Destiny Beta: Moon mission - 100 HD screenshots

Destiny Beta: here are 100 HD screenshots taken from Moon mission (PlayStation 4 version). Enjoy ;D !

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generic-user-name1330d ago

Disappointingly short mission.

inf3cted11330d ago

Shouldve explored what was in the back of the level then. I had great fun and raised my expectations.

LightDiego1330d ago

The soundtrack should be made by Pink Floyd.

TM3331330d ago

I jumped on this as soon as I saw it was open. Didn't expect it, so I was happily surprised! It's cool if not everyone is diggin' this Beta. Personally, I'm having a LOT of fun with it and I'm keeping my preorder. Note... I NEVER preorder games.

Majin-vegeta1330d ago

Playing this level just got more excited for the full release.

Drithe1330d ago

The weapons you get from this mission rock.

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