If You Missed the Destiny Moon Event, Here’s Your Chance To See The New Mission

The Destiny Beta has been open for a while now, and gamers obviously want to play on every area that they can get their boots on. From the beginning, the intrigue surrounding the lone moon mission was getting tons of people excited for release, and when Bungie announced that the moon would be open to play on today during a special two hour event, the hype was unbearable.

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HystericalGamez1336d ago

Lol thanks, I got it by playing The Devil's Lair, it's really accurate and the damage is high.

Abriael1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Only noobs use the auto rifle, real pros use the scout :P

I kid, but I did find the scout rifle a lot more satisfying. Oneshotting smaller enemies and tearing large chunks off the bigger ones is delicious.

HystericalGamez1336d ago

@Abriael Lol I like the Scout too, but I tend to stick with Pulse (I mean cmon, they're DMR's) and Auto on missions.

In Crucible I do really well with the shotgun and w.e gun fits the map.

Snookies121336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

@Abriael - You kidding? My Auto Rifle is so OP, accurate as heck, strong, and max fire rate. Can't beat that, lol. I hope I find that same model again when the game releases... Had a blast playing Destiny and can't wait for it to come out.

Also, I got a blue level 10 shotgun... Was heartbroken to find the level cap was 8 and I couldn't use it haha.

n4rc1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Here's a noob question

When obtaining gear.. I'd assume you need to search around but are they only dropping from enemies or hidden on their own?

Seems those chests just give money..

kewlkat0071335d ago

Whats the name of that gun..I though I had picked it up. Mine is a little different.

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kewlkat0071336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

I got a lot of guns in the game but kept going to the Scout rifle...I had more control of my shots and Stun them enough they can't take aim, plus the impact make every shot count when you hit...

Trax Mallus III & Suros

Quickfire Shotgun

Rocket Launcher

This is for PvE


I got 90% of my guns from dropped items from enemies. Plenty was Engrams that had to be decrpyted, and special weapon gifts after select missions.

n4rc1336d ago

Cool thx. Kinda figured that based on my time with it but wasn't sure..

Some games like these have you searching every little nook and cranny for loot.. But I hadn't found a single thing besides from dead guys or gifts

Dlacy13g1336d ago

Sadly ...the moon event played like pretty much every mission. One of my main complaints at the moment is nothing feels all that different. Go here, kill all enemies activate ghost...endure waves of enemies, mission over.

akurtz1336d ago

I explored other areas and theres a large part where you go underground, it was exciting and fun.

Sevir1336d ago

That's just mission, structure, The fun really comes from doing this with an experience fireteam or close friends all communicating, and then Exploring for the rare gear and weapons. The mission structure is just like every other MMO or MMO shooter and yet they all thrive and are considered fun. the biggest draw from Destiny is this really tightknit network of players all doing similar things but all discovering something else, You're harping about the Mission, but the exploration and grinding is where the fun is. Did you find the 2 golden chest containing rare items on the Moon. did you uncover the 5 golden chest on Earth, did you win anything great and legendary after achieving rank 1 or 2 in crucible and Iron banner?

I'm just saying while the missions may not be revolutionary, asking more from a game who's core pillars are its exploration and community, far exceeds the standard MMO flair, all you gain doing missions benefit you on Multiplayer.


Yeah when on missions you tend to do stuff I don't understand how does this pencils work

madjedi1336d ago

Exactly what kind of missions are you expecting for a shooter/mmo, maybe you could add a racing element to some of the missions.

Nothing feels all that different, then play another genre because this strikes me as a very disingenuous complaint of still plays like a shooter.

Dlacy13g1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

I get that it's standard fare for a shooter. I just was a bit underwhelmed by the way everything seemed so formulaic. I still plan to buy just I am not "OMG GOTY" about the game.

Edit: nothing disingenuous about it just my opinion.

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GusBricker1336d ago

I did it twice, once on normal and once on level 9.

Level 9 was an absolutely bitch.

The moon kicked serious ass, tho!

HystericalGamez1336d ago

My first playthrough was on Level 9.

Even with high powered guns, it was pretty damn hard.

TRD4L1fe1336d ago

might need better weapons then. did it at lvl 9 my first play thru and it was a breeze, hell of a lot of fun tho. cannot wait for the full game

kneon1336d ago

I didn't think it was all that difficult, the early stages were easy. When you get to the big fight just use your grenades and keep your distance and it's no big deal. The big knights and wizard go down easy with a sniper rifle.

Hazmat131336d ago

i wanna keep using the first Russian gun you get i like that gun. haha

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