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Adam Cook: "It’s a bit of a shame Nintendo didn’t see fit to mix Wii Sports and Resort together for this package, as some of the Resort activities are superior to the likes of Boxing and Tennis. Furthermore, the smart gamer would do well to buy the sports they are interested in separately, as the digital downloadable version of Wii Sports Club lets you do just that.

But this is still a game that revels in a party environment. Alone, there’s little to keep you coming back for too long, but after a few drinks, or with the family, Wii Sports continues to provide a good time. But please wear the straps when swinging the Wiimote; trust me, I’ve seen the damage first-hand."

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DC7771456d ago

Yeah it's a bit disappointing. Not much content in any of the sports tbh. I guess it's ok to screw around with at a family party or something.