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Say Goodbye to Destiny’s Beta With These Enormous Panoramic Screenshots of the Moon Level on PS4

Destiny’s beta was supposed to end a few hours ago, yet the servers are still up at the moment of this writing. Bungie isn’t exactly known for dropping the axe on the cabling as soon as the clock’s arm reaches the twelve. Yet, it's soon going to end, and to help saying goodbye, here are some enormous and rather spectacular panoramic screenshots. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Am-No-Hero  +   154d ago
Let it go my son :(
Abriael  +   154d ago
It's hard, dad :(
Am-No-Hero  +   154d ago
Try this my son


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bunt-custardly  +   154d ago
In a way, I'm glad I missed the Moon. I was getting too far into the game and can look forward to it when the full game releases.
VealParmHero  +   153d ago
damn,I missed the moon too. I didn't know it was ending. Figured at the least monday. Got stuck working all weekend. I can say this, the beta deff sold me on this game. I can't wait
Iamnemesis4880  +   153d ago
I hit the moon myself you missed something great it was awesome. Finished the mission then played again just to blow the mission off and look around what budgie put into the game is incredible for a beta cant wait for the full release.
Drithe  +   153d ago
NOOOOO! WTF am I supposed to play now for 2 whole months knowing this masterpiece is coming! Mommy!!!
MrGutts  +   153d ago
/Bonk it's only 42 days, not 2 months.

Mr-Dude  +   154d ago
It will be a long wait till september...

But wednesday will make things a but better ofcourse (TLOU)
Crazyglues  +   154d ago
Uh Last of Us comes out Tuesday the 29th..

||.........___||............ ||
SniperControl  +   154d ago
UK is friday the 1st.
Mr-Dude  +   153d ago
In EU not... Here it's 30th
Crazyglues  +   153d ago
@ Mr-Dude

Oh Ok, yeah wasn't even thinking about EU, My bad..

||.........___||............ ||
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ITPython  +   153d ago
Dang, I didn't realize the moon was playable yesterday during the event. Although I really didn't have time to play through another SP level, but I did manage to get in one match on the different MP level though (Iron banner event?), and I liked it. The level size is just right, it isn't too open or big and has no vehicles/turrets (like the moon map, which I absolutely HATE) or too confined like the other MP map (great for Titans only).

It seems to me the maps really cater to the different classes. For the small tight confined map, it is prefect for Titans. The moon map was perfect for hunters and their annoying OHK sniper rifles. And the Iron banner map was perfect for Warlocks and AR's.
Lord_Sloth  +   153d ago
TLOU and Diablo 3 for me. XXXD
Dynasty2021  +   154d ago
They've said the beta will end when they say it ends, and the 27th was just a target, not set in stone.

Unfortunately, I think most of us will walk away with a sour taste now, what with the recent "one zone per map" news.

Lots of debating and trolling and flaming to come before September.

If Activision has any sense, they'll be putting Bungie on the defence and damage control first thing Monday morning, clarifying the worries we have.
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mezati99  +   154d ago
the beta was simply amazing. i can't wait for the final product, TLOU will keep me busy until september
MrWonderful  +   154d ago
I just logged in. Gotta get my fix before its gone lol
r21  +   154d ago
I enjoyed my time with the beta. I'll enjoy my future time with the full game :D
CRASHBASHUK  +   154d ago
what time does it finish today? or has it finished?
to keep me busy till 9/9 rayman legends online challengs to get the plat ps3&4, gamescom, some ps3 games and maybe some online hacking with watch_dogs ps4
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Muzikguy  +   154d ago
I thought this beta was great! I can't wait for the full game to come out. September will get here soon enough though I'm not rushing it. Hopefully I can play some more of the game today..... Better just login right now :)
Tru_Blu  +   154d ago
I'll miss it. Brokenfield 4 will have to hold me over again till it drops.
LAWSON72  +   154d ago
I was not super hyped for Destiny and man am I glad I wasnt. What a let down... The people behind the great Halo made one of the most unbalanced competitive shooters I have ever played and the MMORPG elements seem rather lackluster. I primarily want to buy it and see if the full game has anything to wow me because right now I doubt it. Sadly all my friends will still get it so unless I want to be left out of all the supposed fun to be had I have to get it. I know this much I am not getting the limited edition like I planned to. After the beta I don't even really want to spend $60

