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How Relevant Is Photo Mode In The Last Of Us Remastered?

Naughty Dog has announced photo mode a brand new addition coming to PS4's version of the worldwide successful game. The Last Of Us Remastered Photo mode will allow players to capture the gorgeous post apocalyptic in-game environments to share with friends, but is this feature really relevant? Or is Photo mode enough of an additional extra to sway you to buy TLOUR again on PlayStation 4 this July 29th? (PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

DanielGearSolid  +   341d ago
Over analyzing
EdnaJones97  +   341d ago
I disagree. I think Sony should start giving us new games! Its nearly a year since the PS4 launched and all we get is remastered this remastered that.

Sorry played the last of us before won't be buying this again unless its TLOU Part 2.
Majin-vegeta  +   341d ago
Lol Sony hasn't released any "Remastered games"until this week with TLOU.Next time do some research,
fonger08  +   341d ago
@majin-vegeta wait what? I literally holding in my hand God of War Collection "remastered in high definition."
All_Consoles  +   341d ago
@majin Vageta

Escape plan
Trine 2
Unfinished swan
The last of us
Beyond two souls
Are all remasters

And I'm sure we will see uncharted and gow collections too

It's completely fine that they are getting those games, I'm just pointing out that it's 100% fact that last of us is not the only remastered game unlike what majin Vageta says

@iceman everyone of the games I listed received a resolution or frame rate bump. Example: flower was 720p on ps3 and is 1080p on ps4
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XiNarutoUzumaki  +   341d ago
You hyperbolers are really annoying. This is the first Remastered game, and it hasn't come out yet. What are you talking about?

New games? The order, Bloodborne, Driveclub, and more unannounced Ips. The console doesn't even have a year released. Give it time you desperate gamer.


Most of those are Indies. It is not that bad... And what if we get Uncharted too? Xbox is getting Halo collection. Why can't We have one of the most successful games of Playstation too?

Edit: The fact that you added DC universe Online and more ports shows that you are just trying to make this worse. They aren't remasters. They are just ports.
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iceman06  +   341d ago
@All Consoles...you need to learn the difference between remaster and port.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   341d ago
@All consoles

I wondered how you didn't the difference between remastered and a port?
Prime157  +   341d ago
Guess what... this is a new console's "dead season." Meaning there are usually very few games released in it's first year... in fact, the ps4 released with the most playable games at launch (by a lot compared to previous generations) AND has kept up that trend.

Even with exclusives, but having a diverse portfolio is better in the first year.

You can argue what a port or remaster is to you, but it's still another PLAYABLE GAME on a GAMING CONSOLE. Especially compared to its immediate competition. In fact, 32, more games to choose from last time I checked... probably more now.

So yes, remasters/ports have been played, but many skipped them in the ps3 generation, so why not port those over for the new adaptors, sure as hell doesn't hurt.

Edit: and about the last of us... 200+ GOTY awards and only sold about 7million in it's first month on a console install base of ~80 million?

Yeah, warrants a remaster the next year for the many millions who missed out...
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styferion  +   341d ago

there's a difference between remastered and port you know, besides most of those games don't belong to Sony therefore it's not Sony who "give us" those "remastered version" on next-gen.
onyoursistersback  +   341d ago

let me guess, but you praise the crap out of the new HALO for the XboxOne...game right????
charliewong980  +   341d ago
I would say no since PS4 does have screen share, but I was going to buy this game again anyway just to play it on PS4.
ape007  +   341d ago
photo mode should be implemented in every game imo
Frankskint  +   341d ago
But the PlayStation 4 already has image capture and share? I think this is just Naughty Dogs way of grabbing new fans to the last of us remastered game. I get bored of after playing games once so most likely will give this a miss, unless its on discount on PSN
ape007  +   341d ago
yep the share button is already great but with photo mode + share button, magic can happen, like infamous SS
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DoomeDx  +   341d ago
You do know that Photo mode allows you to move around the camera freely right?

I hate it when people say ''Whats the point? PS4 already has a Share Button''

Photo mode and Screenshots are a big difference.
Prime157  +   341d ago
If you want to compare Apple's to oranges like your comment suggests then Apples = taking screenshots in assassin's creed 4... and oranges= screenshots on infamous second son with photo mode.

If you've tried taking screenshots on both you will understand.
styferion  +   341d ago
nope, plain ol' screenshot is different from photo mode, where we can stop the game and move the camera freely to take screenshots from various angles.
LordMaim  +   341d ago
The Share button gives you the image that you see on screen.

Photo Mode stops the action, and gives you a camera that you can position in three dimensions, change orientation and angle, change focal length, add filters to give special effects, and zoom in on the smallest details or zoom out to capture the entire scene. Its quite a bit more robust than a simple screenshot.
ArronNelson  +   341d ago
I was going to say the same thing. I really liked the Photo mode in Infamous second son. My friends and I would share some pretty awesome images. Looking forward to this on TLOUR.
marioJP87  +   341d ago
I think this is a feature every game should have.
patelsanjeed  +   341d ago
If this was any other game I would say this was just a cheap gimmick, but it is Naughty Dogs after all, they are about to launch Uncharted and me and people I know have really been eagerly waiting to play games like TLOUR and GTAV on PS4.
BitbyDeath  +   341d ago
yep, every game needs this feature.
SG1_dapunisherX  +   341d ago
agree sweeter will be photo mode + share button like ape007 said
henrythomas284  +   341d ago
I think this feature is relevant, the images I have seen looks great and another way for gamers to share what we love with friends.
lisamorgan4  +   341d ago
I hope Sony also releases a PS4 Pinterest and Instagram app to make it easier for us to share our photo's on those networks too.
alvinmiller92  +   341d ago
Infamous Second Son photo mode was good, but not really a feature i used so much, so i would say its not very relevant and not enough to persuade me to buy this again as much as I did enjoy playing it. Looking forward to new Uncharted, so will save my hard earned money for that instead.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   341d ago
Wahhhh wahhh I'm gonna a cry over little stuff wahhhh.. Wahhhh one of the best games of all time is being remastered for ps4 as another game to play wahhhh.

Seriously give me a break kids whine and cry way too much... The consoles havent even been out a year like seriously be patient its not like its been years into the cycle of ps4 and all we have got is remasters.

Gamers now a days seriously wanted stuff handed to them and have no patience its ridiculous
CocoWolfie  +   341d ago
from what i heard with infamous, it was a huge hit, plus ps4share on twitter is pretty popular, so id say its relevant :p
Butters360  +   341d ago
Photo mode should be a standard in all games this generation. inFAMOUS: SS already proved the feature was a huge hit, hence came share factory. The Last of Us: Remastered is just going to take it to new levels and I can see at lest Sony implementing this into all their First Party Exclusives. Stop whining.
generic-user-name  +   341d ago
How 'relevant' is photo mode? What an idiotic question, how relevant is any feature in any game?


Will not take the bait.
DVAcme  +   340d ago
My opinion: EVERY game should have photo mode. inFamous SS showed that it adds a LOT of fun to the game, and a similar feature was selfies in GTA5, and gamers loved to do those.

If a feature adds something to a game without taking anything away, even if it's something as simple as facilitating screen caps, it should by all means be added to the overall package, especially when it's a feature that's so simple to implement yet so fun as photo mode.
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