Timespinner also coming to the 3DS, Vita, & PS4

Timespinner, a 2D Metroidvania game for PC, was successfully funded at Kickstarter yesterday, and it reached the two current handhelds and the PS4 stretch goals.

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Snookies121185d ago

Nice! I'll definitely pick this up on Vita. Love 2D games on the go.

XiSasukeUchiha1185d ago

Picking this up on my Vita and PS4:)

TongkatAli1185d ago

Have to get it on my Vita, my 3DS is going bye bye, thanks ebay : p

MegaRay1185d ago

NO! you have to get it on 3DS! the 3D effect is awesome. especially with 2D games.

Fullmetalevolust1185d ago

this looks excellent, plaformer, action and a bit of a puzzler. Great to see the genre make a comeback and indie developers working on them.

rextraordinaire1184d ago

Nice! This game looks awesome. Looking forward to it. :)