History of Donkey Kong Music

The Donkey Kong games have gone through many musical changes from their inception to the modern day and this two part series dives into these changes. This part focuses on the first major games in the franchise as well as some lesser known titles.

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Kevlar0091369d ago

David Wise, one of the best

Chard1369d ago

This. Any time I see a 'best game soundtracks' list, I expect to see his work from DKC2 included on said list.

REDBEARD1369d ago

If DKCTF doesn't win any awards or at least nominated for best music this year, I will be pissed.

Deadpoolio1369d ago

Well plan to be pissed then, it didn't do very well

REDBEARD1368d ago

Okami didn't do well, look at the awards it recieved. Just because a game doesn't do well doesn't mean jack about the quality of the game. Think about what you say before you post.

The game is a moderate success for Wii U standards, anyways.