It seems like it wants to be all these games ME, Halo, CoD, Borderlands, and an MMO yet I would just rather play each of these games more than Destiny.
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ArronC07  +   153d ago
You're dead inside.
SilentNegotiator  +   153d ago
Translation: "It isn't Halo and I wanted Bungie to just make another Halo (There aren't nearly enough Halos)."

Do tell how this game tried to be like COD and ME. Keep in mind when explaining yourself that ME didn't invent scifi or RPG elements and the fact that anyone can clearly tell that it's nothing like COD.
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Tony-Red-Grave  +   153d ago
I would say it's more like borderlands with a little DCUO. Very fluid and responsive like FPSs, CoD/BF, but it looks like borderlands since they have similar gameplay art styles. Destiny lookd better to me though.
Slick81  +   153d ago
Translation it's his opinion and get didn't like it.so shut up Frasier cranes bitch
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Tedakin  +   153d ago
It's totally Halo with leveling. I hope someone makes a comparison video showing just how Halo it is.
SilentNegotiator  +   153d ago
"It's totally Halo with leveling"

And a currency system. And a completely different mission structure. And classes. And a completely different multiplayer system. And RPG elements. And...

Yeah, no, you're completely off.
TM333  +   153d ago
It's OK bro. You don't HAVE to play this game. Plenty of other people will gladly play it for you:)
mediate-this  +   153d ago
Sounds like you're secret loving the game inside, but hating it outside.
Sevir  +   153d ago
Call of Duty? Lol ok... I can't, I just can't...

This game has far more exploration than Mass Effect. Anyone with sense can see that, this games closest legitimate comparison is BORDERLANDS, and even that is a stretch because the cornerstone and core pillars of Destiny are more socially engaging than Borderlands.

I honestly can't fathom how people can play 10% of the game under controlled instances with low level caps, limited weapon customers.ization and a hand full of missions and one strike and say this is all the game has. The MMO portion of the game is deep in and of itself already, and we don't even know what the end game content is.

And seriously Bungie has been preaching since day one that this game isn't JUST about blasting your friends in the face in PVP, but that the greater goal is the exploration, the looting, the grinding and leveling of your class and gear, and becoming the envy when you find rare legendary gear, weapons and armour. It's not even so much about the story as it's lore is ok but uncovering the unknown.

We STILL haven't explored 100% of earth, 3 areas of earth are completely walled off all presenting higher levels of challenges, we STILL haven't experienced the second and planned 3rd Subclass that will be either added by DLC or discovered in the main story, which are once again locked out of a stress test beta designed to see if servers can handle a large amount of people. We barely got to see the Moon, we haven't even touched Venus, or Mars, and we haven't seen anything of the Rift. And people are complaining about Earth being too small. Lol. We played about 50% of Earth and by design that in its self is LARGE people are still finding places and discovering new areas of the huge map.

Can you naysayers just quit with the trolling, we understand you weren't blown away, that's fair, but the outlandish comparisons to other games which don't have even a fraction of the scope on offer here and are completely different experiences all together just makes your ranting seem deliberate and completely disingenuous. If you want a competitive shooter, you'll find it here, but Thats not the pillars of Destiny, if that's all you're looking for when the game is so much more than that, then you can go right back to the standard affairs, Halo, Killzone, Battlefield, Call of Duty, EVOLVE.

Quit judging it on incomplete, completely walled off and controlled variables. You played 1/10th the content... You've played far less with demos and multiplayer beta that do little in the way of representing the full game.

That's all I'm saying.
Specter229  +   153d ago
I disagree ... for the lols.
(^) (;,;) (^)
averagejoe26  +   153d ago
It's Halo mixed with Borderlands... With an added mmo element... Nothing about mass effect or call of duty in this game... Still trying to figure out if you're trolling or not.

