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Submitted by gaffyh 560d ago | news

Major PS Plus Bug Encountered by User, Possible Workaround Found

PlayStation Plus has been around for quite some time now, and users who subscribed straight away and continued their subscription will now have around 3 years worth of content on their various devices. So it would be extremely worrying if one day you found out that you'd lost all access to all your previous PlayStation Plus content. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

frenchtoast  +   560d ago
Wow, what would you do if you didn't realize for a while?? I rarely play my plus games, so probably wouldn't notice for ages.
Mikey32230  +   560d ago
Sony has always had a very poor infrastructure when it comes to their Store and digital downloads. Whomever is incharge of managing/building that infrastructure has done an awful job.

Problems like this just shouldnt happen, Why do people still not have access to a sortable download list? Why are people who download a free PS Plus game locked out from actually purchasing that game in the future if they ever stop subscribing to PS Plus?

There is a lot of weird backwards problems that have been around for years and sony hasn't touched them.
MeteorPanda  +   560d ago
if you bought a game at a discount from ps plus, you can still play it. the only thing you get barred from is the free games. Also if you go on the website you can access all the downloads you've ever made and redownload them from pc to whatever console you have. l still have my dissidia skins on there after how many years.

log into their website and micro manage your account there.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   560d ago
Hey, my euro PNS Plus subscription ends tomorrow, so if I don't renew it instantly, I will face the same problem as you? (btw I only use web app to do all transactions). Please tell me what to do: renew it now before it ends or I can wait?
trenso1  +   560d ago
@meteorpanda he means if you get something for free and the aren't a plus member you can't purchase it all. It happened to me I did the freee trial for borderlands and after it was done and I wasn't a plus member I wasn't able to actually purchase the game
HugoDrax  +   560d ago
"Also if you go on the website you can access all the downloads you've ever made and redownload them from pc to whatever console you have."

True to an extent, explain to me why some of my PSONE purchases can't be transferred and played on my VITA? Those purchases are ( Capcom Puzzle League, Bloody Roar ) to name a few. So irritating that I can download and play those games on my PSP GO, but those specific titles can't be downloaded or played on my VITA. That's bullshots...
nunley33  +   559d ago
actually if you stop your plus renewal and don't have plus anymore then you can buy that game. But i don't know why someone would wanna go without it, unless you're scrooge Mcduck or a Home only user. @PLASTICA-MAN You can wait, I waited about 3 weeks through june till july 1st when the new update came. My plus ran out June 4th but i waited till the july 1st a few hrs b4 the store updated till i renewed. I got all of june and july's plus updates too so i esentially got over 3 weeks free plus lol. During that time i could've bought my plus games but it would be wasted money since i was renewing
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   560d ago
Hopefully they can fix this for the people who are suffering with it!
SnakeCQC  +   560d ago
why would anyone disagree with that?
manchesterman22  +   560d ago
idiots on this site disagree with anything
dboyman  +   560d ago
People who dislike XiSasukeUchiha I'm guessing. They don't read the post just "dislike" him...
Gardenia  +   560d ago
He almost always has the first comment and nothing he says is useful. After a while it is gets annoying for most viewers. That's why he has only 1 bubble out of over 5000 comments
SilentNegotiator  +   560d ago
Scroll down and take a look at some of the user names that always "just happen" to show up every time he posts.

People don't like spammers.
TruthInsider  +   560d ago
They are what is known in gaming circles as the common or garden variety deluded straw clutching Xdrone.
They disagree and - bubble any comment that is not pro Xbox or anything that doesn't fit Microsofts PR propaganda messaging.

They value a gamerscore over integrity and self respect and happily fund Microsofts next anti gamer practices to ruin things for you and I.

These type of creatures are the reason why companies can and will try to rip you off because the "no brains" will just sit back and take it whilst defending said company.

