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Microsoft Has Yet to Fix The Xbox One’s Biggest Problem: Slow Installation

"The Xbox One has been getting a healthy dose of useful updates such as faster menu navigation, improved snap mode, and external HDD support. Yet as much as I welcome these new additions I can’t but feel the Xbox One is lagging in one department: long and slow installation. While many gamers continue to criticize Xbox One’s less than expected performance and bulky design, I’m here to say that none of these are as bad as the Xbone’s pitiful installation time." (Xbox One)

Corpser  +   282d ago
That's the biggest problem?
TheArabGamer  +   282d ago
Well considering they got rid of the DRM, forcing Kinect, and improved the UI, got a good line up of exclusive and third party games, yes, this is probably the biggest problem Xbox One owners have. Yeah the GPU isn't that strong but that can't really be fixed unless they make a new system.
ABizzel1  +   282d ago
Worldwide launch, and Consumer / Public Relations are another problem, but yes this is up there with them.

I watched my Uncle try to install Sniper Elite 3 (I think?), and he said he had been installing it since 2:00 pm, and it was 9:00 pm by the time I was there and it was only around 73%, I stayed until midnight and it was just getting done, right before I was about to leave.

That's a god awful wait, and even worse some games don't function correctly if you start them with just the quick install according to many Xbox forums.

So yeah this is a problem that needs to be addressed.
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Legacy212  +   282d ago
^sniper elite has a 16 gb patch to download thata why it took so long
ABizzel1  +   282d ago

But 10 hours. But he's not the only one having problems, there are people complaining about downloading updates which is taking them 2 - 4 hours for a few MB. Whatever the issue it needs to be fixed.
turdburgler1080  +   282d ago
I've never had a game take long to install. Updates are really quick as well. This is probably just a problem for folks who are too cheap to get a good internet connection or live out in the boonies and take offense when someone cracks a deliverance joke.
Cueil  +   282d ago
if you're having issue installing game disconnect from XBL install the game then reconnect... the XBox One download as it installs so that when finished it has a fully patched game... this will probably be changed in a future update, but that is the fastest way to get going if you have a crap internet connection
kreate  +   282d ago
Is the x1 slow download/install time true?

I mean most x1 users go through this?
ZombieDust  +   281d ago
Abizzel, the installs are a little long true (first world problems I know) but you are for sure exaggerating or have AT&T or a company with similar business practices (giving you a tiny fractions of the mbps you are paying for).
Nicxel  +   281d ago
I haven't had any issues with long download times. It also helps that you don't always need to wait for the full download, as you can begin playing a game after an X amount of % has been downloaded.

Have to say though, downloading/installing the Destiny beta on my PS3 took 5+hrs to finish. That was TERRIBLE. Happy that my installation of Destiny on my Xbox ONE was snappy. :)
Septic  +   282d ago
It is pretty damn annoying though. The long installation is an absolute pain and updates install stupidly slowly as well.
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Magicite  +   282d ago
No theres actually significantly bigger problems, like - selling significant amount of X1.
ZombieDust  +   281d ago
It is if they pull a PS3 move... Which is keep the horribly slow and stupid way of downloading anything for the entire generation.
TheSaint  +   281d ago
Only people with crappy internet notice the difference, I own a 360 and a PS3, PS3 is slower but not by nearly as much as people like you like to think.

Fanboys gonna fanboy.
ZombieDust  +   281d ago
Thesaint damn dude don't get so defensive, haha "people like you". Whats that, people with a ps3, 360, x1, and ps4? I dont get it then...not to mention I never said anything else bad about the ps3, just downloads slow, thats it, its fact. Small issue on a great console.

None of what you say is intelligent really. Crappy internet is the problem huh? Odd all my console use the same connection, which never has dropped below 35mbps.

You sure you're not a fangirl?
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TheSaint  +   281d ago
So you calling it 'horribly slow and stupid' isn't unintelligent then? Whatever, GTFO of here with your sad little fanboy BS.

You must have shoddy internet because I barely notice a difference.

Also it's not being defensive when people like you just list the same tired crap about one console over another, it's PEOPLE LIKE YOU that try to suck the fun out of gaming.

It's funny that people like you think calling someone a girl is insulting, funny and sad on your part.

If you were as intelligent as you seem to think you'd know that calling someone a girl is as insulting to women as you think it is to me.

All in all, people like you are a joke.
WolfLeBlack  +   282d ago
I don't know about biggest problem, but by heck do the slow installs annoy me, especially when you bring home a game you've been dying to play and just have to sit around waiting for the damn think to install on the tiny hard-drive, before having to download a bloody huge patch.

