Druckmann - Uncharted 4 info coming soon, "Gonna be really awesome"

GC - "Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann has revealed at the Last of Us movie panel that we’ll get to see something related to Uncharted 4 pretty soon."

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XiSasukeUchiha1450d ago

We all ready know that for sure Drunkmann!

1450d ago
starchild1450d ago

Yeah, the game will be awesome, no doubt. I just want to see a little gameplay. I can't wait.

medman1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

You sir (or madame), are a real beauty. Drunkmann!!! I've seen many of your comments, this one of the few that made me chuckle.

Smurf11450d ago

Hope they show a meaty gameplay video.

ABizzel11450d ago

I doubt it unfortunately (although I want it so bad). More than likely it'll be a quick trailer, or something like what we saw at E3, but with context.

They don't usually show full gameplay segment until E3 the year of launch, so unfortunately unless they break tradition then we're just getting some good in-engine footage.

Magicite1450d ago

show a gameplay video that looks as great as teaser they showed at E3 and internet will explode.

Destrania1450d ago

I would love another glimpse at GamesCom. I hope Sony shows a lot of great stuff.

chrissx1450d ago

Man, Uncharted 4. Legendary stuff

polow got sol1450d ago

If the last of us is anything to go buy with all of the nonsense stories and free blatant advertisement than when uncharted 4 starts releasing info I will officially be done with this site. If we get 10 stories per day regarding TLOU than imagine how much crap uc4 will bring. I use to have respect for this site but it's pretty much turned into a free ad site for sony and longer gaming news.

shivvy241450d ago

what i have found annoying here is that theres like alot of articles covering the same thing if its gonna get clicks, eg: tlou photo mode, we get like 20 articles on the same thing, same thing with the whole resolution comparison between xbox and ps

uth111450d ago

I thought this site would become a ghost town after TLOU releases and the newsfeed isn't full of TLOU stories. Lol. No, I guess it's on to UC4!

JP13691450d ago

Your post history shows what a desperately hypocritical argument this is. That it's written by someone that struggles with basic grammar and spelling is all the more telling.

Utalkin2me1450d ago

@polow got sol

Then maybe you need to click the Xbox1 tab at the top and just stay there.

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The story is too old to be commented.