Destiny: Every Moon Mission and Golden Chest Available

If you’re playing Destiny right now, and you’re on a mad search for all of the secrets that can be found, you’ll want to stick around. We’ve spent the duration of the Destiny Beta searching every nook and cranny of the Moon, and we’re not dicing it up just for the Golden Chests, because you probably want to find out everything you can about the Moon missions before you can play them in the final version of the game. First displayed in the video below, everything before 25 minutes is the official mission, as Bungie expected us to play it. After 25 minutes, the real fun begins. If you were only interested in the Golden Chests, you can find the two that were available at Just over 32 minutes, and 51 minutes. Otherwise, enjoy the full extent of the Moon missions available, and we hope to see you again when Destiny fully launches on September 9th.

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JoeIsMad1309d ago

This is a great, detailed view of WAY more than Bungie wanted us to play during this level. You can tell because most of the world is played after the initial [25 minute] part of the video.

Jacktrauma1309d ago

Sweet! I missed that last one :( too bad we cant go back for Explore. Cant wait to get back there!

Elwenil1309d ago

You can go back to explore and go into the Hellmouth. Just start the mission and don't go to the first objective, just go wander around. You can make it pretty deep below the moon's surface. There are a couple Ogres you can kill as well as a few level 12 Knights.

Majin-vegeta1309d ago

Is it me or was the AI a more aggressive in the moon level.Compared to the other levels?

JoeIsMad1309d ago

I think so. At least maybe more focused. I know I got mowed down a few times while playing on the Moon, but they were a bit higher level.

kneon1309d ago

Well they were higher level enemies so they needed to make them more dangerous some how.

Magnus7011309d ago

How about you put timestamp links so people can just jump to the right spot in the video.

JoeIsMad1309d ago

"If you were only interested in the Golden Chests, you can find the two that were available at Just over 32 minutes, and 51 minutes." Quote from the description.

Magnus7011309d ago

If you read my comment, you would see "timestamp link". As in you can make a hyperlink that goes directly to a specific time in the video. Now that you know about this technology we can all live a happier life.

Magnus7011309d ago

Also, what about ghosts? I know of at least 3.

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