If you don't like the game, that's fine. But your explanation is illogical and unsatisfactory.
P_Bomb  +   153d ago
The 3rd person hub is pure Mass Effect. Its the Citadel 1.5. Even the loading screens with the orbital jump ship are straight up winks to the Normandy loading screens from Mass Effect. I'm sure the planet/space exploring will remind me of ME as well when it opens up.
MonstaTruk  +   153d ago

All of that. Annnnnnnd...you're still buying it. Which voids all the negative perception to the game you might have, according to Activision/Bungie's wallets... :-/
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LAWSON72  +   152d ago
You see Xbone lacks MP games I can play with friends other than BF4 which can be a headache at times (TF is not very active amongst my friends and I dont play CoD). And the fact is the game will be just as successful without my purchase and at the end of the day I dont want to give up on Bungie that fast over just a underwhelming beta because I have been a Halo fan for a long time and I have soft spot for Bungie because no online game I have ever played was so alive and engaging as Halo 3. In a way I am buying it out of curiosity to see if Bungie still has any bit of the talent left or if they have became nothing more than a puppet of Activision. What I got from the Crucible in Destiny was a feeling of too much CoD and not enough arena style like Halo, IMO it just felt like that aspect of the game was Bungie tackling a CoD game. This judging from playing it for easily 30hrs on both PS3 and Xbone.

At the least I get a mediocre coop game which are still fun for at least one playthrough and I got to experience the most hyped game of the year to see if it was worth the big deal.
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MonstaTruk  +   152d ago

That post screams "I'm an indecisive WOMAN!"

Check. :-/
jontrueno  +   154d ago
Perhaps I am misunderstanding .. but isnt the beta going until 1159 pm midnight the 27th? isnt that tonight? Why would it be gone? Am I just a dumtard that cant figure out what they are talking about. I apologize in advance if thats the case.
Inception  +   154d ago
Still playing the MP with my lvl 8 Exo-Titan. The beta still have some flaw, but overall i really enjoy it.
jontrueno  +   154d ago
i mean 11:59 PDT the 27th according to bungie site.
jontrueno  +   154d ago
Perhaps I am misunderstanding .. but isnt the beta going until 1159 pm midnight the 27th? isnt that tonight? Why would it be gone? Am I just a dumtard that cant figure out what they are talking about. I apologize in advance if thats the case.
SolidGear3  +   154d ago
I don't want it to end. I was just about to do the moon mission :(
ArronC07  +   153d ago
The moon is off limits.
jontrueno  +   154d ago
yes i am a dumtard... at least for the double post.
Software_Lover  +   153d ago
Other than the fact that I need a new controller for my 360, I enjoyed the beta for the two days that I played it. I wasn't gonna download it on either console as I generally don't like to do betas but it was fun. It was a Halo RPG no matter what people say.

Having said all that, it reminded me so much of Global Agenda with planets.
Grave  +   153d ago
These look great on my triple monitor setup! Makes me want it on PC even more since I run at 5760 x 1080.
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Legend  +   153d ago
"The Destiny Beta will close at end of the day on July 27th PDT."

JohnWayne_  +   153d ago
Does anyone know if your character unlocks carry over to the full game?
Stapleface  +   153d ago
It's not likely that they will. This is the case with most betas. Sometimes you get something for being in the beta, but your progress almost never carries over to the full game.
Flames76  +   153d ago
The beta was awesome but i can wait til september 9.Hell im still playing ryse,forza 5,dead rising,pvz,battlefield 4,and titanfall.Need to finish those games before the new ones comes out.Diablo 3,destiny,forza horizon 2,sunset overdrive,evolve,and halo master chief.Damn great holiday for gaming and destiny is a great way to kick it off
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hairy  +   153d ago
gd it, just release it as is bungie, ...don't go beta,..i...loved you..
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   153d ago
I played the moon mission, it was pretty tough! not tough tough, but tough.
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Gemmol  +   153d ago
cudnt get into it like everyone on here, I guess everyone who post here like shooting games more than me

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