Yeah, Wolfenstein: The New Order, I'm looking at you.
Eonjay  +   282d ago
I wonder if external HDD support to a faster drive will improve installation speeds. Some test have been shown that some games load faster off of a fast USB 3.0 drive.

By design, the PS4 installs seem segmented. I think thats why you get to play faster.
ABizzel1  +   282d ago
It's possible, but many of the installs are a mix of writing to the HDD and downloading updates and patches so internet speed is just as important.

Clearing the Cache, can also help, as this became a constant problem with my 360.
SolidDuck  +   282d ago
Wow I didn't know xbox one had this issue. I was annoyed that some games on my ps4 took a half hour to fully install. I'm being serious to, not taking a jab at xbox. If I was an xbox one owner I would just maybe download games depending on your internet speed of course.
DLConspiracy  +   282d ago
" PS4 installs seem segmented. I think thats why you get to play faster."

I have heard other people say something similar. Its almost like each game is segmented so you can play it sooner. Both consoles have the same read and write speeds if I remember correctly. This would explain why its different.
Brim  +   282d ago
oh never knew this was the biggest problem to me i always thought the biggest problem was the chat and how sometimes you aren't able to hear the people in it
dirkdady  +   281d ago
Outside of features on the system the biggest problem xb1 has going for it is it just sold less than half a million last quarter (1 mil xb1+360). At this rate how are they going to ever sell 360 annual numbers of 10 to 13 mil per year?
Brim  +   281d ago
idc about the numbers right not bro the 1 is the better overall system IMO so i know it'll do numbers because of that ... but what matters the most are the gamers and as a gamer thats all u should care about.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   282d ago
Slow installs are a problem. Luckily Phil said that's there main focus in future updates.

But hopefully it comes soon though.
OrangePowerz  +   282d ago
How? Disc read speed and HDD write speed can't be changed and the console was designed to have the discs only for installation and not running games from it, hence why every games needs to install first a lot of data before it can be launched.
VonSchtook  +   282d ago
I think she is referring to the possibility of digital pre-order + pre-load of games. This way the game will be ready as soon as the release time rolls around.
Funantic1  +   282d ago
They could allow less content to downloaded before actually starting the game. The PS4 downloads some, then allows you to play the game while the rest installs. Also on the X1 it's the Hard disk that's slow. Once my X1's warranty is expired I'll open it open and put in a faster one.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   282d ago
It's certainly one of the biggest problems on Xbox 1!
mhunterjr  +   282d ago
I would love to have faster install times, but I don't see this as the 'biggest problem'. I mean, how often do we install games? And now that we can buy games remotely on smartglass, the game is downloaded and installed by the time I get home from work. I did this with the Destiny beta, and it was nice to have the game ready to go when I walked in the door.

Slow downloads are definitely a problem, but it isn't a huge one for me.
I have no idea how Sony's solution is so fast, but hopefully Microsoft can work out something similar before the rush of new games comes this holiday season.
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MeliMel  +   282d ago
I think the PS4 cache the game then installs in background. Im guessing I dont know, but it seems that way.
BX81  +   282d ago
I don't think it's as bad as last gen, but it could be quicker.
ShaqSoda  +   282d ago
If they get pre-loading down, I'll be fine. Just let it download while at I'm at work.
Julion0715  +   282d ago
I have the new august update and I installed ufc the whole game from (disk) in 10mins with the update so I think they fixed it I will try another game to really see
TRD4L1fe  +   282d ago
I really never notice these long installs, just pop the disc in and watch TV till its over. cased closed
Kingdomcome247  +   282d ago
Yeah, if you just sit there waiting on the install it just drags on it seems. Like the old adage,"A watched pot never boils."
Kingdomcome247  +   282d ago
After talking with Microsoft support I've noticed that installs go considerably faster if you take your console offline during the installation. I only have my wi-fi in while installing if there's a day one patch, as that requires it. It seems as though every since I bought and external hd both installs, and loading times have been shortened.
Julion0715  +   282d ago
Sony is jus as slow I promise and x1 update are not slow
MeliMel  +   282d ago
Lol... trying to get people riled up, huh?
cyclindk  +   282d ago
No, he's right. It's probably a lot slower actually. He and others like him should never play a Sony.

In all reality though, I don't even know what to call the "installs" on PS4... it doesn't even seem possible to be what we ordinarily refer to AS an install. It's more or less instantaneous. I'm sure someone has a techy explanation though.
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MitchellK  +   282d ago
So in other words what you are saying is that you've never used a PS4?
rebeljoe14  +   282d ago
It takes seconds on the PS4 for a game to install, but minutes in the double digits on XOne. Don't believe me? Go buy both systems and the same game for both and try installing them on each system.
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DLConspiracy  +   282d ago
Eonjay brings up a great point above. The PS4 games may be segmented when installing its games. They have the same speed for hard drives.
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nope111  +   282d ago
Lol the header pic.
SG1_dapunisherX  +   282d ago
downloading dry was a mess so damm long. I hope sept or oct, faster installation come quick
GusBricker  +   282d ago
There's much better than they used to be. I remember Ryse taking like 20 minutes before you could even start the game.
cyclindk  +   282d ago
Wish they'd fix Windows 7 updates install/download times...

