Haley Joel Osment Confirmed To Voice Sora In Kingdom Hearts 3

Haley Joel Osment, the voice of actor for Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series has confirmed he will voice Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3. Speaking with entertainment website IGN at this years San Diego Comic-Con, he was asked if he had done any voice recording for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Osment had short but positive things to say.

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randomass1711270d ago

Awesome! It'd be weird to hear someone else in the role IMO. Now they just need to confirm Hayden Panettiere and David Gallagher if they haven't already.

dadz1270d ago

I thought Alyson Stoner is doing the voice for Kairi now

Mr Pumblechook1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

That's funny, only last night I was watching The Sixth Sense. Such a great kid actor in it and Spielberg's A.I. So it's a bit strange seeing him as an adult.

randomass1711270d ago

Not sure. They got Panettiere in the 3DS game, I think so they might get her for KHIII.

Nate-Dog1270d ago

Aw damn Hayden is hawt.

d_g1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

i wish it was chris tucker Just imagine.

im kidding

iamtehpwn1270d ago

Although he's been confirmed since the first KH3 trailer featuring his voice over. lol

BiggCMan1270d ago

I'm not a Kingdom Hearts guy, but I thought that dialogue was from one of the previous games?

r211270d ago

Wouldnt be Sora without old sees ghosts boy.

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The story is too old to be commented.