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Submitted by dotwithshoes 563d ago | news

PSP is officially dead. GameStop ending trades on system.

As with every generation that changes, Our old friend the PlayStation Portable’s time has come to and end. Sony may have moved on to the Vita, and many people had yet to forget their old friend. It seems now that the PSPs time has come, starting September 1′st of this year GameStop is going to stop taking trades on the console, and it’s games and accessories, signalling the end of their support for the system. (PSP, Sony)

mrpsychoticstalker  +   563d ago
It is unfortunate that the Vita will also follow the same demise. Sooner than expected.
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   563d ago
I wonder about you sometimes man, seriously I'm worried, did you put yourself in a genjutsu again!
MrSwankSinatra  +   563d ago
Starbucks_Fan  +   563d ago
I wonder about both of you....
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   563d ago
^ Dunking Donuts > Starbucks Coffee
ArtificiallyYours  +   563d ago
Good lord, this.
XiRockLee  +   563d ago
^^^ I wonder about you wondering about them.
Eonjay  +   563d ago
The PSP had a 10 year life span and sold over 80 million units. That is not a demise. If the Vita follows the same path, it will probably outsell certain consoles many times over
Prime157  +   563d ago
Everything comes to a close.
Buzz7S  +   563d ago
Not sure if joking or serious.

Sony are REFUSING to release first-party content for the PS Vita. That alone is a sign of poor sales and not wanting to spend big bucks to support it.

The PS Vita has been dead for almost a year, at least for me. No games, overpriced memory cards, lack of PS Plus content... The writing has been on the wall for some time.
Magicite  +   563d ago
It is unfortunate MS got nothing to put against Vita.

OT: Is PSP discontinued worldwide or only in NA and JP?
Inception  +   563d ago
Right now only NA & JP. For EU / PAL, sony will do it on Q4 this year.
Studio-YaMi  +   563d ago
They have windows phone!
...oh wait,it's a piece of crap anyways. LOL

The PSVita is gonna see major sales when games like :

Murasaki Baby
Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines
Freedom Wars
Soul Sacrifice Delta
Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited
Phantasy Star Online 2

hit the US&EU stores,that's a given.
(those are just at the top of my head,there are many more awesome titles like the walking dead,the wolf among us & hotline miami 2 & much much much more) <---- and they say the PSVita has no games,gimme a break!!!
Sgt_Slaughter  +   563d ago
Studio, yes those games will sell good, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people have never heard of those games/franchises ever, so the casuals aren't gonna go buy them without knowing anything about them.

Sales will be hardcore only for the most part, which isn't what the Vita needs. They need everyone from the new gamer to the seasoned veteran to buy games and systems if they want impressive sales, just like the 3DS and the consoles.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   563d ago
I agree. All the major supermarkets near me, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys etc have stopped stocking the Vita.
Happened about a month ago, don't know if its temporary.
djplonker  +   563d ago

I have two 24 hour tescos within 1 mile of my house and both have the vita for sale!

there is a lack of games on their shelves though if you want to sell the system you need the games to look at.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   563d ago
@Djplonker I know its not a nationwide thing they still sell them in supermarkets in other towns, its weird. Someone said it had something to do with the new model that was released, yet my Tesco still doesn't have them.

Your spot on about the games, the Vita isn't advertised well and nor are the games.
iceman06  +   563d ago
There was some sort of shortage of Vita's during that time. There were articles speculating whether it was a supply issue or done on purpose to make space for the Vita TV's debut in the West.
assdan  +   563d ago
I wouldn't call this a demise. It lasted 10 years, which was sony's plan.
I love my psp. It's one of the best $250 I've spent. I played countless hours with it, and it's a little sad to see that it's officially dead.
Chupa-Chupa  +   563d ago
It aint over until sony says it's over.
Plagasx  +   562d ago
which they have by not giving two shits about the handheld.
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XiKisameHoshigaki   563d ago | Spam
WeAreLegion  +   563d ago
We had a good run, old friend. Now, if we can only get Infected as a digital release. I need to play it with twin sticks on my Vita!!!
iceman06  +   563d ago
From your lips to the Sony God's ears!!! Loved that game!
BattleAxe  +   563d ago
There will always be the used game stores that will carry used games and used systems.
contradictory  +   563d ago
i can still find PSP online in where i live.
i'm on the edge whether to buy it since my old PSP fried about a year ago. still have my old games for it though...

ahhh, it's not like emulating PSP gives me any trouble on my PC
also there's most good games for PSP on PSN and i could download them to my Vita...

huh, i'll have to think about it.
trenso1  +   563d ago
Im having the same problem emulation on pc is no problem at all especially since the ps4 controller is plug and play with my laptop. But a part of me still wants the full effect of playing it on the handheld.
ArtificiallyYours  +   563d ago
What a machine, didn't quite get the sendoff it deserved.
kreate  +   563d ago
Gamestop stop taking psp trade ins for 2years.

It was only select Stores that took psp.
dotwithshoes  +   563d ago
No, just no.. again, no.
kreate  +   563d ago
Uh... yes yo.

They also stop taking in certain ps3/360 games.

Select stores also accept blu ray movies.

