PS4's API Is A Huge Evolution, Sony Learned From The Nightmares of Porting To The PS3 - Dev

Sony's PlayStation 3 was a tough nut to crack. Early on during its life cycle, several developers faced issues developing games on it as the architecture was wildly different than what was found in gaming PCs or even the Xbox 360 back then.

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Cindy-rella1368d ago

i would love it if sony ported puppeteer to the ps4

XtraTrstrL1368d ago

Ehh, you could prolly make a cool version of that game in LBP3.

sonypsnow1368d ago

"PS3 was a nightmare" says Skara’s Commercial Director, Cesar Ortega.

MegaRay1368d ago

No, we need puppeteer 2 where he lose an arm instead of head. Think of the possibilities.

KwietStorm1368d ago

Another port? Another one?

MysticStrummer1368d ago

Yes another game that no one is forcing you to buy, so relax.


D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Calm down.

cfc781368d ago

Sony have gone with power and an easy to develop for set up this time round which is sure to see them stay top spot throughout this gen so well done to SONY for learning from their mistakes and once again producing yet another awesome games console.

TheWow1368d ago

I'd like to see a source from the people saying CELL is more powerful than what's offered with the Jaguar platform. It's extremely hard to believe, and something I'd outright laugh at normally, but since so many people seem to believe it I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

cfc781368d ago

An improved Cell probably would of been more powerful but then X86 is easy'er to develop for so Sony went with X86 which will max out sooner,maybe Sony doesn't have plans for this gen to be as long as last gen who knows but if the devs are happy with it then hopefully the games will show that.

JsonHenry1368d ago

Ditching the lame CELL in favor for x86 was the smartest move they've made in years. The second smartest was adding a decent amount of RAM.

Magicite1368d ago

but then again cell was actually more powerful than current cpu.

MasterCornholio1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

But then again the PS4 plays multiplats better than the PS3.

What was your point?

Even if what you say is true the PS4 is still a lot more powerful than the PS3 and the games show it.

JsonHenry1368d ago

No, it isn't more powerful and you show your vast ignorance of the tech side of the gaming world by saying something so idiotic. But then again you have 1 bubble so it must be a common theme with you.

yewles11368d ago

Actually it is more powerful in some ways, but the 2005 varient obviously isn't as up to date in tech procedures as more modern CPU's like Jaguar by a large margin, thus giving the two Jaguars some out-the-door advantages just like all modern CPU's.

THC CELL1368d ago

Can't wait to see Games next year ohhh baby

Destrania1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Stoked for what's already been revealed to be coming to PS4 this year and the next, and am also very excited for what hasn't been announced yet. It's going to be another great generation as long as people shut-up about 30fps vs. 60fps and resolution and other crap like that. Let developers do their job by creating their dreams and visions, and simply enjoy what they supply for our entertainment. Sony provided the hardware in spades for devs, and I'm already impressed by what devs have been able to do with it, so I know we're in for some real treats.

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The story is too old to be commented.