It's sort of like Stockholm Syndrome.
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we420  +   560d ago
People just like to dislike him, even if he does post a legitimate comment.
marioJP87  +   560d ago
There's a bunch of freaking kids and adolescent teenagers on this site.
gigoran  +   559d ago
MS fanboys at their finest. They search for anything about Sony and put their keyboard commando skills to work.
XiNarutoUzumaki   560d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
XiRockLee  +   560d ago
Maybe Shino can fix this .
Clown_Syndr0me  +   560d ago
I thought this happened to me. Turned out PS Plus titles don't work if your using a free PS Plus trial, which is dumb.
cee773  +   560d ago
Yes you can
Clown_Syndr0me  +   560d ago
Well I cant. Ran out of plus and used a 48 hour trial so I could play Battlefield 4 online, but all my PS Plus games were still locked.
Became unlocked the second I bought another month.
extermin8or  +   560d ago
This is utter BS I've gone months at a time in the past with a lapsed subscription because my ps3 was broken, I was away/had exams and unable to play etc and one occassion simply cba with the cost. Never last a thing all you have todo is on ps4 renew licenses and on ps3 redownload it, or go as if to redownload it from the store if it's not on your downloads list (which whenever you renenew your subscription all plus stuff moves up the list to that date) just go to the store find it and it has the "bought" icon next to it. Also going to "my services" on account management and finding the license there and clicking it can sometimes get stuff working again.
BBBQ_BYOBB  +   560d ago
I've let mine lapse in the past too, but they changed the policy recently and they're not clear about it in the fine print. It would be nice if they came out and said definitively that you will get your games back when you renew. It is a concern as I have a lot of games to lose.
MeteorPanda  +   560d ago
l recently had my ps plus account expire l renewed after 4 months when ps4 came out...had all my stuff there, it was fine. even redownloaded onto my vita
BBBQ_BYOBB  +   560d ago
That's good to hear, I'd hate to have $4000 worth of games wiped out.
nunley33  +   559d ago
I've let mine expire too in the past but no longer than a few weeks. during that time i could buy game i had received from plus but why bother if you're gonna renew that is. And when i went back to start up an expired game and it just checks my plus status b4 starting, it's never been a problem. I've had plus since a few months after it started.
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   560d ago
I have gone in and out of playstation plus membership, and have had no problem with my content across all platforms (ps3/ps4/vita)
Paprika  +   560d ago
I was without PlayStation+ for about 3 months, subbed again and all was fine. Is the error ps4 related? Ie if you sub on ps3 originally and then resub on ps4, it causes this?
PickAShoe  +   560d ago
He said is frequently re-subcrib causes this issue. He found a solution to fix it by extending his ps plus to get all his free ps plus games back.
BillmadeAGate  +   560d ago
It wouldn't be PlayStation if something doesn't crash ^_^
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poor_cus_of_games  +   560d ago
You. Under bridge. Now.
MRMagoo123  +   560d ago
yeh like the destiny beta that broke live on ps...... oh right that was xbox right.

Odd that after 10 hrs you still havent been bubbled down for trolling, I am guessing mods are on holiday.


Yeh you should have no problems renewing the games you have you just have to try to download them again and they renew. That seems to work with any game that doesnt auto renew when you resub.
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Rimeskeem  +   559d ago
So the playstation 2 was not a playstation according to your wise words
TheRandomOne  +   560d ago
The magic of a rental service
Fullmetalevolust  +   560d ago
never had any issues with it, I know full well where to get games I've "purchased" from the download list or purchase list in the store.
PSplus been a God send for my ps3 and Vita...remarkable service, still have a backlog of games bc of it.
rsnotz  +   559d ago
I agree bro. My ps+ expired in 2012 when I stopped gaming for a while due to work. I renewed it earlier this year and every game I ever got from Plus, free or otherwise was there. Every Singe Game.
bettergetdave  +   560d ago
You know what ticked me off was the uninformed supervisor that is saying stuff that he clearly has no clue about. How am I more educated about Sony products and services that a guy in their tech support / customer support division? And a supervisor at that!
lcslick  +   560d ago
This actually happened to me with sleeping dogs on my ps3. Its still downloaded on my ps3 and i am subbed to ps plus but when i try to access it, it says its expired. Went to the ps store and only had the option to buy it and then went to my download list but couldn't find it, however it was in my transaction history. Phoned customer service and they said that with some specific games if your account lapses then you can lose access to some very specific games and that their was nothing they could do. I have actually added 3 more months to my sub and that hasn't fixed it.
HugoDrax  +   560d ago
Damn man sorry to hear that, I know it sucks. Possibly have something to do with their licensing regarding the Sleeping Dogs game? Hopefully their is a fix for you eventually.
kantenkopf  +   560d ago
Thats how you make money fast, force users to extend their subscription even more to gain acces to content their already paid for.
turdburgler1080  +   560d ago
"including a supervisor who told that user that if the subscription lapsed for more than 24 hours he could lose content permanently"

Wow Sony way to try to screw over your customers.
ScottyHoss  +   560d ago
Try harder troll, I know there's no school to keep your little mind busy but get a hobby besides looking like a moron on the Internet.
Patrick_pk44  +   560d ago
About 20+ games on my PSVita don't work because it says my PS+ has expired. I have another 10-20+ that have about 340 days left and work. It seems like I have to re-download the games with the licenses that never renewed with my 1+ year subscription.
MRMagoo123  +   560d ago
I just re subbed after missing about a week and I had the same problem with a few games, all I had to do was try to download them again and it says in a notice that all you need to download is the renewed licence and it does that then you are fine again.
Orionsangel  +   560d ago
Give us all the games for free Sony. As a gift for being loyal subscribers.
Smokingunz  +   559d ago
And they said psn was better or as equivalent to xbox live! What a joke lol
e-p-ayeaH  +   559d ago
As long things get fixed that´s all that matters.
Flames76  +   559d ago
Its psn dont people know by now its not worth a damn?It was different when it was free but $50 a year on a network that is down once or twice a week no thanks.Thats the peoples fault you get what you pay for
#20 (Edited 559d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Slick81  +   559d ago
Lol psn wtf

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