Intense New Hyrule Warriors Gameplay Trailer

The Tecmo Koei Youtube just put up another trailer for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors/The Legend of Zelda crossover, Hyrule Warriors. The video shows several characters in gameplay, showing off some epic moves.

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weekev151452d ago

Game is looking better and better.

weekev151452d ago

Theres a link just before the vid that works if you click it.

Lord_Sloth1452d ago

I want it but I don't get how everybody's so ecstatic for this yet still apathetic towards the other Warriors franchises.

AWBrawler1451d ago

I always liked them. I even played mystic heroes on the gamecube

Lord_Sloth1451d ago

lolololol I remember that game. XXXD

N4g_null1452d ago

Oh this is going to be great.

Mexxan1452d ago

Saw it yesterday at Hyper Japan - very impressive. Bayonetta 2 really rocked it too.

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