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Upcoming Zelda Wii U to feature "New Link, New Nemesis"

Maybe it wasn't Link we saw in that E3 Trailer after all. (The Legend of Zelda, Wii U)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   369d ago
A female link maybe!
SteamPowered  +   368d ago
Sheik is the female link.
crxss  +   368d ago
enough already with the female link. It's not happening in this game
SteamPowered  +   368d ago
Crxss, that's kind of my point. They would make a game revolve around Shiek if they wanted a female protagonist.
SoulMikeY  +   368d ago
You have no idea how many people would skip the game if that was the case...
aimforthehead  +   368d ago
Then those people are pathetic.
Summons75  +   368d ago
Already confirmed its a boy after internet couldn't take a joke. Enough of that idiotic idea.
XiRockLee  +   368d ago
Most likely.
colonel179  +   368d ago
come on Sasuke don't start that rumor again. It has been confirmed that Link is male. The new Link just means is another story and it doesn't follow up on previous games. That's all.
MegaRay  +   368d ago
You've been to every news article yet you skipped the one that confirmed link's gender? How ironic :D
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-Foxtrot  +   369d ago

If Demise in Skyward Sword cursed Link and Zelda for generations to come where they will carry out the same cycle of hatred with anyone in Zeldas bloodline and anyone who houses the hero's spirit then this game could feature out of that cycle.

Makes you wonder where it is on the timeline. I would say before Skyward Sword but the only game you could make before SS is if you feature Hylias chosen hero as the main character and it leads up to the great battle at the end.

Although saying that he wouldn't be called Link would he since the first Link ever was introduced in SS as the first person to house Hylias chosen hero's spirit.
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81jono81  +   368d ago
That would, of course, be freaking awesome. I'm hopeful for a New Hyrule game, though.
Metallox  +   368d ago
I think it will be a sequel to Zelda II, finally.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   368d ago
I loved Zelda 2.
I was glad that they returned to the original gameplay.

But I'd always hoped that the RPG elements would return.
SS kind of did this.
ChickeyCantor  +   368d ago
New link = new incarnation. Not a complete new character all together.
TM333  +   368d ago
I will eventually get a Wii U for this and Xeno. It'll be too difficult for me to resist at some point, especially once the games are out and I see a good discount on the console.
lilbroRx  +   368d ago
Sigh, so basically a Zelda game that isn't one. I really wish that he would just make a new franchise to do all of this stuff with rather than ruining the Legend of Zelda I've come to love with forced changes made to appease raging internet posters and the gaming media.

I have a feeling that this is a Zelda game I will not be buying. I'm not sure if I can even call it a Zelda game anymore. Its more of a game with the name Zelda tattooed on it for name brand recognition sells at this point do to all of the alterations.

This will pretty much a be a lesser Skyrim with Zelda printed on the case.
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randomass171  +   368d ago
That's really cynical thinking. Aonuma sought inspiration from the original Legend of Zelda on his own accord, not to appease fanboys. Why don't you give the game a chance before writing it off?
BattleN  +   368d ago
Playing Skyrim atm and there's so much to do mission wise. AI is dumb horse is slow and too many glitchs. Other problem is that there is not enough life to see or fight it's sorta empty.

Zelda U is saiid to be taking the most enjoyable ideas of Skyrim as inspiration so that's a good start!
eworthington0  +   368d ago
Weve seen and heard seriously nothing about this game yet.
You dont know enough about it to say it sucks and youre gonna skip it.
Gezmoyassine  +   368d ago
I said it before and i'll say it again.I'm all for a playable female character in the legend of Zelda but if Link is changed into a female (hoping that is not the case)then i will be skipping this game altogether.FYI to everyone,i own plenty of games with female Protagonist.I just don't want anyone to think i'm sexist.
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Metallox  +   368d ago
But the game is open world, you can reach to the mountains if you walk far enough! That being said, I couldn't care less about Link's gender.
Gezmoyassine  +   368d ago
I hear what your saying and i'm with you.Everything we're hearing about the game sounds great but Link should stay Link the way he is.Since it's an open world they should just add a new female character or use an existing one to the story.Giving people Options to chose is better than forcing it on people.
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LaserEyeKitty  +   368d ago
I wouldn't play a female Link for the same reason why I wouldn't play a male Samus - because it's not the same franchise at that point. Character creation has no place in the universe of LoZ, just as it would have no place in Metroid. You want to play a game with those options, there are plenty out there. LoZ, and MANY other game franchises out there, are not one of those games.
bass4g  +   368d ago
The thing is it would be more dumb for them to go with zelda as a protagonist or some other character that isn't link. There is no reason why link should be male. The character changes and looks completely different from one game to the next, the only constants being the blonde hair and the fact that he's fairly androgynous/feminine. Link's gender is not important whatsoever. There are characters where their gender is important but link is not one of them. Plus if they were really worried about losing fans they could always just give you an option.
SG1_dapunisherX  +   368d ago
zelda and metroid is I need
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   368d ago
I hope the new nemesis starts out as a rival to Link. That would be a fresh twist for the series.
KaladinStormblessed  +   368d ago
It says "new link" not "new character", so it's still link, and a lot of the zelda games have a different link. A new villain is cool though.
Gezmoyassine  +   368d ago
I know it didn't say "New character".In any case i hope you are right.
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PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   368d ago
Black Link jk
persona4chie  +   368d ago
Every link is a "new" link
DoggyBiscuit  +   368d ago
a new Link a new nemesis sound interesting
Wrightylfc88  +   368d ago
Its a boy his name will still be link. A new link just means a new story. Just like the link in twilight princess was different to the link in skyward sword
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   368d ago
Why does everyone act as if Gannon is the villain in every counsel Zelda game?

3 out of 7 counsel games did not have Gannon as the Big Bad.

whatever Links gender or shade- Or whoever the villain is- I am tapping my foot waiting to give them my money.

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