Zelda U New Villain Translation Proved Wrong?

Rev-Level uncovered a section in the Official Nintendo Japanese site that appeared to tease a "New enemy" for Zelda U. They asked for anyone with Japanese language insight to give them a more detailed rendition of the Japanese text. Someone has kindly stepped forward

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wls1012909d ago

biggest game of 2015 for me

BattleN909d ago

I find Skyrim is massive but boring. In my opinion Zelda U will be the funner experience of the two..

Summons75909d ago

Why are you comparing Skyrim and Zelda? They aren't even remotely close to the same game.

randomass171909d ago

Plus Zelda U isn't even close to release. Shouldn't we make judgments like that after it comes out?

gravelchalice909d ago

I'd have to assume the Skyrim comparison is being made because of the open world approach they'll be making with this Zelda. Like you say, it may be premature to compare the two now. However, I don't think it's too early to say this is going to be high on lots of people's highest anticipated games. I am so excited about the potential this game has!

Sly-Lupin908d ago

@Summons: a lot of people got really confused back in 2011, though, and thought they were the same/similar due to "Skyrim" being a similar word to "skyward."

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Dunban67909d ago

Wouldn't t it be possible for a journalist to contact Nintendo to get the official translation?

I assume Nintendo s PR dept would handle something like that ( but not being a games journalist) I don t know

Sly-Lupin908d ago

Fun fact: most game journalists aren't journalists, and those that are frequently aren't called journalists at all.

Dunban67907d ago

Well I have noticed that - it is rare that Individual sites and "writers" confirm information independently

This site IMO has higher quality content than most of these sites and I am glad they rectified thier mistake and learned from it - but most of these sites are questionable at best