Hawkman and Miss Martian - the latest reveals from LEGO Batman 3

James writes - "Even more of the playable characters from LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham have been revealed so let’s take a look."

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Paprika1429d ago

They need to make a Lego mmorpg! Full character creation, huge open world... cowboys vs Indians vs aliens factions!

DFogz1429d ago

One LEGO MMO at your request.
Doesn't have full character creation, but LEGO games have always been about their characters and how to use their unique abilities to your advantage(meaning you'll regularly be switching characters)

XiHinataHyuga1429d ago

I always have dreamed of a Lego MMO after playing LEGO Batman 2 and LEGO Marvel.

XiSasukeUchiha1429d ago


Off topic: Your dream? Lego MMO, I thought your dream was Lego Naruto!!

On Topic: Lego batman 3 is awesome, and yes Lego MMO sounds fun!

DFogz1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

edit: oops meant as a reply