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New Mass Effect Potentially Set in Another Galaxy, Focused on Planet Exploration

It seems that there might be a large shift in what players may experience in the next Mass Effect game to be released. (BioWare, Mass Effect, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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XiMasterChief  +   183d ago
Why? I need my sheapardo.
mhunterjr  +   183d ago
Wait, in the mass effect lore, had any species left the Milky Way?
fanta_claus  +   182d ago
Maybe it takes place further into the future, where intergalactic travel is possible, and species from this galaxy start interacting with species from another (most likely the Andromeda).
jb1276  +   182d ago
Not sure about lore and other galaxies but if you think about how long the reapers were around (although I'm not sure they ever specified exactly). There was the derelict reaper from a battle fought over "39 million years" prior if I remember correctly and they do the whole harvest thing every 50,000 years that gives you an idea of how long they have been around as well as how many harvest there have been. Who is to say that some wouldn't leave the Milky Way and travel to the Andromeda Galaxy or others and spread their message of peace and understanding XD
Menkyo  +   182d ago
none of your read the article because they've said this will take place during Shepard's lifetime but wont involve him/her.
DOMination-  +   182d ago
That isn't confirmed at all. Its just a speculation basef on something Michael Gamble said. It might end up being right but they actually refused to answer the question about timeline.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   183d ago
I want this!!!!!!!!
XiMasterChief  +   183d ago
No you don't.
pandehz  +   182d ago
Both of you need bed rest
NukaCola  +   182d ago
Not both. Same person. Needs therapy.

On topic. Serious should go somewhere fresh.
XiMasterChief  +   182d ago

We are not da samesc peoples.
Lord Maim  +   182d ago
I don't need Shepard, but without the rest of the established races and lore, this decision disappoints me.
mhunterjr  +   182d ago
That doesn't bother me, they could simply establish new species and lore... and if they were brave they could get away from the 'humans are the center of everything' cliche...
Summons75  +   182d ago
Its not a cliche... We're human we can relate to what a human character goes through especially if you create a new species correctly then it will be hard to relate. If you have a new race acting too human then the immersion is gone.
mhunterjr  +   182d ago

So you're advocating for content creators to continue to take the easy way out. The idea that we are to shallow to ever consume content that doesn't take us out of our comfort zone is a sad one...

And yes it is a cliche'
Paprika  +   182d ago
Alternate dimension? No, bad idea! But hey, maybe if there was mass effect 3 had a good ending! Seriously though, anything mass effect I can't wait for!
Matt666  +   182d ago
It did have a good ending, there was no actual proof that shepard was still alive by the time you played though the story
KakashiHotake  +   182d ago
Mass Effect is the kind of game that is easy to reinvent, that's why I'm not at all worried about it. Planet exploration is definitely something that interests me though. I'm hoping for a bit more of a free-rome experience with more emphasis on the political aspects of the game. Of course I want action but don't we all? I think it's the other elements of the series that really make it stand out above the crowd.
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BigPappaPump  +   182d ago
Clean slate?
mr233  +   182d ago
Without Shepard, Earth, the other races, the Citadel, and taking place in another galaxy; how exactly is this "Mass Effect"?
TimeSkipLuffy  +   182d ago
well it isn't called "Shepard and the Citadel" ;D
mr233  +   182d ago
Yeah, but by their reasoning, just about any space based game can be called Mass Effect.
CorndogBurglar  +   182d ago
There are certain things, gameplay wise, that are expected of a Mass Effect game. Its not like they are going reinvent all the races and locales and turn it into a Real Time Strategy and still call it Mass Effect.
Summons75  +   182d ago
Technically as long as there are mass relays then it can be called Mass Effect. The intro of ME1 defines the name based off of the Mass Relays and the science behind them which is why people (in universe) called it the Mass Effect.
pandehz  +   182d ago
What makes Mass Effect what it is?

1. Setting and Era
2. Style
3. Contexts
4. Narrative style
5. Soundscape
6. Characterisation

Now the above is a very general list that applies to all games continuing into sequels and such.

They maintain those above elements.

Just because a certain character's story arc is complete doesnt mean it cant be similar or in the same region of thought?
Dfooster  +   182d ago
Calm down they will make the new stuff cool and it will have some familiarity to the old games. I'm sure they can make a better citadel on new gen machines
Fullmetalevolust  +   182d ago
I could do with a new hero and a new Lore if they have the creative minds to pull it off. (they did it the first time around)
But they won't deviate much from the first few titles not to alienate the already established fan base.
Letthewookiewin  +   182d ago
I'm really interested in what this is going to turn out to be. My time in the trilogy was incredible and I hope Bioware can give me an even better experiance with this new title. If the game turns out to be bad I won't buy it, move on. Shepards story is over it's not getting milked, yes there where a few things I would have liked to see but I they would probably still be working on Mass 3 right now if they wanted to fit everything into the last game. Anyway can't wait.
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kevinsheeks  +   182d ago
They're taking the easy way out why continue from were they left off and have to answer fans question's when they can just go to another side of the universe lmao
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Roccetarius  +   182d ago
They might as well just remove dialogue choice while they're at it, so it plays out like they want it to be. Obviously they're not capable of keeping choices relevant, evidence being in their last gen games.
Yukuri  +   182d ago
No need to go to another galaxy, most of the Milky Way is still unexplored in Mass Effect -universe.
spartanlemur  +   182d ago
I don't care when it starts, as long as it swiftly progresses to events after the apocalypse at the end of ME3.
strangeaeon  +   182d ago
Will I be able to create a character that doesn't look like an african american albino? The tools in the first 3 games were utter shite.
TotalSynthesisX  +   182d ago
No kidding. Or at least give us the ability to alter our character's face after the initial build. There have been so many times where I think it looks good at the creation screen but then I see his/her face in a cutscene and the cheeks are warped or the forehead is too far out or the eyes are too narrow, etc. Then I either have to restart or cringe all the way through the game every time I see his/her face.

But yeah. I agree.
mrmack00  +   182d ago
I'm in... I trust them and I dig sci-fi

Besides.. Shepherd was what we made him or her.. We just do it with a new character now.. Take my money
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