Say Goodbye to Destiny’s Beta With These Enormous Panoramic Screenshots of the Moon Level on PS4

Destiny’s beta was supposed to end a few hours ago, yet the servers are still up at the moment of this writing. Bungie isn’t exactly known for dropping the axe on the cabling as soon as the clock’s arm reaches the twelve. Yet, it's soon going to end, and to help saying goodbye, here are some enormous and rather spectacular panoramic screenshots.

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Am-No-Hero1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Try this my son


bunt-custardly1423d ago

In a way, I'm glad I missed the Moon. I was getting too far into the game and can look forward to it when the full game releases.

VealParmHero1423d ago

damn,I missed the moon too. I didn't know it was ending. Figured at the least monday. Got stuck working all weekend. I can say this, the beta deff sold me on this game. I can't wait

Iamnemesis48801423d ago

I hit the moon myself you missed something great it was awesome. Finished the mission then played again just to blow the mission off and look around what budgie put into the game is incredible for a beta cant wait for the full release.

Drithe1423d ago

NOOOOO! WTF am I supposed to play now for 2 whole months knowing this masterpiece is coming! Mommy!!!

Mr-Dude1423d ago

It will be a long wait till september...

But wednesday will make things a but better ofcourse (TLOU)

Crazyglues1423d ago

Uh Last of Us comes out Tuesday the 29th..

||.........___||............ ||

Mr-Dude1423d ago

In EU not... Here it's 30th

Crazyglues1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

@ Mr-Dude

Oh Ok, yeah wasn't even thinking about EU, My bad..

||.........___||............ ||

ITPython1423d ago

Dang, I didn't realize the moon was playable yesterday during the event. Although I really didn't have time to play through another SP level, but I did manage to get in one match on the different MP level though (Iron banner event?), and I liked it. The level size is just right, it isn't too open or big and has no vehicles/turrets (like the moon map, which I absolutely HATE) or too confined like the other MP map (great for Titans only).

It seems to me the maps really cater to the different classes. For the small tight confined map, it is prefect for Titans. The moon map was perfect for hunters and their annoying OHK sniper rifles. And the Iron banner map was perfect for Warlocks and AR's.

Lord_Sloth1423d ago

TLOU and Diablo 3 for me. XXXD

Dynasty20211423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

They've said the beta will end when they say it ends, and the 27th was just a target, not set in stone.

Unfortunately, I think most of us will walk away with a sour taste now, what with the recent "one zone per map" news.

Lots of debating and trolling and flaming to come before September.

If Activision has any sense, they'll be putting Bungie on the defence and damage control first thing Monday morning, clarifying the worries we have.

mezati991423d ago

the beta was simply amazing. i can't wait for the final product, TLOU will keep me busy until september

MrWonderful1423d ago

I just logged in. Gotta get my fix before its gone lol

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The story is too old to be commented.