with a story so awful and gameplay so bad that it has been one of the worst you’ve played? This is exactly what we’ll be talking about in our new series: disappointing video games. First up is Kevin who has selected a title for the Wii."

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kalkano1400d ago

"I actually had to think of just one game to talk about for this, as there are a few I’d gladly rant about (Dragon Age 2, Alpha Protocol, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – among others)."

Wow. Really? You're going to talk about Skyrim in a series about DISAPPOINTING games? Can't take this seriously.

I also thought The Last Story was very good. My only complaint is the frame-rate drops during a lot of battles.