The Greatest Launch Title?

Zach Gibson makes a case for Super Mario 64 as the best launch title of all time.

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knifefight912d ago

Well that was a really short, vague, token look at the game. I'm kind of disappointed.

Starbucks_Fan912d ago

Perfect Dark Zero!!!!

lol kidding

Tresyn10911d ago

Agreed, the best Mario, this spawned everything we see now as far as Mario games.

nosferatuzodd911d ago

I agree with this I remember getting this game for n64 it was one of the best game if not the best game ever

Clown_Syndr0me911d ago

For me the best launch game was Resistance Fall of Man.
Not because it was an amazing game, but because it was the first online multiplayer shooter I had ever played - sort of.

Id touched on Battlefield 2 on the PC but only briefly, and Id had a go at a big lan match on UT2003 at school but aside from that Id only played single player and split screen. PS3 was the first console I ever had online and with it I had Resistance.

So to me, that game was revolutionary and will always be fondly remembered!

higgins78911d ago

"Not because it was an amazing game" can say that again. Super Mario World or Mario 64 were, easily, both depending on your age/interest at the time - predictable but correct. For me however the GameCube launched with the best choice of games if not a masterpiece.

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