Is 8 any faster?
ThanatosDMC  +   281d ago
8 is faster but it depends on your specs. Also, mandatory restarts.
Gore-Content  +   282d ago
The question is, CAN they fix it. And the answer is, NO. xbox was designed that way.
Julion0715  +   282d ago
I get disagreed with for being honest? Ok N4G
Majin-vegeta  +   282d ago
No you got disagreed. Cuz Ps4 Installs are nowhere slow.

Speak_da_Truth  +   282d ago
Honest haha yeah right
Spotie  +   282d ago
What part of that made up tale was you being honest?
zerog  +   282d ago
Considering I downloaded and installed the entire 29GB of assassins creed IV in 45mins on my ps4 and haven't had a disc take more then a couple minutes to install I say you're full of it and have no actual experiance.
Macdaddy71  +   282d ago
OMG, yes loading is slower them I like, but always got someone that has to say it slow n the CPU not as fast....damn..come on its a kick ass system
LAWSON72  +   282d ago
I don't think it is slow installation rather the percentage needed to play a game and Xbone usually requires a patch/update to download before letting the game be playable. The actual installation 100% should be no slower than PS4.

Not really a huge problem for me with 80+mbps internet and just going to have a quick meal, shower or restroom break makes the wait go much faster. It is definitely a problem that can be improved upon though in a future update and development experience on the system
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LAWSON72  +   281d ago
Disagrees? For what stating pretty much factual information?
ATi_Elite  +   282d ago
Slow game installs? never fear Esram is here. Lol

I have yet to hear my neighbor complain of slow installs but then again i hooked his up with a 500Gb SSD ftw
edonus  +   282d ago
It will be over exaggerated and made to sound like the plague. ... but it is a problem. A big problem.... not really since you really should only have to do it once pregame and very infrequently if you are running out of space and renting lots of games.

It does really suck and I would like to see MS do something about it if they can.
Sy_Wolf  +   282d ago
They can't fix it, it's a hardware limitation. They can make it better, but it will never be fixed.
54LK  +   282d ago
It is definitely A resource issue that will be fixed. Xbone is intended to still operate fully which is why installation drags.
Sy_Wolf  +   281d ago
No, that's not how it works. They don't have any hardware to handle background installation and they are bottlenecked by transfer speed.
arugula  +   282d ago
Only thing that will fix this is new hardware. Xbox one is only SATA II with a 5400 rpm hard drive. Plus blu ray read speeds are terrible with cheap blu ray rom drive.

No software is fixing this.
MasterCornholio  +   281d ago
I have no idea why they are so slow on the XB1. The PS4 handles installs a lot faster and I don't know why. If I'm not mistaken the HDDs are the same speed between the two and the drives are the same as well.

Anyone have an idea why theres a difference between the two when it comes to install speeds?
kingPoS  +   281d ago
Who'd of thought that the secondary CPU used for background and secondary tasks could be so damn useful for installing games. Maybe it's the 256mb of ddr3 that lets you start gaming in less than a minute from a disc.

Plug n play baby, it's back!

Gateway MT6706 2008
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MasterCornholio  +   281d ago
I heard that the ARM chip might aid with instalation but I didn't know the PS4 had a 256MB DDR3 chip just for installs.

Thanks for sharing.

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mx104  +   281d ago
The biggest problem i found was after a game finally installed massive patches had to be downloaded before playing the game. With the internet being painfully slow it takes hours and hours of waiting just to play a game on a disc. Internet speed is the main problem with the new consoles
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Tedakin  +   281d ago
Uh... Yeah how often do most install new games? Once or twice a month at most? Some probably even less. I don't think this is a BIG problem.
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MasterCornholio  +   281d ago
But you still admit that its strange that installs are much faster on one system then the other even though the HDDs are the same and the drives are extremely similar. If its because of software then Microsoft will be able to fix it if its because of hardware then they won't be able to. Just like the criticisms against the PS4 about the lack of feature updates the criticism about the XB1s slow install times is valid as well.

If we dont complain then these firms won't fix the issues. I don't see anything wrong with speeding up install times but do you see anything wrong with that?
Ra3030  +   281d ago
"Microsoft Has Yet to Fix The Xbox One’s Biggest Problem: Slow Installation"
Because they just don't know how.

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