New Screenshots Show The Amazingly Detailed Beauty Of Skyrim's Environments

DSOGaming writes: "Contrary to our previous galleries, this time we'll be focusing on Skyrim's environments and show how beautiful they look once you mod the game. Modders have even introduced glorious raindrops, as well as new textures and Parallax Occlussion Mapping."

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Dynasty20211428d ago

What's it called again?

Unchar...Uncharded? Unch...something.

DLConspiracy1428d ago

ENB has some of the most stunning additions to mods. I need to get this one working.

Magicite1428d ago

Simply unbelieveable, I really doubt next Elder Scrolls game will look this good (by default).

Bigpappy1428d ago

Amazing! Wish my skyrim looked like that.

Paprika1428d ago

Wow, I doubt the next TES game will release looking that good!