Madden Monday: Virtual Training Center

This week's Madden Monday details the first new feature you'll notice when you take Madden '09 out of its wrapping and stick it in your console: The Virtual Training Center, and its initial test of your Madden skills. The goal of the test is heuristically define your skill level in the game in each of four different situations, which then translates into a "My Skill Level" that's usable in the game to go alongside the standard Rookie, Pro, All-Pro, and All-Madden levels.

The Virtual Training Center also represents one of the ways in which Madden is attempting to transcend the traditional, real-life football experience that the series has built its brand upon emulating. Alongside features like Backtrack, the Virtual Training Center is something you'll never see in real football, but instead a hyperactive mix of holograms and light on a black field. It doesn't employ real players or even real people, but instead, bursts of light shaped like people in football uniforms.

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