Gamestop employees also dont know their own policies.
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dotwithshoes  +   562d ago
Yet you do know their policies?
kreate  +   562d ago
more than the average gamestop employee.

most of the time, I have to bring in a picture of their deals into the store and show the employee.

and even than, the employee scratches his head whether he should give the sale price or not.

than I look around the store and start flipping flyers around and bam! there it is, I show it to him. and finally the employee gives me the deal and tells me he didn't read the email yet.

than he doesn't know how to ring it up so he calls a local store who has no idea what this employee is talking about. so he calls up another store and finally figures it out.

im here for 30 minutes. no other customers present. this is what I have to go through in gamestop.

and it happens all the time. I already complained to their corporate multiple times and they just don't care.
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nevin1  +   563d ago
PSP is still a beast.
AutoCad  +   563d ago
bout time,talk about bad investment for sony
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   563d ago
lmao almost 100 million units sold over the course of its lifetime and you call that a bad investment?

damn brah you should be selling DVD box sets on infomercials that run at 2AM on how to get rich quick.
kreate  +   563d ago
U know i bought one of those when i was younger.
WeAreLegion  +   563d ago
One of the best selling systems in history. What are you talking about?
nevin1  +   563d ago
To be fair, even though the hardware sold well, however, companies usually make money on software.
Spotie  +   563d ago
You should probably find better investments of your time than stupid comments like the one you just made.
Revengeance  +   563d ago
Yeah how could they invest so much into a great selling handheld /s
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   563d ago
Can't believe i was 9 years old when the PSP launched. Now I'm 18.
kreate  +   562d ago
That makes me feel old.
pandehz  +   563d ago
I will never forget

1.Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
2.Star Wars Force Unleashed PSP (better than the console and pc versions)
3.God of War both
4.Final Fantasy:Dissida both
6.Wipeout Pulse
8.Monster Hunter series
10.GTA:Chinatown Wars

Was such a fine companion for a good 3 yrs since its release. Had 2 models, PSP-2000 and 3000. Stopped there, skipped the Go version. Used to play it everywhere.
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Inception  +   563d ago
Cool list. For me (beside a couple of games from your list):

- Jeanne D'Arc
- Lunar Silver Star Harmony
- FF Tactics: War of the Lions
- KH Birth by Sleep
- YS 1 & 2 + YS Oath in Felghana + YS 7
- Star Ocean 1 & 2 remake
- Ultimate Ghost N' Ghoblins
- Wild Arms XF
- Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
- Valkyria Chronicles 2
- Corpse Party

But yeah, PSP had tons of great games for everyone. Not to mention sony add PS1 classic so we can play Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms, etc everywhere. Also, i enjoy reading some of marvel & DC comics on PSP. The MP3 feature made it as a mini walkman too.

PSP is definitely one of the best handheld that ever come to us gamers ^^
pandehz  +   563d ago
Yep I have played some from your list too.

See that's the good thing right there.

It was a platform that truly catered to everyone.

The quality of games were extremely high for a portable device. Yeah I had quite a lot of music on mine too.

The greatness of the PSP was in its design,the ease of access (remember the instant sleep and resume function?), price of device was never too high, high variety of content, AAA games that really had their own identity and came into their own on this device, high value for money on most games, numerous small and easy access games mixed with the big ones.

There was a lot more to gaming on the PSP than say the phones, tablets we have today. PSP really felt good as a portable gaming device. The vita is not bad I tried out my friend's one but somehow it doesnt pull me to it entirely.The dual stick is goo but I think I'm spoilt with PC graphics and my expectations of the next sony handheld was like a PS4 in my hands I guess. Also the phone and tablet market that bring their own range of unique games have I believe shied away developers.

Good thing about the Vita is that some of the games I've seen remind me of the daring attitude of the PSP.

I am a heavy pc gamer and used to own a ps2 and psp and have played quite a few games on ps3 and have to admit sony really had the balls to do the things that it did on PSP.

A fantastic piece of hardware
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Goro  +   563d ago
Goodbye PSP, you had a great run. Best portable ever made in my opinion, it's a shame the PS Vita doesn't get the sheer amount of AAA exclusive titles that the PSP got.
BillmadeAGate  +   563d ago
oooh noooo you mean to tell me I cant play God of War while I Poop anymore =(

Oooh wait I have a Vita, same thing right ?
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RosweeSon  +   563d ago
Not enough AAA, god of war, GTA, gran turismo and metal gear to name a few of the big games series that all had games made specially for the PSP, where's the love with vita, god of war has been ports of previously ported games (great games don't get me wrong but who hasn't played number one, I did on ps2 and 3 do I really wanna do it again, not at the moment but a new one sure I would) GTA hasn't had a sniff on vita, same with gran turismo both have the psp versions available for vita but where's the vita specific ones like uncharted vita and assassins creed liberation, metal gear same as the rest ports or psp versions but no vita specific version, I think sony have expected everyone to remote play and not bothered to bring any of the big guns out specifically for Vita it's a shame really as I bought one around October had loads of great free games via ps+ have am bought a couple myself but got pretty much everything I want on it stored on the system apart from the odd indie game coming up this year not a lot else going on for Vita this year as a gaming system itself , sony are just gonna push it as a companion piece with the ps3/4 shame really prefer my 3ds mainly as it has full on games but vita is great just sony not showing the love it deserves.
Father__Merrin  +   563d ago
Ive proudly got my pspGO its amazing.

i swear sony should have made the origional PSP a portable ps1 with possible smoothing built in, the ps1 games on my pspGO look superb.

the decision to go with a handheld PS2 backfired on them, and im afraid they have done the same with VITA its over engineered and simply not needed
TM333  +   563d ago
Screw this! Mine's still alive rockin' FF Type-0, translated by the generous, persistent help of some awesome fans!
iceman600  +   562d ago
lol this system has been dead for years when the ds officially killed it.

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