10 Genuine WTF Moments in Video Games

WC writes: "There are certain moments we encounter in video games that illicit a very emotional reaction from us, and it tends to be those hot button moments that boast the best staying power and which tend to stick with us forever. Maybe one day you’ll be telling your grandchildren about that time you were playing that game and a moment side-swiped you unexpectedly and pulled an audible WTF through your lips."

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Godmars2901272d ago

Apparently you can't ban the site, and no matter how many times I've complained about the one page per subject crap they pull for extra hits, likewise nothing happens.

WeAreLegion1271d ago

I've been trying for awhile, too.

Desolate_Hybrid1271d ago

So would this qualify as a "Lame" post to be reported then? Genuine question.

TheSaint1271d ago

Beware, another stupid 10 pages to click through article.

thisismyaccount1271d ago

For those at work :

10. The Samus Reveal – Metroid
9. Your First Fatality In Mortal Kombat
8. Eternal Darkness Breaking The Fourth Wall
7. Your Encounter With Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2
6. Shadow Of The Colossus Twist Ending
5. Lollipop Chainsaw’s Perverted Achievement
4. Blowing Up Megaton
3. The Princess In Another Castle
2. Psycho Mantis Battle
1. Call Of Duty 4 Nuke

Dannycr1271d ago

Call Of Duty nuke number 1? Seriously?

Boody-Bandit1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )


"I swear I did it by mistake!"

Hey Juliet if you don't want guys looking at your goodies than wear a skirt that covers your panties. Otherwise perverts like me are going to look all day long. I don't go to the beach for the sun and the sand and girls don't wear thongs or tiny bikinis because they want you to notice how pretty their eyes are. Just saying.

Kemo_Spear1272d ago

One of my fave WTF moments was the Ending to Resistance 2.
I just could not believe they did what they did.

ScottyHoss1272d ago

What happens?! I loved that game, but my dog destroyed the disc and I never got to finish it D:

ctorretta1272d ago

A side character executes you in the very final scene as you lose control to the virus. It was crazy (and that is why you play a different character in the third game -- you play the guy who executed the main character).

user56695101272d ago

yep that was a mind f#ck. i was like nooooooooo

Tedakin1271d ago

When the hero suddenly got magical scream powers? Same thing happened in Condemned 2. FAIL.

donwel1271d ago

I LOVED the first Condemned, probably the best horror game of last gen. I read about games before I buy them though and after reading how batshit insane they went with Condemned 2 I never ended up playing it.

Darth Gamer1272d ago

Good list compared to others I have read. Hate having to click 10 pages though.

ab5olut10n1272d ago

That's EVERY whatculture article

SilentNegotiator1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

wow, whatcrap.

Neixus1272d ago

That click-bait picture though

thehobbyist1272d ago

Doesn't have Senator Armstrong. Lots of WTF moments with that guy.

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